Men Handball I European Cup Winners Cup 1976 - BM Granollers (ESP)
Men CC 1976Men CWC 1976 Women CC 1976
16 teams played in the competition.Teams Ranking
Final Granollers (ESP)
datesteam 1leg 1leg 2team 2HT
10.04BM Granollers CampESP26-24Grun-Weiss DankerzenFRG21-219-10

1/2 Finals

datesteam 1leg 1leg 2team 2HT
11.03,19.03IF Oppsal OsloNOR13-1515-15BM Granollers CampESP5-6-
BSV BernSUI13-1515-22Grun-Weiss DankerzenFRG

1/4 Finals

datesteam 1leg 1leg 2team 2HT
08.01,--.01AHC`31 AmsterdamNED27-3115-18BM Granollers CampESP--
12.01,--.01HC Progress SeraingBEL9-116-27IF Oppsal OsloNOR5-4-
--.01,19.01PUC ParisFRA20-1619-24BSV BernSUI-9-11
07.01,22.01FIF KopenhagenDEN17-1413-27Grun-Weiss DankerzenFRG11-7-

1/8 Finals

Draw Basel (SUI) 25.10
datesteam 1leg 1leg 2team 2HTDN
--.--,08.12BM Granollers CampESP20-1523-19Vastra FrolundaSWE 5.
--.--,14.12Red Boys DifferdangenLUX14-2816-27AHC`31 AmsterdamNED 7.
--.--,08.12IF Oppsal OsloNOR19-1117-15FH HafnarfjordurISL-9-88.
--.--,--.--East Kilbride HCGBR17-437-35HC Progress SeraingBEL 6.
08&10.12PUC ParisFRA15-1416-13Hapoel Ramat GanISR10-76-51.
both legs in Israel
16.11,06.12BSV BernSUI21-1925-26Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG13-89-113.
14.11,--.--FIF KopenhagenDEN25-1424-22Sporting LisboaPOR
23.11,08.12UHC SalzburgAUT13-2815-19Grun-Weiss DankerzenFRG8-117-132.
Teams Rankingpwdlgfgag
1. BM Granollers CampESP13610148:1287
2. Grun-Weiss DankerzenFRG10502149:1127
eliminated in 1/2 Finals
3. IF Oppsal OsloNOR 9411102:716
3. BSV BernSUI 4204114:1216
eliminated in 1/4 Finals
5. PUC ParisFRA 630170:674
5. FIF KopenhagenDEN 630179:774
5. HC Progress SeraingBEL 420293:624
5. AHC`31 AmsterdamNED 420297:794
eliminated in 1/8 Finals
9. Crvena Zvezda BeogradYUG 210145:462
9. Hapoel Ramat GanISR 000227:312
9. Vastra FrolundaSWE 000234:432
9. FH HafnarfjordurISL 000226:362
9. Sporting LisboaPOR 000236:492
9. UHC SalzburgAUT 000228:472
9. Red Boys DifferdangenLUX 000230:552
9. East Kilbride HCGBR 000224:782
No teams from: Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.
Not entered due to qualification and preparation for Olympic Men 1976 and because this was a new tournament.
East Germany did not qualify to the Olympic Games.
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