Men Handball II Asia Championship 1979 Nanjing, China - 4th to 9th November - Winner Japan (2nd)
Round Robinptswondrwlstgfgag+-
1.JPN Japan8400127:56+71
2.CHN China6201132:73+59
3.KUW Kuwait4201100:77+23
4.PLE Palestine200371:115-44
5.IND India000355:164-109
China ----22:2033:1652:10
Kuwait ----30:1441:14
Palestine ----27:23
India ----
Tournament was also Olympic Qualification. Japan qualfied to Olympic Men 1980.
Japan and China boicotted the Games, so third Kuwait took Asia place.
South Korea probably did not participate, because the tournament was played in China.
dateteam 1 ____________scoreteam 2 ____________HT
Sun 04.11.79JPN Japan29-14PLE Palestine
Sun 04.11.79KUW Kuwait41-14IND India
Mon 05.11.79JPN Japan44-8IND India
Mon 05.11.79CHN China33-16PLE Palestine
Tue 06.11.79CHN China22-20KUW Kuwait
Tue 06.11.79PLE Palestine27-23IND India
Wed 08.11.79JPN Japan27-9KUW Kuwait
Wed 08.11.79CHN China52-10IND India
Thu 09.11.79KUW Kuwait30-14PLE Palestine
Thu 09.11.79JPN Japan27-25CHN China
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