Men Football CONCACAF Nations League 2020 Qualifying
First 6 wiil qualify to League. First 10 will qualify to Gold Cup 2019. 7th to 22 will qualify to League B. 23rd to 34th will qualify to League C.
Qualification to League A and 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup
1. Haiti1240019:2+17A7SIM h 13-0SLA a 2-1NCA a 2-0CUB h 2-1
2. Canada1240014:0+14A8USV a 8-0DCA h 5-0SKN a 1-0FGY h 4-1
3. Martinique1240010:2+8A6BVI h 4-0PUR a 1-0ANT h 4-2GDE a 1-0
4. Curaçao930122:2+20B9GRN h 10-0UVI a 5-0GDE h 6-0ANT a 1-2
5. Bermuda930117:4+13B6ARU a 1-3SIM h 12-0ESA h 1-0DOM a 3-1
6. Cuba930015:2+13A4TCI h 11-0GRN a 2-0DOM h 1-0HAI a 1-2
Qualification to League B and 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup
7. Guyana930114:3+7B7BAR h 2-2TCI a 8-0FGY a 1-2BLZ h 2-1
8. Jamaica930112:3+9A3CAY h 4-0BNR a 6-0SUR h 2-1ESA a 0-2
9. Nicaragua93019:2+7B5SVG a 2-0ANG h 6-0HAI h 0-2BAR a 1-0
10.El Salvador93017:2+5A2MST a 2-1BAR h 3-0BER a 0-1JAM h 2-0
Qualification to League B
11.Montserrat93016:3+3D7ESA h 1-2BLZ h 1-0ARU a 2-0CAY a 2-1
12.Suriname72118:2+6B8DCA a 0-0BVI h 5-0JAM a 1-2SKN h 2-0
13.Saint Lucia72117:4+3C6ANT a 3-0HAI a 1-2CAY a 0-0ARU h 3-2
14.Dominica71116:5+1C1SUR h 0-0CAN a 0-5SIM a 2-0BAH h 4-0
15.Saint Kitts Nevis620211:3+8B2PUR h 1-0SMT a 10-0CAN h 0-1SUR a 0-2
16.Dominicana62029:4+5B4BNR a 5-0CAY h 3-0CUB a 0-1BER h 1-3
17.Belize62026:3+3B1BAH h 4-0MST a 0-1PUR h 1-0GUY a 1-2
18.Antigua Barbuda620210:8+2B3SLA h 0-3BAH a 6-0MTQ a 2-4CUR h 2-1
19.French Guiana62028:6+2A1ANG a 5-0SVG h 0-1GUY h 2-1CAN a 1-4
20.St. Vincent Gren.62025:6-1C4NCA h 0-2FGY a 1-0TCI a 2-3BNR h 2-1
21.Grenada62027:14-7C2CUR a 0-10CUB h 0-2SMT h 5-2PUR a 2-0
22.Aruba41125:6-1C9BER h 3-1GDE a 0-0MST h 0-2SLA a 2-3
Qualification to League C
23.Guadeloupe41123:7-4A5SMT a 3-0ARU h 0-0CUR a 0-6MTQ h 0-1
24.Turks Caicos Islands41125:23-19D6CUB a 0-11GUY h 0-8SVG h 3-2BVI a 2-2
25.Barbados31033:7-4C8GUY a 0-3*ESA a 0-3UVI h 3-0NCA h 0-1
26.Bonaire31033:14-11C5DOM h 0-5JAM h 0-6BVI a 2-1SVG a 1-2
27.US Virgin Islands31033:16-13D3CAN h 0-8CUR h 0-5BAR a 0-3ANG h 3-0
28.Sint Maarten31034:30-25D2HAI a 0-13BER a 0-12DCA h 0-2SMT h 4-3
29.Cayman Islands10131:9-8D4JAM a 0-4DOM a 0-3SLA h 0-0MST h 1-2
30.Brit. Virgin Islands10133:13-10D5MTQ a 0-4SUR a 0-5BNR h 1-2TCI h 2-2
31.Anguilla10131:15-14D8FGU h 0-5NCA a 0-6BAH a 1-1UVI h 0-3
32.Bahamas10131:15-14C3BLZ a 0-4ANT h 0-6ANG h 1-1DCA a 0-4
33.Puerto Rico00040:5-3C7SKN a 0-1MTQ h 0-1BLZ a 0-1GRN h 0-2
34.Saint Martin00045:22-16D2GDE h 0-3SKN h 0-10GRN a 2-5SIM a 3-4


The format and schedule of the Nations Leagues was announced on 7 March 2018, 10:00 EST (UTC-5), at The Temple House in Miami Beach, Florida, United States.
Round 1 - A-D ; B-C
--- 06.09.18DominicaC10-0SurinameB80-0
--- 06.09.18GuyanaB72-2BarbadosC80-0
--- 07.09.18AnguillaD80-5French GuianaA10-3
--- 07.09.18Antigua BarbudaB30-3Saint LuciaC60-0
--- 07.09.18BelizeB14-0BahamasC32-0
--- 08.09.18St. Vincent Grenad.C40-2NicaraguaC50-0
--- 08.09.18CubaA411-0Turks Caicos IslandsD65-0
--- 08.09.18MontserratD71-2El SalvadorA21-0
--- 09.09.18US Virgin IslandsD30-8CanadaD30-5
--- 09.09.18BonaireC50-5DominicanaB40-0
--- 09.09.18ArubaC93-1BermudaC92-1
--- 09.09.18Saint Kitts NevisB21-0Puerto RicoC70-0
--- 09.09.18JamaicaA34-0Cayman IslandsD42-0
--- 10.09.18HaitiA713-0Sint MaartenD15-0
--- 10.09.18CuraçaoB910-0GrenadaC23-0
--- 11.09.18Saint MartinD10-3GuadeloupeA50-2
Tue 16.10.18MartiniqueA64-0Brit. Virgin IslandsD5---
Round 2 - A-C ; B-D
Thu 11.10.18French GuianaA10-1St. Vincent Grenad.C40-0
Fri 12.10.18US Virgin IslandsD30-5CuraçaoB90-2
Fri 12.10.18BahamasC30-6Antigua BarbudaB30-4
Fri 12.10.18BermudaB612-0Sint MaartenD17-0
Fri 12.10.18DominicanaB43-0Cayman IslandsD42-0
Fri 12.10.18GrenadaC20-2CubaA40-1
Sat 13.10.18Puerto RicoC70-1MartiniqueA6---
Sat 13.10.18Turks Caicos IslandsD60-8GuyanaB70-5
Sat 13.10.18SurinameB85-0Brit. Virgin IslandsD52-0
Sat 13.10.18El SalvadorA23-0BarbadosC82-0
Sun 14.10.18Saint MartinD20-10Saint Kitts NevisB2---
Sun 14.10.18MontserratD71-0BelizeB1---
Sun 14.10.18BonaireC51-0JamaicaA3---
Sun 14.10.18NicaraguaB56-0AnguillaD8---
Tue 16.10.18CanadaA85-0DominicaC13-0
Tue 16.10.18GuadeloupeA50-0ArubaC9---
Tue 16.10.18Saint LuciaC61-2HaitiA71-2
Round 3 - A-B ; C-D
Fri 16.11.18GrenadaC25-2Saint MartinC23-1
Fri 16.11.18BermudaB61-0El SalvadorA2---
Fri 16.11.18ArubaC90-2MontserratD70-1
Fri 16.11.18BelizeB11-0Puerto RicoC71-0
Sat 17.11.18CubaA41-0DominicanaB4---
Sat 17.11.18NicaraguaB50-2HaitiA70-2
Sat 17.11.18JamaicaA32-1SurinameB82-1
Sat 17.11.18Cayman IslandsD40-0Saint LuciaC60-0
Sun 18.11.18Turks Caicos IslandsD63-2St. Vincent Grenad.C42-0
Sun 18.11.18BahamasC31-1AnguillaD80-1
Sun 18.11.18BarbadosC83-0US Virgin IslandsD31-0
Sun 18.11.18Saint Kitts NevisB20-1CanadaA80-1
Mon 19.11.18CuraçaoB96-0GuadeloupeA51-0
Mon 19.11.18MartiniqueA64-2Antigua BarbudaB34-1
Tue 20.11.18Sint MaartenD10-2DominicaC10-1
Tue 20.11.18French GuianaA12-1GuyanaB71-0
Sun 24.03.19Brit. Virgin IslandsD51-2BonaireC5---
Round 4 - A ; B ; C ; D
Thu 21.03.19Brit. Virgin IslandsD52-2Turks Caicos IslandsD60-0
Thu 22.03.19St. Vincent Grenad.C42-1BonaireC5---
Fri 22.03.19AnguillaD80-3US Virgin IslandsD30-2
Fri 22.03.19Saint LuciaC63-2ArubaC91-0
Fri 22.03.19Cayman IslandsD41-2MontserratD70-1
Fri 22.03.19DominicaC14-0BahamasC3---
Fri 22.03.19Sint MaartenD14-3Saint MartinD2---
--- 23.03.19Antigua BarbudaB32-1CuraçaoB9---
--- 23.03.19GuyanaB72-1BelizeB1---
--- 23.03.19SurinameB82-0Saint Kitts NevisB2---
--- 23.03.19GuadeloupeA50-1MartiniqueA5---
--- 23.03.19El SalvadorA22-0JamaicaA3---
--- 24.03.19Puerto RicoC70-2GrenadaC2---
--- 24.03.19DominicanaB41-3BermudaB6---
--- 24.03.19CanadaA84-1French GuianaA1---
--- 24.03.19HaitiA72-1CubaA4---
--- 24.03.19BarbadosC80-1NicaraguaB5---


TeamPointsPLeagueGold Cup
1. Mexico2,047 League AGold Cup
2. United States1,853 League AGold Cup
3. Costa Rica1,845 League AGold Cup
4. Panama1,700 League AGold Cup
5. Honduras1,669 League AGold Cup
6. Jamaica1,516A3AGC
7. Canada1,448A8AGC
8. Guatemala1,417 disqualified
9. Haiti1,348A7AGC
10.El Salvador1,347A2BBC
11.Trinidad Tobago1,339 League AGold Cup
14.French Guiana1,108A1B
17.Saint Kitts Nevis1,023B2AGC
20.Antigua Barbuda946B3B
27.Saint Vincent Gren.793C4B
28.Saint Lucia773C6B
30.Puerto Rico693C7C
34.Cayman Islands543D4C
35.Turks Caicos Islands483D6C
37.US Virgin Islands401D3C
38.Saint Martin352D2C
39.Sint Maarten336D1C
41.Brit. Virgin Islands261D5C
As of Wednesday, 17 of October 2018.
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