Men Handball XII European Championship 2016 Poland 15-31.01 - Winner Germany (2nd)
Final Four at Tauron Arena Krakow.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.Stats_Window
Sun 31.01.1617:30Germany24-17Spain10-612,500
3rd place
Sun 31.01.1615:00Croatia31-24Norway15-1112,500
Fri 29.01.1618:30Germany34-33Norway14-139,100
After Over Timd: FT: 27-27. 1OT : 31-30.
Fri 29.01.1621:00Spain33-29Croatia18-1411,100
Play-Offs Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw
5th place
Fri 29.01.1618:30France29-26Denmark15-134,500
7th place
Fri 29.01.1616:00Poland26-24Sweden12-126,500
Final RankingPwdlgfga2014
1. GermanyGER14701223:200
2. SpainESP11512201:2073.
3. CroatiaCRO10503250:2194.
4. NorwayNOR9413235:23214.
5. FranceFRA10502210:1821.
6. DenmarkDEN9412195:1802.
7. PolandPOL10502193:1946.
8. SwedenSWE6223173:1687.
eliminated in Second Groups Round.
9. RussiaRUS5213160:1619.
eliminated in First Groups Round.
Germany and Slovenia replaced Austria and Czechia from Euro Men 2014.
Germany, Spain and Croatia or Norway qualified to World Men 2017.
Rest 12 teams will play in Play-Offs for 9 places in Europe_Qual Men 2016. Draw on Sun 31.01.2016 in Krakow.
Sweden-Bosna Herzeg., Czechia, Macedonia, Poland-Netherlands, Russia-Montenegro, Serbia-Hungary, Iceland-Portugal, Slovenia - NOR/CRO, Belarus-Latvia, Denmark-Austria.
Winner will qualify to Rio 2016 Olympic Men 2016.
Best 2 teams (Norway and Sweden) not yet qualified to Olympic Qualification will qualify to Olympic Men OQ 2016.
Macedonia stil can progress throw World Championship if Norway does not win the Championship.
Qualification began in 2012.
Played in same time with Africa Men 2016 and Asia Men 2016.
_ Qualification 15 Teams from Europe Qual Men 2015.

Second Groups Round.

First 2 progress to Semi-Finals (1/2). 3rd and 4th to Classification.
Group Ipwdlgfgag+-
1. NorwayNOR9410153:141+12
2. CroatiaCRO6302153:134+19
3. FranceFRA6302145:130+15
4. PolandPOL6302138:142-4
5. BelarusBLR2104128:151-23
6. MacedoniaMKD1014130:149-19
Croatia ---- 37:2327:2134:24
France 32:24---- 34:2330:23
Poland 31:25----32:2724:23
Belarus ----30:29
Macedonia ----
Norway and Croatia advanced to Semi-Finals.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.Stats_Window
played at Tauron Arena, Krakow.
transferred from Group A Poland 31-25 France, Poland 24-23 Macedonia and France 30-23 Macedonia.
transferred from Group B Norway 34-31 Croatia, Norway 29-27 Belarus and Croatia 27-21 Belarus.
Thu 21.01.1618:15France34-23Belarus20-56,900_FRABLR
Thu 21.01.1620:30Croatia34-24Macedonia17-139,100_CROMKD
Sat 23.01.1618:15France32-24Croatia16-1010,600_FRACRO
Sat 23.01.1620:30Norway30-28Poland16-1515,328_NORPOL
Mon 25.01.1618:15Norway31-31Macedonia13-177,600_NORMKD
Mon 25.01.1620:30Poland32-27Belarus19-1314,000_POLBLR
Wed 27.01.1616:00Belarus30-29Macedonia14-1314-13_MKDBLR
Wed 27.01.1618:15Norway29-24France12-1112-11_NORFRA
Wed 27.01.1620:30Croatia37-23Poland10-1515-10_CROPOL
Group IIpwdlgfgag+-
1. SpainESP8401135:130+5
2. GermanyGER8401140:129+11
3. DenmarkDEN7311139:123+16
4. SwedenSWE4123126:121+5
5. RussiaRUS3113132:140-8
6. HungaryHUN0005110:139-19
Spain----32:29 24:2225:2331:29
Germany ----25:2327:2630:2929:19
Denmark27:23 ----28:2831:2530:22
Sweden ----28:2822:14
Russia ----27:26
Hungary ----
Germany and Spain advanced to Semi-Finals. Spain with a 32:29 win wins the group.
Sweden is 4th and will be in Olympic Men OQ 2016.
Russia waits Norway to win the championship.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.Stats_Window
played at Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw.
transferred from Group C Spain 32-29 Germany, Spain 24-22 Sweden and Germany 27-26 Sweden.
transferred from Group D Denmark 31-25 Russia, Denmark 30-22 Hungary and Russia 27-26 Hungary.
Fri 22.01.1618:15Germany29-19Hungary17-96,500_GERHUN
Fri 22.01.1620:30Russia28-28Sweden15-156,350_RUSSWE
Sun 24.01.1618:15Germany30-29Russia17-166,593_GERRUS
Sun 24.01.1620:30Denmark27-23Spain11-146,593_DENESP
Tue 26.01.1618:15Spain31-29Hungary15-156,500_ESPHUN
Tue 26.01.1620:30Denmark28-28Sweden15-136,593_DENSWE
Wed 27.01.1616:00Sweden22-14Hungary10-75,900_SWEHUN
Wed 27.01.1618:15Germany25-23Denmark12-136,593_GERDEN
Wed 27.01.1620:30Spain25-23Russia11-125,000_ESPRUS

First Groups Round. First 3 progress to Second Groups Round.

Scores are transferred.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-sd
1. PolandPOL630084:76+82.
2. FranceFRA420191:80+111.
3. MacedoniaMKD101273:81-83.
4. SerbiaSRB101281:92-114.
France ----30:2336:26
Macedonia ----27:27
Serbia ----
Macedonia advanced due to better goal difference than Serbia -8:-11.
No team from this group advanced to Final Four.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.Stats_Window
played at Tauron Arena, Krakow.
Fri 15.01.1618:00France30-23Macedonia12-129,000_FRAMKD
Fri 15.01.1620:30Poland29-28Serbia14-1514,100_POLSRB
Sun 17.01.1618:15France36-26Serbia19-1610,900_FRASRB
Sun 17.01.1620:30Poland24-23Macedonia11-1314,200_POLMKD
Tue 19.01.1618:15Macedonia27-27Serbia13-1311,000_MKDSRB
Tue 19.01.1620:30Poland31-25France15-1214,854_POLFRA
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-sd
1. NorwayNOR420188:84+44.
2. CroatiaCRO420195:83+121.
3. BelarusBLR210287:94-73.
4. IcelandISL210292:101-92.
Croatia ----27:2137:28
Belarus ----39:38
Iceland26:25 ----
Norway was 1st due to win against Croatia 34-31.
Belarus was 3rd due to win against Iceland 39-38.
Norway's defeat against Iceland was not transferred to Group I.
Norway and Croatia advanced to Final Four.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.Stats_Window
played at Spodek, Katowice.
Fri 15.01.1616:00Croatia27-21Belarus15-155,000_CROBLR
Fri 15.01.1618:00Iceland26-25Norway10-116,200_ISLNOR
Sun 17.01.1616:00Belarus39-38Iceland17-186,200_BLRISL
Sun 17.01.1618:15Norway34-31Croatia16-178,400_NORCRO
Tue 19.01.1618:15Norway29-27Belarus12-136,800_NORBLR
Tue 19.01.1620:30Croatia37-28Iceland19-107,000_CROISL
Group Cpwdlgfgag+-sd
1. SpainESP521080:75+51.
2. GermanyGER420181:79+23.
3. SwedenSWE210271:72-12.
4. SloveniaSLO101266:72-64.
Germany ----27:2625:21
Sweden ----23:21
Slovenia ----
Spain and Croatia advanced to Final Four.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.Stats_Window
played at Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw.
Sat 16.01.1618:30Spain32-29Germany18-156,500_ESPGER
Sat 16.01.1620:45Sweden23-21Slovenia16-96,500_SWESLO
Mon 18.01.1618:15Spain24-24Slovenia10-136,000_ESPSLO
Mon 18.01.1620:30Germany27-26Sweden13-176,500_GERSWE
Wed 20.01.1617:15Germany25-21Slovenia12-106,500_GERSLO
Wed 20.01.1620:00Spain24-22Sweden12-106,200_ESPSWE
Group Dpwdlgfgag+-sd
1. DenmarkDEN630091:75+161.
2. RussiaRUS420180:78+23.
3. HungaryHUN210280:84-42.
4. MontenegroMNE000376:90-144.
Russia ----27:2628:21
Hungary ----32:27
Montenegro ----
No team from this group advanced to Final Four.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.Stats_Window
played at Ergo Arena, Gdansk / Sopot.
Sat 16.01.1618:00Hungary32-27Montenegro16-126,864_HUNMNE
Sat 16.01.1620:15Denmark31-25Russia13-137,952_DENRUS
Mon 18.01.1618:00Russia27-26Hungary14-106,452_RUSHUN
Mon 18.01.1620:15Denmark30-28Montenegro14-166,452_DENMNE
Wed 20.01.1617:15Russia28-21Montenegro14-95,930_RUSMNE
Wed 20.01.1620:00Denmark30-22Hungary18-108,361_DENHUN
Draw - 19.06 in Krakow.
First Groups Round 15-18.01
Group A: Tauron Arena, Krakow (15,000). France, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia.
Group B: Spodek Arena, Katowice (10,000). Croatia, Iceland, Belarus, Norway.
Group C: Centennial Hall, Wroclaw (6,500). Spain, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia.
Group D: Ergo Arena, Gdansk (11,000). Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Montenegro.
Poland - Host
Qualification 15 Teams from Europe Qual Men 2015
Qualified teams:
Croatia, Norway
Denmark, Belarus
Sweden, Slovenia
Iceland, Serbia, Montenegro - Best 3rd place.
Hungary, Russia
France, Macedonia
Spain, Germany
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