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Bulgaria Cup

Winner to Europa League
39th Bulgaria Cup 2018-2019
38th Bulgaria Cup 2017-2018 Slavia Sofia0-04-2pLevski Sofia
37th Bulgaria Cup 2016-2017 Botev Plovdiv2-1Ludogorets Razgrad
Winner or Finalist to Europa League
36th Bulgaria Cup 2015-2016 CSKA Sofia (III)1-0Montana
2015Cherno More Varna2-1aetLevski Sofia
34th Bulgaria Cup 2013-2014 Ludogorets Razgrad1-0Botev Plovdiv
2013Beroe Stara Zagora3-33-1pLevski Sofia
32nd Bulgaria Cup 2011-2012 Ludogorets Razgrad2-1Lokomotiv Plovdiv
31st Bulgaria Cup 2010-2011 CSKA Sofia1-0Slavia Sofia
30th Bulgaria Cup 2009-2010 Beroe Stara Zagora1-0Chernomorets Pomorie (II)
29th Bulgaria Cup 2008-2009 Litex Lovech3-0Pirin Blagoevgrad
2008Litex Lovech1-0Cherno More Varna
27th Bulgaria Cup 2006-2007 Levski Sofia1-0Litex Lovech
26th Bulgaria Cup 2005-2006 CSKA Sofia3-1Cherno More Varna
25th Bulgaria Cup 2004-2005 Levski Sofia2-1CSKA Sofia
24th Bulgaria Cup 2003-2004 Litex Lovech2-26-5pCSKA Sofia
23rd Bulgaria Cup 2002-2003 Levski Sofia2-1Litex Lovech
22th Bulgaria Cup 2001-2002 Levski Sofia3-1CSKA Sofia
21th Bulgaria Cup 2000-2001 Litex Lovech1-0Velbazhd Kuyustendil
20th Bulgaria Cup 1999-2000 Levski Sofia2-0Neftohimik Burgas
19th Bulgaria Cup 1998-1999 CSKA Sofia1-0Litex Lovech
Winner or Finalist to Cup Winners Cup.
18th Bulgaria Cup 1997-1998 Levski Sofia5-0CSKA Sofia
17th Bulgaria Cup 1996-1997 CSKA Sofia3-1Levski Sofia
16th Bulgaria Cup 1995-1996 Slavia Sofia4-0Levski Sofia
15th Bulgaria Cup 1994-1995 Lokomotiv Sofia4-2Botev Plovdiv
14th Bulgaria Cup 1993-1994 Levski Sofia1-0Pirin Blagoevgrad
13rd Bulgaria Cup 1992-1993 CSKA Sofia1-0Botev Plovdiv
12nd Bulgaria Cup 1991-1992 Levski Sofia5-0Pirin Blagoevgrad
11th Bulgaria Cup 1990-1991 Levski Sofia2-1Botev Plovdiv
10th Bulgaria Cup 1989-1990 Sliven2-0CSKA Sofia
9th Bulgaria Cup 1988-1989 CFKA Sredets Sofia3-0Chernomorets Burgas (II)
8th Bulgaria Cup 1987-1988 CFKA Sredets Sofia4-1Vitosha Sofia
7th Bulgaria Cup 1986-1987 CFKA Sredets Sofia2-1Vitosha Sofia
6th Bulgaria Cup 1985-1986 Vitosha Sofia2-1Sredets Sofia
5th Bulgaria Cup 1980-1985 CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia2-1Levski-Spartak Sofia
4th Bulgaria Cup 1980-1984 Levski-Spartak Sofia1-0Trakia Plovdiv
3rd Bulgaria Cup 1982-1983 CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia4-0ZhSK-Spartak Varna
No European tournament for the Winner.
2nd Bulgaria Cup 1981-1982 Levski Spartak Sofia4-0CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia
1st Bulgaria Cup 1980-1981 CSKA Sept. Zname SofiagroupSlavia Sofia

Soviet Army Cup

Winner to UEFA Cup.
KSA 1990CSKA Sofia2-1Botev Plovdiv
KSA 1989CFKA Sredets Sofia6-1Maritsa-Iztok Radnevo
KSA 1988Vitosha Sofia2-0Cherno More Varna
KSA 1987Vitosha Sofia3-2Spartak Pleven
KSA 1986Sredets Sofia2-0Lokomotiv Sofia
KSA 1985CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia4-0Cherno More Varna
KSA 1984Levski-Spartak Sofia4-0Dorostol Silistra
KSA 1983Lokomotiv Plovdiv3-1Chirpan
Winner or Finalist to Cup Winners Cup.
KSA 1982Lokomotiv Sofia2-1Lokomotiv Plovdiv
KSA 1981Trakia Plovdiv1-0Pirin Blagoevgrad
KSA 1980Slavia Sofia3-1Beroe Stara Zagora
KSA 1979Levski-Spartak Sofia4-1Beroe Stara Zagora
KSA 1978Marek Stanke Dimitrov1-0CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia
KSA 1977Levski-Spartak Sofia2-1Lokomotiv Sofia
KSA 1976Levski-Spartak Sofia4-3CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia
KSA 1975Slavia Sofia3-2Lokomotiv Sofia
KSA 1974CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia2-1Levski-Spartak Sofia
KSA 1973CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia2-1Beroe Stara Zagora
KSA 1972CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia3-0Slavia Sofia
KSA 1971Levski-Spartak Sofia3-0Lokomotiv Plovdiv
KSA 1970Levski-Spartak Sofia2-1CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia
KSA 1969CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia2-1Levski-Spartak Sofia
KSA 1968Spartak Sofia3-2Beroe Stara Zagora
KSA 1967Levski Sofia3-0Spartak Sofia
KSA 1966Slavia Sofia1-0CSKA Ch. Zname Sofia
KSA 1965CSKA Ch. Zname Sofia3-2Levski Sofia
KSA 1964Slavia Sofia3-2Botev Plovdiv
KSA 1963Slavia Sofia2-0Botev Plovdiv
KSA 1962Botev Plovdiv3-0Dunav Russe
KSA 1961CDNA Sofia3-0Spartak Varna
Before Cup Winners Cup
KSA 1960Septemvri Sofia4-3Lokomotiv Plovdiv
KSA 1959Levski Sofia1-0Spartak Plovdiv
Finals played on 07.11 or near.
KSA 1958Spartak Plovdiv1-0Minyor Dimitrovo
KSA 1957Levski Sofia2-1Spartak Pleven
KSA 1956Dinamo Sofia5-2SKNA Plovdiv
KSA 1955CDNA Sofia5-2Spartak Plovdiv
KSA 1954CDNA Sofia2-1Udarnik Sofia
KSA 1953Lokomotiv Sofia2-1Dinamo Sofia
KSA 1952Udarnik Sofia3-1Spartak Sofia
KNSAO 1951CDNV Sofia1-0Akademik Sofia
KNSAO 1950Dinamo Sofia1-1Narodna Voyska Sofia
Dinamo Sofia1-1Narodna Voyska Sofia
Dinamo Sofia1-0Narodna Voyska Sofia
KSA 1949Levski Sofia1-1Narodna Voyska Sofia
Levski Sofia2-2Narodna Voyska Sofia
Levski Sofia2-1Narodna Voyska Sofia
KSA 1948Lokomotiv Sofia1-0Slavia-Chenguelov Plovdiv
KSA 1947Levski Sofia1-0Botev Plovdiv
KSA 1946Levski Sofia4-1Stamo Kostov Popovo

Tsar's Cup

Tsar's Cup 1942Levski Sofia3-0Sportklub Plovdiv
Tsar's Cup 1941AS 23 Sofia4-2Napredak Ruse
Tsar's Cup 1940FC 13 Sofia2-1Sportklub Plovdiv
Tsar's Cup 1939Shipka Sofia2-0Levski Ruse
Tsar's Cup 1938FC 13 Sofia3-0Levski Ruse


BFU Cup 1991Etar Veliko Tarnovo2-1Neftohimik Burgas
Bulgaria Cup
Soviet Army Cup
Tsar's Cup
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