Women Handball XII All Africa Games 2019 Casablanca, Morocco - 20-29.08 - Winner Angola 7th
Women Handbal Qualification Africa Games 2019 Mmen Tournament of Africa Games 2019
Hall 1 - Sale Omnisport - Complexe Sportif Mohamed V. Hall 2 - Salle Omnisport Inrahim Zahar.


datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Thu 29.08.1918:00ANG Angola28-25CMR Cameroon15-10
Bronze Medal Play-Off
Thu 29.08.1916:00COD DR Congo32-22GUI Guinea16-9
Play-Off 5-6
Thu 29.08.1912:00TUN Tunisia28-24ALG Algeria15-11
Play-Off 7-8
Thu 29.08.1912:00 2MAR Morocco34-27UGA Uganda15-14

Semi-Finals (1/2).

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 28.08.1911:30ANG Angola31-14GUI Guinea14-6
Wed 28.08.1916:30CMR Cameroon30-25COD DR Congo18-11
Classification 5-8
Wed 28.08.1912:00 2ALG Algeria34-24UGA Uganda15-13
Wed 28.08.1914:00 2TUN Tunisia34-25MAR Morocco15-12
Play-Off 9-10
Wed 28.08.1910:00 2NGR Nigeria31-27KEN Kenya17-12

Quarter-Finals (1/4).

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Mon 26.08.1912:00 2GUI Guinea29-27ALG Algeria10-15
Mon 26.08.1914:00 2ANG Angola36-12UGA Uganda19-6
Mon 26.08.1916:00 2CMR Cameroon47-29MAR Morocco26-18
Mon 26.08.1918:00 2COD DR Congo36-25TUN Tunisia16-13

Groups Round.

First 4 from each Group advance to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Group Ap_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.ANG Angola8400135:67+68
2.COD DR Congo6301132:93+39
3.GUI Guinea4202101:124-23
4.MAR Morocco210391:143-52
5.NGR Nigeria000487:119-32
TeamAngoDR CGuinMoroNige
ANG Angola----27:2130:1945:1133:16
COD DR Congo ----37:1845:2529:23
GUI Guinea ----33:2931:28
MAR Morocco ----26:20
NGR Nigeria ----
datetime hteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Tue 20.08.1912:00 1ANG Angola30-19GUI Guinea14-7
Tue 20.08.1916:00 2MAR Morocco26-20NGR Nigeria15-9
Wed 21.08.1916:00 1COD DR Congo45-25MAR Morocco23-12
Wed 21.08.1918:00 2ANG Angola33-16NGR Nigeria16-7
Thu 22.08.1914:00 1ANG Angola45-11MAR Morocco29-4
Thu 22.08.1916:00 2COD DR Congo37-18GUI Guinea14-12
Rest Day Friday 23th August 2019.
Sat 24.08.1916:00 1COD DR Congo29-23NGR Nigeria20-9
Sat 24.08.1918:00 2GUI Guinea33-29MAR Morocco18-13
Sun 25.08.1914:00 2GUI Guinea31-28NGR Nigeria14-13
Sun 25.08.1916:00 2ANG Angola27-21COD DR Congo14-12
Group Bp_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.CMR Cameroon8400152:94+58
2.ALG Algeria6301113:110+3
3.TUN Tunisia4202135:103+32
4.UGA Uganda210369:119-50
5.KEN Kenya000472:115-43
CMR Cameroon----33:2632:2543:2244:21
ALG Algeria ----26:2433:2828:25
TUN Tunisia ----43:1943:26
UGA Uganda ----wo
KEN Kenya ----
Kenya replaced Senegal and schedule was resized.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Tue 20.08.1912:00 1CMR Cameroon33-26ALG Algeria16-11
Tue 20.08.1914:00 2UGA UgandawoKEN Kenya
Wed 21.08.1914:00 2CMR Cameroon43-22UGA Uganda22-13
Wed 21.08.1916:00 1TUN Tunisia43-26KEN Kenya19-11
Thu 22.08.1914:00 2CMR Cameroon44-21KEN Kenya22-10
Thu 22.08.1918:00 2ALG Algeria26-24TUN Tunisia15-12
Rest Day Friday 23th August 2019.
Sat 24.08.1914:00 2ALG Algeria28-25KEN Kenya14-12
Sat 24.08.1916:00 2TUN Tunisia43-19UGA Uganda21-11
Sun 25.08.1912:00 1ALG Algeria33-28UGA Uganda12-13
Sun 25.08.1918:00 2CMR Cameroon32-25TUN Tunisia16-12
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