Bulgaria Football (Level II) North West Zonal Tournament 1948-1949 - Winner Spartak Pleven
This the only Zone exept Sofia with one tournament.This was Level II competition in Bulgaria Football Pyramide for 1948-1949.
Final Rankingpwdlgfgag+-
1. Septemvri Pleven1991036:6+30
2. Gen. Kopchev Svistov1462219:13+6
3. Hr. Karpachev Lovech832512:22-10
4. Hristo Mihaylov Mihayl.731615:14+1
5. Spartak Lom63078:16-8
6. Botev Vratsa622612:31-19
-. Gen. Vinarov Pleven incorporated in Septemvri Pleven
-. Spartak Pleven incorporated in Septemvri Pleven
Source: Football Almanach Bulgaria 1921-1949.
Septemvri Pleven qualified to 1949 Interzonal Tournament where finished 1st and won promotion for National Division 1948-1949.
Gen. Kopchev Svistov as 2nd was included in Level II 1949-1950.
Septemvri Pleven---3:35:11:0 5:0 9:02:2
Gen. Kopchev Svistov 0:1---3:1 4:2 1:02:0 4:2
Hr. Karpachev Lovech 0:5 1:1---1:01:0 2:2
Hristo Mihaylov Mihayl. 1:20:1 3:0--- 1:05:00:1
Spartak Lom0:23:0 -:33:1--- 1:2
Botev Vratsa1:3 2:43:2 2:20:1---0:31:2
Gen. Vinarov Pleven 1:23:1 3:2 --- 2:0
Spartak Pleven5:3 1:22:12:1 3:2---
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1949 Interzonal
1949 NorthWest
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1949 SouthWest
1949 Sofia
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Round Robin 1 - Autumn 1948
Sat 18.09.48Spartak Pleven3-2Gen. Vinarov Pleven
Sun 19.09.48Lokomotiv Pleven3-3Gen. Kopchev Svistov
Sun 19.09.48Spartak Lom3-1Hristo Mihaylov Mihay
Sun 19.09.48Botev Vratsa3-2Hr. Karpachev Lovech
Sat 25.09.48Spartak Pleven1-2Hr. Karpachev Lovech
Sun 26.09.48Spartak Lom0-2Lokomotiv Pleven
Sun 26.09.48Gen. Vinarov Pleven1-2Gen. Kopchev Svistov
Tue 28.09.48Hristo Mihaylov Mihay5-0Botev Vratsa
Sun 03.10.48Hr. Karpachev Lovech1-0Hristo Mihaylov Mihay
Sun 03.10.48Gen. Kopchev Svistov4-2Spartak Pleven
Sun 03.10.48Botev Vratsa1-3Lokomotiv Pleven
Sun 03.10.48Gen. Vinarov Pleven3-2Spartak Lom
Sat 09.10.48Spartak Pleven2-1Spartak Lom
Sun 10.10.48Lokomotiv Pleven1-0Hristo Mihaylov Mihay
Sun 10.10.48Gen. Kopchev Svistov3-1Hr. Karpachev Lovech
Sun 10.10.48Botev Vratsa0-3Gen. Vinarov Pleven
Sun 17.10.48Lokomotiv Pleven5-1Hr. Karpachev Lovech
Sun 17.10.48Hristo Mihaylov Mihay0-1Gen. Vinarov Pleven
Sun 17.10.48Spartak Lom3-0Gen. Kopchev Svistov
Sun 17.10.48Botev Vratsa1-2Spartak Pleven
Sun 31.10.48Gen. Kopchev Svistov2-0Botev Vratsa
Sun 31.10.48Hr. Karpachev Lovech1-0Spartak Lom
Sun 31.10.48Spartak Pleven2-1Hristo Mihaylov Mihay
Sun 07.11.48Hristo Mihaylov Mihay0-1Gen. Kopchev Svistov
Sun 07.11.48Botev Vratsa0-1Spartak Lom
Sun 07.11.48Gen. Vinarov Pleven3-1Hr. Karpachev Lovech
Round Robin 2 - Spring 1949
Sun 13.03.49Gen. Kopchev Svistov0-1Lokomotiv Pleven
Sun 13.03.49Hr. Karpachev Lovech2-2Botev Vratsa
Sun 13.03.49Hristo Mihaylov Mihay1-0Spartak Lom
Sun 13.03.49Gen. Vinarov Pleven2-0Spartak Pleven
Ranking after 8 matchespwdlgfgag+-
1. Lokomotiv Pleven1252120:12+8
2. Gen. Vinarov Pleven1151217:10+7
3. Gen. Kopchev Svistov1151215:11+4
4. Spartak Pleven1050317:16+1
5. Hr. Karpachev Lovech731411:17-6
6. Spartak Lom630510:100
7. Hristo Mihaylov Mihayl.42068:9-1
8. Botev Vratsa31167:20-13
On 19th of March 1949 the 3 teams from Pleven were merged in Septemvri Pleven.
The new team took the record and programme of Lokomotiv Pleven. All matches of Gen. Vinarov Pleven and Spartak Pleven were annulled.
Gen. Kopchev Svistov lost 4 points, Septemvri Pleven lost only 1 point.
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Sun 20.03.49Septemvri Pleven5-0Spartak Lom
Sun 20.03.49Botev Vratsa2-2Hristo Mihaylov Mihay
Sun 27.03.49Septemvri Pleven9-0Botev Vratsa
Sun 27.03.49Hristo Mihaylov Mihay3-0Hr. Karpachev Lovech
Sun 03.04.49Hr. Karpachev Lovech1-1Gen. Kopchev Svistov
Sun 10.04.49Gen. Kopchev Svistov1-0Spartak Lom
Sun 10.04.49Hr. Karpachev Lovech0-5Septemvri Pleven
Sun 17.04.49Spartak Lom3-0Hr. Karpachev Lovech
Sun 17.04.49Botev Vratsa2-4Gen. Kopchev Svistov
Sun 24.04.49Gen. Kopchev Svistov4-2Hristo Mihaylov Mihay
Sun 24.04.49Spartak Lom1-2Botev Vratsa
Sun 01.05.49Hristo Mihaylov Mihay1-2Septemvri Pleven
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