Men Handball North America and Caribe (NorCa) Cup 2018 Mexico City (MEX) 03-08.04 - Winner Cuba
Qualification for Panamerican Championship Men 2018.
Round Robinpwdlgfgag+-
1. Cuba9410172:125+47
2. Canada7311136:132+4
3. Puerto Rico5212143:152-9
4. Mexico5131145:142+3
5. United States3113151:164-13
6. Dominicana1014124:156-32
Cuba, Canada and Puerto Rico qualified to Panamerican Championship Men 2018.
Tybreak for srd place: Puerto Rico - Mexico 30-28.
All matches played at Centro deportivo Olimpico in Mexico City.
Canada ----31:2726:2633:3122:21
Puerto Rico ----30:2834:2829:29
Mexico ----30:3033:28
United States ----32:26
Dominicana ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Tue 03.04.1816:00CUB Cuba41-30USA United States
Tue 03.04.1818:00MEX Mexico33-28Dominicana
Tue 03.04.1814:00CAN Canada31-27PUR Puerto Rico
Wed 04.04.1814:00CUB Cuba36-23PUR Puerto Rico
Wed 04.04.1816:00USA United States32-26Dominicana
Wed 04.04.1818:00CAN Canada26-26MEX Mexico
Thu 05.04.1814:00PUR Puerto Rico29-29Dominicana
Thu 05.04.1816:00CUB Cuba27-24CAN Canada
Thu 05.04.1818:00MEX Mexico30-30USA United States
Rest Day Friday 06.04.2018.
Sat 07.04.1814:00PUR Puerto Rico34-28USA United States
Sat 07.04.1816:00CAN Canada22-21Dominicana
Sat 07.04.1818:00CUB Cuba28-28MEX Mexico
Sun 08.04.1812:00CAN Canada33-31USA United States
Sun 08.04.1814:00CUB Cuba40-20Dominicana
Sun 08.04.1816:00PUR Puerto Rico30-28MEX Mexico
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