Women Handbal Asia Olympic Games 2008 Qualification Almaty (KAZ) - 25-29.08.2007
Second tournament in Tokyo (JPN)
29.01.0819:20TokyoSouth Korea34-21Japan18-12
Kazakhstan qualify toOlympic Women 2008
South Korea toOlympic Women OQ 2008
as 6th fromWorld Women 2007
Japan qualify toOlympic Women OQ 2008
Qatar qualify toOlympic Women OQ 2008
On December 2007 the first tournament was declared void. New tournament was played on January 2008. All teams except South Korea and Japan declined to participate. On 20th of March the Sports International Court of Arbitration annuled the second tournament. Qatar as 3rd Asian team declined to participate in the Olympic qualification, so Congo was invited to their place.
First tournament
1. Kazakhstan4201103:68
2. South Korea4201106:78
3. Japan4201101:67
4. Qatar000341:138
Kazakhstan---- 28:2244:14
South Korea32:31---- 45:17
Japan 30:29----49:10
Qatar ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
25.0818:30Japan30-29South Korea13-14
27.0816:30South Korea45-17Qatar20-10
29.0818:30South Korea32-31Kazakhstan15-15
Men OQ 2011
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