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Altough South America is part of the Panamerican Handball Federation there were (are) played continental tournaments. By the time Brazil and Argentina replaced Cuba, United States and Canada as best Western Hemisphere Teams.
ODESUR Games used to be qualification for Pan-American Games
Men ODESURGoldSilverBronze
Men ODESUR 2018BrazilArgentinaChile
Men ODESUR 2014BrazilArgentinaChile
Men ODESUR 2010BrazilArgentinaChile
Men ODESUR 2006ArgentinaUruguayChile
Men ODESUR 2002ArgentinaBrazilUruguay
Women ODESURGoldSilverBronze
Women ODESUR 2018BrazilArgentinaChile
Women ODESUR 2014BrazilArgentinaChile
Women ODESUR 2010ArgentinaBrazilUruguay
Women ODESUR 2006ArgentinaParaguayChile
Women ODESUR 2002BrazilArgentinaUruguay
South American Championship
Men SAGoldSilverBronze
Men SA 2020ArgentinaBrazilUruguay
Men SA 2004Brazil Argentina
Men SA 2003ArgentinaBrazilUruguay
Men SA 2001ArgentinaBrazilChile
Men SA 2000BrazilArgentinaUruguay
Men SA 1998ArgentinaBrazilUruguay
Men SA 1994Brazil
Men SA 1985BrazilArgentina
Men SA 1983ArgentinaBrazilChile
Women SAN:GoldSilverBronze
Women SA 2013IXBrazilArgentinaParaguay
Women SA 2004 cancelled
Women SA 2001VIIIBrazilUruguayParaguay
Women SA 1998VIIBrazilArgentinaUruguay
Women SA 1994VIBrazilArgentinaUruguay
Women SA 1991VBrazilArgentinaParaguay
Women SA 1988IVBrazilArgentinaUruguay
Women SA 1986IIIBrazilArgentinaParaguay
Women SA 1984IIBrazilArgentinaParaguay
Women SA 1983IBrazilArgentinaParaguay
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