Women 2nd NorCa (North America and Caribe) Handball Championship 2017 Rio Grande (PUR) 30.03-03.04 - Winner Puerto Rico (1st)
Gamedatetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
FinalMon 03.04.1717:30PUR Puerto Rico32-23USA United States16-14800
3-4Mon 03.04.1719:30Dominicana32-27GRO Groenland13-11600
1/2Sun 02.04.1717:30USA United States20-18GRO Groenland10-9200
1/2Sun 02.04.1719:30PUR Puerto Rico32-23Dominicana16-8600
All matches played at Cancha Nestor Milete, Rio Grande.
Rio Grande is part of San Juan-Caguas-Guyanabo Metropolitan Area.
Times: 04 UTC.
Final RankingPwdlgfgag+-
1. Puerto Rico7311145:124+21
2. United States8401122:112+10
3. Dominicana5212116:130-14
4. Groenland0005117:134-17
First 3 (Puerto Rico, United States and Dominicana) qualified to 14th Panamerica Championship Argentina 2017
Cuba pre-qualified as 2nd from Women 2015. Canada was to be pre-qualified as Host. Not yet known what will happen after host change. DNS - Mexico.
Goalscorer: Ciris Garcia (PUR) - 31 goals.
All-star team: Goalkeeper: Sophie Fasold (USA), Right Wing: Yojaver Brito (DOM), Right Back: Johanna Pimentel (DOM), Center Back: Nathalys Ceballos (PUR), Left Back: Lykke Hensen (GOR), Left Wing: Zuleika Fuentes (PUR), Pivot: Giris Garcia (PUR).

Groups Round.

Played to make Semi-Finals (1/2) schedule.
1. United States630079:62+17
2. Puerto Rico311181:78+3
3. Dominicana311161:71-10
4. Groenland000372:82-10
United States----28:2626:1325:23
Puerto Rico ----23:2332:27
Dominicana ----25:22
Groenland ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HTatt.
Thu 30.03.1717:30Dominicana25-22GRO Groenland12-11
Thu 30.03.1720:00USA United States28-26PUR Puerto Rico11-17
Fri 31.03.1717:30USA United States25-23GRO Groenland14-10200
Fri 31.03.1720:00PUR Puerto Rico23-23Dominicana11-10500
Sat 01.04.1717:30USA United States26-13Dominicana13-5100
Sat 01.04.1720:00PUR Puerto Rico32-27GRO Groenland16-12500
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