Football Bulgaria - XVII Plovdiv Championship 1939-1940 - Champion Botev Plovdiv (6th)
Botev Plovdiv was promoted to National Division 1940-1941. Later dissolved. Source: Football Almanach Bulgaria 1921-1949.
Sportklub Plovdiv played in National Division 1939-1940 and finished in 8th place.
Plovdiv - Pazardzhik Final
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
--- 23.06.40Levski Pazardzhik1-6Botev Plovdiv
--- 30.06.40Botev Plovdiv0-3Levski Pazardzhik
--- 03.07.40Levski Asenovgrad1-6Botev Plovdiv
Plovdiv City Championship - Double Round Robin.
Final Rankingpwdlgfgag+-
1. Botev Plovdiv1680222:9+13
2. Levski Plovdiv1143318:13+5
3. Sokol Plovdiv1042414:10+4
4. Parchevich Plovdiv1042414:140
5. Shipka Plovdiv933413:12+1
6. Maritsa Plovdiv42084:27-23
Botev Plovdiv--- 2:12:12:31:03:0
Levski Plovdiv2:1----:31:11:35:0
Sokol Plovdiv 1:2 1:1--- 1:02:10:1
Parchevich Plovdiv 1:4 1:32:1---1:12:0
Shipka Plovdiv 0:2 1:1 1:1 1:0---2:3
Maritsa Plovdiv -:3 -:3 -:3 -:3 -:3---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Autumn 1939
Sun 29.10.39Parchevich Plovdiv2-1Sokol Plovdiv
Wed 01.11.39Levski Plovdiv3-0Sokol Plovdiv
Wed 01.11.39Shipka Plovdiv2-3Maritsa Plovdiv
Sun 05.11.39Sokol Plovdiv0-1Maritsa Plovdiv
Sun 05.11.39Parchevich Plovdiv1-1Shipka Plovdiv
Sun 19.11.39Botev Plovdiv3-0Maritsa Plovdiv
Sun 19.11.39Levski Plovdiv1-1Parchevich Plovdiv
Sun 19.11.39Sokol Plovdiv2-1Shipka Plovdiv
Sun 26.11.39Levski Plovdiv1-3Shipka Plovdiv
Sun 26.11.39Parchevich Plovdiv2-0Maritsa Plovdiv
Sun 03.12.39Levski Plovdiv5-0Maritsa Plovdiv
Spring 1940
Sun 17.03.40Botev Plovdiv1-0Shipka Plovdiv
Sun 24.03.40Botev Plovdiv2-3Parchevich Plovdiv
Sun 21.04.40Sokol Plovdiv1-1Levski Plovdiv
Sun 21.04.40Parchevich Plovdiv1-4Botev Plovdiv
Sun 21.04.40Maritsa Plovdiv0-3Shipka Plovdiv
Sun 05.05.40Parchevich Plovdiv1-3Levski Plovdiv
Sun 05.05.40Maritsa Plovdiv0-3Botev Plovdiv
Sun 12.05.40Shipka Plovdiv0-2Botev Plovdiv
Sun 12.05.40Maritsa Plovdiv0-3Levski Plovdiv
Sun 19.05.40Levski Plovdiv2-1Botev Plovdiv
Sun 19.05.40Shipka Plovdiv1-0Parchevich Plovdiv
Sun 19.05.40Maritsa Plovdiv0-3Sokol Plovdiv
Sun 26.05.40Shipka Plovdiv1-1Sokol Plovdiv
Sun 02.06.40Shipka Plovdiv1-1Levski Plovdiv
Sun 02.06.40Maritsa Plovdiv0-3Parchevich Plovdiv
Sat 15.06.40Botev Plovdiv2-1Sokol Plovdiv
Sun 16.06.40Sokol Plovdiv1-2Botev Plovdiv
Tue 18.06.40Botev Plovdiv2-1Levski Plovdiv
Sun 30.06.40Sokol Plovdiv1-0Parchevich Plovdiv
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