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World Women under 17 2014
Oceania Men Pacific 1963
Eurocups Men CWC 1975
Eurocups Women CC 1988
AsiabasketAsiabasket 2017
AfrobasketAfrobasket 2017
Last TournamentsWorld Men 2019World Women 2018
Europe Men WQ 2019Europe Women Q 2017
Africa Men WQ 2019Africa Women Q 2017
2015/10 TournamentsEurope Men 2017America Men 2017Asia Men 2017Africa Men 2017
Europe Women 2017America Women 2017Asia Women 2017Africa Women 2017
World Tournaments
Olympic Games tournaments
played as part of the Olympic Games.
index fileOlympic
Last Winners
Olympic Men 2012United States
Olympic Women 2012United States
Next Tournaments
Olympic Men 2016Olympic Women 2016
Qualifications in two steps
Continental Championships,
Inter-Continental Qualifications
World Championships
played every 4 years between the Olympic Games
index fileWorld
Last Winners
World Men 2014United States
World Women 2014United States
Next Tournaments
World/Men 2019in China
World/Women 2018in
Qualifications are Continental Championships
each Continent has places decided by World rankings.
Continental Tournaments
Played in every two years between Olympic Games and World championships.
European Championships
index fileEurope
Last Winners
Europe Men 2015Spain
Europe Women 2015Serbia
Next Tournaments
Europe/Men 2017
Europe/Women 2017
There are played Qualifications
Asian Championships
index fileAsia
Last Winners
Asia Men 2015
Asia Women 2015Japan
Next Tournaments
Asia Men 2017Asia Women 2017
Asia is divided in zones
Asian Games tournaments
Played as part of the Asian Games
index fileAsia
Last Winners
Asia Men AG 2014
Asia Women AG 2014
Next Tournaments
Asia Men AG 2018Asia Women AG 2018
Africa Championships
index fileAfrica
Last Winners
Africa Men 2015Nigeria
Africa Women 2015
Next Tournaments
Africa Men 2017Africa Women 2017
Africa is divided in zones
African Games tournaments
Played as part of the African Games
index fileAfrica
Last Winners
Africa Men AG 2015Angola
Africa Women AG 2015Mali
Next Tournaments
Africa Men AG 2019Africa Women AG 2019
America Championships
played as continental qualification for
Olympic Games and World Championship
index fileAmerica
Last Winners
America Men 2015Venezuela
America Women 2015Canada
Next Tournaments
America Men 2017America Women 2017
For teams of North America, Central America,
the Carribeans and South America
South American Championships
Now is a quailification for America championship.
index fileSouth America
Last Winners
South America Men 2014
South America Women 2014
Pan-American Games tournaments
Played as part of the Pan-American Games
index fileAmerica
Last Winners
America Men PG 2015Brazil
America Women PG 2015Canada
Next Tournaments
America Men PG 2019America Women PG 2019
For teams from Norceca and South America
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Summer Olympic Games
Winter Olympic Games
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