Football Bulgaria South B RFG 1950 - Winner Spartak Sofia
Final Rankingp_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.Spartak Sofia32152163:7+56
2.Cherveno Zname Samokov27131435:25+10
3.Torpedo Stara Zagora25105343:27+16
4.Torpedo Dimitrovo2294541:25+16
5.Stroitel Burgas1781928:30-2
6.Dinamo Pazardzhik1773825:33-8
7.Dinamo Plovdiv1664827:21+6
8.Dinamo Yambol12521122:41-19
9.Torpedo Haskovo8321314:54-40
10.Cherveno Zname Blagoevgr4121520:55-35
index Bulgarian Football 1950
This was one of 2 Level II competition in Bulgaria Football Pyramide for 1950 along with North 1950. Geographically all teams were South of Stara Planina.
Spartak Sofia and Torpedo Dimitrovo promoted to A RFG 1951
Dimitrovo received place in A RFG after being big industrial center.
Cherveno Zname Samokov, Torpedo Stara Zagora and Dinamo Plovdiv played in United B Grupa 1951. All other teams were relegated to Okrazhni Grupi.
Gorna Dzhumaya renamed to Blagoevgrad in May 1950.
Qualification Zoni South 1950.
Spartak Sofia--- 3:09:1 1:0 4:1 5:02:06:07:0 7:0
Cherveno Zname Samokov0:2---2:1 1:11:04:31:0 2:1 3:0 4:2
Torpedo St. Zagora 1:1 1:2---2:1 6:32:2 1:12:06:01:1
Torpedo Dimitrovo 0:31:3 0:2---1:0 5:0 2:1 5:0 7:15:3
Stroitel Burgas1:0 0:1 0:3 3:4--- 2:02:12:1 3:1 3:1
Dinamo Pazardzhik0:2 1:2 1:40:00:1--- 2:2 3:02:0 2:1
Dinamo Plovdiv 1:1 2:31:2 0:3 1:10:1---4:02:0 4:0
Dinamo Yambol 1:23:0 2:21:2 2:12:3 0:3---1:13:0
Torpedo Haskovo 0:52:1 1:32:22:1 0:3 0:3 1:2---0:1
Cherveno Zname Blagoevgr1:32:5 0:3 2:21:41:20:1 2:3 2:3---

Round 1 - 16:00

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 12.03.50Cherveno Zname Samoko1-0Stroitel Burgas
Sun 12.03.50Torpedo Stara Zagora6-0Torpedo Haskovo
Sun 12.03.50Dinamo Plovdiv0-3Torpedo Dimitrovo
Sun 12.03.50Dinamo Yambol3-2Dinamo Pazardzhik
also reported 2-3.
Sun 12.03.50Cherveno Zname G.Dzh.1-3Spartak Sofia

Round 2 - 16:00

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 19.03.50Stroitel Burgas0-3Torpedo Stara Zagora
match ended 3-1 nad later awarded 0-3.
Sun 19.03.50Dinamo Pazardzhik0-0Torpedo Dimitrovo
Sun 19.03.50Dinamo Yambol3-0Cherveno Zname Samoko
Sun 19.03.50Torpedo Haskovo0-1Cherveno Zname G.Dzh.
Mon 20.03.50Spartak Sofia2-0Dinamo Plovdiv

Round 3 - 16:00

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 26.03.50Cherveno Zname Samoko4-3Dinamo Pazardzhik
Sun 26.03.50Torpedo Stara Zagora2-0Dinamo Yambol
Sun 26.03.50Dinamo Plovdiv2-0Torpedo Haskovo
Sun 26.03.50Cherveno Zname G.Dzh.1-4Stroitel Burgas
Sun 26.03.50Torpedo Dimitrovo0-3Spartak Sofia
match finished 2-0 later awarded 0-3 (after Round Robin 1)

Round 4 - 16:30

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 02.04.50Cherveno Zname Samoko2-1Torpedo Stara Zagora
Sun 02.04.50Stroitel Burgas2-1Dinamo Plovdiv
Sun 02.04.50Dinamo Pazardzhik0-2Spartak Sofia
Sun 02.04.50Dinamo Yambol3-0Cherveno Zname G.Dzh.
Sun 30.04.50Torpedo Haskovo2-2Torpedo Dimitrovo
Replayed. On Sun 02.04.50 ended 0-0.

Round 5 - 16:30

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sat 08.04.50Spartak Sofia7-0Torpedo Haskovo
Sat 08.04.50Dinamo Plovdiv4-0Dinamo Yambol
Sun 09.04.50Torpedo Stara Zagora2-2Dinamo Pazardzhik
Sun 09.04.50Torpedo Dimitrovo1-0Stroitel Burgas
Sun 09.04.50Cherveno Zname G.Dzh.2-5Cherveno Zname Samoko

Round 6 - 16:30

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 16.04.50Cherveno Zname Samoko1-0Dinamo Plovdiv
Sun 16.04.50Torpedo Stara Zagora1-1Cherveno Zname G.Dzh.
Sun 16.04.50Stroitel Burgas1-0Spartak Sofia
Sun 16.04.50Dinamo Pazardzhik2-0Torpedo Haskovo
Sun 16.04.50Dinamo Yambol1-2Torpedo Dimitrovo

Round 7 - 16:30

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Fri 21.04.50Spartak Sofia6-0Dinamo Yambol
Sat 22.04.50Dinamo Plovdiv1-2Torpedo Stara Zagora
Sun 23.04.50Torpedo Dimitrovo1-3Cherveno Zname Samoko
Sun 23.04.50Torpedo Haskovo2-1Stroitel Burgas
Sun 23.04.50Cherveno Zname G.Dzh.1-2Dinamo Pazardzhik

Round 8

Gorna Dzumaya was renamed to Blagoebgrad.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 14.05.50Cherveno Zname Samoko0-2Spartak Sofia
Sun 14.05.50Torpedo Stara Zagora2-1Torpedo Dimitrovo
Sun 14.05.50Dinamo Pazardzhik0-1Stroitel Burgas
Sun 14.05.50Dinamo Yambol1-1Torpedo Haskovo
Sun 14.05.50Cherveno Zname Blagoe0-1Dinamo Plovdiv

Round 9

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 21.05.50Torpedo Dimitrovo5-3Cherveno Zname Blagoe
Sun 21.05.50Stroitel Burgas2-1Dinamo Yambol
Sun 21.05.50Dinamo Plovdiv0-1Dinamo Pazardzhik
Sun 21.05.50Torpedo Haskovo2-1Cherveno Zname Samoko
Tue 23.05.50Spartak Sofia9-1Torpedo Stara Zagora
Ranking Spring 1950> - RR1p_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.Spartak Sofia1470231:5+26
2.Torpedo Dimitrovo1252217:12+5
3.Torpedo Stara Zagora1252220:16+4
4.Cherveno Zname Samokov1260317:14+3
5.Stroitel Burgas1050411:10+1
6.Dinamo Pazardzhik1042313:12+1
7.Dinamo Plovdiv63069:11-2
8.Torpedo Haskovo62257:23-16
9.Dinamo Yambol521611:20-9
10.Cherveno Zname Blagoevgr311710:24-14
Match Torpedo Dimitrovo 2-0 Spartak Sofia lated awarded 0-3 walk over.

Round Robin 2 - Spring, Summer 1950

Round 10

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 04.06.50Torpedo Dimitrovo2-1Dinamo Plovdiv
Sun 04.06.50Stroitel Burgas0-1Cherveno Zname Samoko
Sun 04.06.50Dinamo Pazardzhik3-0Dinamo Yambol
Sun 04.06.50Torpedo Haskovo1-3Torpedo Stara Zagora
Sun 18.06.50Spartak Sofia7-0Cherveno Zname Blagoe

Round 11

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Fri 09.06.50Dinamo Plovdiv1-1Spartak Sofia
Sun 11.06.50Cherveno Zname Samoko2-1Dinamo Yambol
Sun 11.06.50Torpedo Stara Zagora6-3Stroitel Burgas
Sun 11.06.50Torpedo Dimitrovo5-0Dinamo Pazardzhik
Sun 11.06.50Cherveno Zname Blagoe2-3Torpedo Haskovo

Round 12

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 09.07.50Spartak Sofia5-0Dinamo Pazardzhik
Sun 09.07.50Torpedo St. Zagora1-2Cherveno Zname Samoko
Sun 09.07.50Torpedo Dimitrovo7-1Torpedo Haskovo
Sun 09.07.50Cherveno Zname Blagoe2-3Dinamo Yambol
Sun 08.10.50Dinamo Plovdiv1-1Stroitel Burgas

Round 13

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 16.07.50Cherveno Zname Samoko4-2Cherveno Zname Blagoe
Sun 16.07.50Stroitel Burgas3-4Torpedo Dimitrovo
Sun 16.07.50Dinamo Pazardzhik1-4Torpedo Stara Zagora
Sun 16.07.50Dinamo Yambol0-3Dinamo Plovdiv
match ended 3-0.
Sun 16.07.50Torpedo Haskovo0-5Spartak Sofia

Round 14

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 23.07.50Spartak Sofia1-0Torpedo Dimitrovo
Sun 23.07.50Stroitel Burgas3-1Cherveno Zname Blagoe
Sun 23.07.50Dinamo Pazardzhik1-2Cherveno Zname Samoko
Sun 23.07.50Dinamo Yambol2-2Torpedo St. Zagora
Sun 23.07.50Torpedo Haskovo0-3Dinamo Plovdiv
match ended 2-1 and later awarded 0-3.
Break for Cup Matches Cup KNSAO_1950.

Round 16

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 20.08.50Cherveno Zname Samoko1-1Torpedo Dimitrovo
Sun 20.08.50Torpedo Stara Zagora1-1Dinamo Plovdiv
Sun 20.08.50Stroitel Burgas3-1Torpedo Haskovo
Sun 20.08.50Dinamo Pazardzhik2-1Cherveno Zname Blagoe
Sun 20.08.50Dinamo Yambol1-2Spartak Sofia
also reported 1-6.

Round 17

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sat 26.08.50Torpedo Dimitrovo0-2Torpedo Stara Zagora
Sun 27.08.50Stroitel Burgas2-0Dinamo Pazardzhik
Sun 27.08.50Dinamo Plovdiv4-0Cherveno Zname Blagoe
Sun 27.08.50Torpedo Haskovo1-2Dinamo Yambol
Fri 08.09.50Spartak Sofia3-0Cherveno Zname Samoko

Round 18

dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Fri 08.09.50Dinamo Yambol2-1Stroitel Burgas
Sun 10.09.50Dinamo Pazardzhik2-2Dinamo Plovdiv
Sun 10.09.50Cherveno Zname Blagoe2-2Torpedo Dimitrovo
Thu 21.09.50Torpedo Stara Zagora1-1Spartak Sofia
Sun 24.09.50Cherveno Zname Samoko3-0Torpedo Haskovo
Match ended 5-2?

Round 15

All Round from Sunday 30.07.1950 due Cup Matches Cup KNSAO_1950 - Round 1.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 17.09.50Spartak Sofia4-1Stroitel Burgas
Reported also 3-1.
Sun 17.09.50Torpedo Dimitrovo5-0Dinamo Yambol
Reported also 12-1.
Sun 17.09.50Dinamo Plovdiv2-3Cherveno Zname Samoko
Sun 17.09.50Torpedo Haskovo3-0Dinamo Pazardzhik
Reported also 0-3.
Sun 17.09.50Cherveno Zname Blagoe0-3Torpedo Stara Zagora
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