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MenWomenMen Junior/YouthWomen Junior/Youth
XIX Men 2020 Kuwait City
XVII Women 2018 Japan
XVIII Men AG 2018 JakartaXVIII Women AG 2018 JakartaVIII Men Youth 2018> Amman (JOR)
XVIII Men 2018 Suwon (KOR)XVI Women 2017 Suwon (KOR)XV Men Junior 2018 Salalah (OMA)
XV Men Junior 2016 JordanVII Women Youth 2017 Indonesia
Women 2016 West AsiaVII Men Youth 2016 Bahrain
XVII Men 2016 Isa Town (BRN) VI Women Youth 2015 India
Men OQ 2015Women OQ 2015VI Men Youth 2014XIII Women Junior 2015 Kazakhstan
XVII Men AG 2014 IncheonXVII Women AG 2014 Incheon
XVI Men 2014XV Women 2015 Jakarta (INA)XV Men Junior 2014XII Women Junior 2013 Kazakhstan
XIII Men Junior 2012 QatarV Women Youth 2013
XV Men 2012XIV Women 2012 Yogyakarta (INA)V Men Youth 2012 ManamaXI Women Junor 2012 Almaty
Men OQ 2011Women OQ 2011 IV Women Youth 2011
XVI Men AG 2010 GuuangzhouXVI Women AG 2010 GuuangzhouXII Men Junior 2010 IranXI Women Junior 2011 Kazakhstan
XIV Men 2010XIII Women 2010 X Women Junior 2009 Thailand
XI Men Junior 2008 JordanIII Women Youth 2009 Taipei
XIII Men 2008XII Women 2008III Men Youth 2008IX Women Junior 2007 Kazakhstan
Men OQ 2007Women OQ 2007X Men Junior 2006 JapanII Women Youth 2007 Bangkok
XV Men AG 2006XV Women AG 2006 DohaII Men Youth 2006 Tehran
XII Men 2006 DohaXI Women 2006I Men Youth 2005 BangkokI Women Youth 2005
XI Men 2004X Women 2004IX Men Junior 2004 IranVIII Women Junior 2004 Thailand
Men OQ 2003Women OQ 2003
XIV Men AG 2002 BusanXIV Women AG 2002 BusanVIII Men Junior 2002 ThailandVII Women Junior 2002 Jordan
X Men 2002IX Women 2002
IX Men 2000VIII Women 2000aVII Men Junior 2000 IranVI Women Junior 2000 Bangladesh
VII Women 2000
XIII Men AG 1998 BangkokXIII Women AG 1998 BangkokVI Men Junior 1998 BahrainV Women Junior 1998 Japan
VI Women 1997
VIII Men 1995V Women 1995V Men Junior 1996 UA EmiratesIV Women Junior 1996 China
XII Men AG 1994 HiroshimaXII Women AG 1994 HiroshimaIV Men Junior 1994 SyriaIII Women Junior 1995 South Korea
VII Men 1993IV Women 1993
VI Men 1991III Women 1991III Men Junior 1992 ChinaII Women Junior 1992 China
XI Men AG 1990 BeijingXI Women AG 1990 BeijingII Men Junior 1990 IranI Women Junior 1990 China
V Men 1989II Women 1989I Men Junior 1988 Syria
Men OQ 1987
IV Men 1987I Women 1987
X Men AG 1986 Seoul
Men OQ 1983Women OQ 1983
III Men 1983
IX Men AG 1982 New Delhi Men Junior WQ 1981
Men OQ 1979Women OQ 1979
II Men 1979
I Men 1977
Men OQ 1976Women OQ 1975
Men WQ 1974
Men OQ 1971
Men Handball Asia Qualifications
World Men 2013Men 2012South KoreaQatarSaudi Arabia
Olympic Men 2012Men OQ 2011South KoreaQatarSaudi Arabia
World Men 2011Men 2010South KoreaBahrainJapan
World Men 2009Men 2008South KoreaKuwaitSaudi Arabia
Olympic Men 2008Men OQ 2008ChinaSouth Korea
Olympic Men 2008Men OQ 2007ChinaKuwait
World Men 2007Men 2006KuwaitSouth KoreaQatar
Women Handball Asia Qualifications
World Women 2013Women 2012KOR South KoreaCHN ChinaJPN Japan
Olympic Women 2012Women OQ 2011KOR South Korea
World Women 2011Women 2010KAZ KazahstanKOR South KoreaCHN ChinaJPN Japan
World Women 2009Women 2008KOR South KoreaCHN ChinaJPN JapanTHA ThailandKAZ Kazakhstan
Olympic Women 2008Women OQ 2008CHN ChinaKOR South Korea
Olympic Women 2008Women OQ 2007CHN ChinaKAZ Kazakhstan
World Women 2007Women 2006KOR South KoreaCHN ChinaJPN JapanKAZ Kazakhstan

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Last updated: 8 Feb 2020
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