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Men 2020QAT Qatar33-21KOR South KoreaJPN JapanKuwait City (KUW)
Men 2018QAT Qatar33-31BRN BahrainKOR South KoreaSuwon (KOR)
Men 2016QAT Qatar27-22BRN BahrainJPN JapanIsa Town (BRN)
Men 2014QAT Qatar27-26BRN BahrainIRI IranManama (BRN)
Men 2012KOR South Korea23-22QAT QatarKSA Saudi ArabiaJeddah (KSA)
Men 2010KOR South Korea32-25BRN BahrainJPN JapanBeyrut (LEB)
Men 2008KOR South Korea27-21KUW KuwaitKSA Saudi ArabiaIstfahan (IRN)
Men 2006KUW Kuwait33-30KOR South KoreaQAT QatarThailand
Men 2004KUW Kuwait28-24JPN JapanQAT QatarDoha (QAT)
Men 2002KUW Kuwait29-25QAT QatarKSA Saudi ArabiaIsfahan (IRN)
Men 2000KOR South KoreagroupCHN ChinaJPN JapanKumamoto (JPN)
Men 1995KUW KuwaitgroupKOR South KoreaBRN BahrainKuwait
Men 1993KOR South Korea26-22KUW KuwaitJPN JapanManama (BRN)
Men 1991KOR South Korea27-23JPN JapanCHN ChinaHiroshima (JPN)
Men 1989KOR South KoreagroupJPN JapanKUW KuwaitBeijing (CHN)
Men 1987KOR South KoreagroupJPN JapanKUW KuwaitAmman (JOR)
Men 1983KOR South Korea25-19JPN JapanKUW KuwaitSeoul (KOR)
Men 1979JPN JapangroupCHN ChinaKUW KuwaitNanjing (CHN)
Men 1977JPN Japan24-14KOR South KoreaCHN ChinaKuwait
Asia Men Handball Championship is disputed between the teams from East Asia - South Korea, Japan, China and teams from the Gulf - Kuwait, Qatar , Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In the last years Iran emmerged also as a contender. There is a big rivalry between the Continental areas. In the Gulf Handball is the second team sport after Football, so there are some very ambitious teams - particularly Kuwait. Altough South Korea through the years has been one of the best teams in the World, for them is most dificult to win Asian Championship than to make a good participation in World Champs or Olympic Games. Some times controversal refering had a big role in these tournaments. Because of the rivalry between 1995 and 2000 there was no tournaments.
1.KOR South Korea94114
2.KUW Kuwait52411
3.QAT Qatar3227
4.JPN Japan25512
5.BRN Bahrain 415
6.CHN China 224
7.KSA Saudi Arabia 33
8.IRI Iran 11

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Last updated: 8 Feb 2020
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