Men Handball XV European Championship 2022 Hungary and Slovakia - 13th to 30th January - Champion Sweden
24 teams
Hosts 2 - Hungary and Slovakia. First 2 from Euro Men 2020 - Spain and Croatia. 20 teams from Europe Qual Men 2021.
Gamedatetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT, FT
FinalSun 30.01.2218:15SWE Sweden27-26ESP Spain12-13
3-4Sun 30.01.2215:30DEN Denmark35-32aotFRA France13-14, 29-29
1/2Fri 28.01.2218:15ESP Spain29-25DEN Denmark13-14
1/2Fri 28.01.2220:45SWE Sweden34-33FRA France17-14
5-6Fri 28.01.2215:30NOR Norway34-33ISL Iceland16-12, 27-27

Second Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group of 6 advanced to Semi-Finals<1/2). Third places to Play-Off for 5th place.
Group Iptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.FRA France8401148:131+174.
2.DEN Denmark8401149:123+263.
3.ISL Iceland6302138:124+146.
4.CRO Croatia3113124:136-128.
5.NED Netherlands3113137:156-1910.
6.MNE Montenegro2104134:160-2611.
FRA France----30:29 27:2234:2436:27
DEN Denmark ----28:2427:2535:2330:21
ISL Iceland29:21 ---- 29:2834:24
CRO Croatia 23:22----28:28
NED Netherlands ----34:30
MNE Montenegro 32:26 ----
Tie-break for 1st place: France 30-29 Denmark
Tie-break for 5th place: Croatia 28-28 Netherlands. 5th Croatia 124:136, 6th Netherlands 137:156.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
from Group ADEN Denmark30-21MNE Montenegro18-10
from Group BISL Iceland29-28NED Netherlands15-13
from Group CFRA France27-22CRO Croatia13-11
Thu 20.01.2215:30MNE Montenegro32-26CRO Croatia15-9
Thu 20.01.2218:00FRA France34-24NED Netherlands15-12
Thu 20.01.2220:30DEN Denmark28-24ISL Iceland17-14
Sat 22.01.2215:30NED Netherlands34-30MNE Montenegro18-16
Sat 22.01.2218:00ISL Iceland29-21FRA France17-10
Sat 22.01.2220:30DEN Denmark27-25CRO Croatia12-11
Mon 24.01.2215:30CRO Croatia23-22ISL Iceland10-12
Mon 24.01.2221:12DEN Denmark35-23NED Netherlands21-12
Mon 24.01.2216:12FRA France36-27MNE Montenegro16-12
Wed 26.01.2215:30ISL Iceland34-24MNE Montenegro17-8
Wed 26.01.2218:00CRO Croatia28-28NED Netherlands13-15
Wed 26.01.2220:30FRA France30-29DEN Denmark12-17
Group IIptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.ESP Spain8401138:130+82.
2.SWE Sweden8401134:117+171.
3.NOR Norway6302142:124+185.
4.GER Germany4203127:134-77.
5.RUS Russia3113129:136-79.
6.POL Poland1014128:157-2912.
ESP Spain----32:28 29:2326:2528:27
SWE Sweden ----24:2325:2129:2328:18
NOR Norway27:23 ----28:23 42:31
GER Germany ----30:2930:23
RUS Russia 23:22 ----29:29
POL Poland ----
Tie-break for 1st place: Spain 32-28 Sweden
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia.
from Group DGER Germany30-23POL Poland15-12
from Group EESP Spain32-28SWE Sweden17-14
from Group FRUS Russia23-22NOR Norway14-12
Thu 20.01.2215:30SWE Sweden29-23RUS Russia12-11
Thu 20.01.2218:00ESP Spain29-23GER Germany14-12
Thu 20.01.2220:30NOR Norway42-31POL Poland21-15
Fri 21.01.2215:30ESP Spain26-25RUS Russia12-11
Fri 21.01.2218:00SWE Sweden28-18POL Poland14-6
Fri 21.01.2220:30NOR Norway28-23GER Germany14-12
Sun 23.01.2215:30RUS Russia29-29POL Poland12-13
Sun 23.01.2218:00SWE Sweden25-21GER Germany12-10
Sun 23.01.2220:30NOR Norway27-23ESP Spain14-11
Tue 25.01.2215:30ESP Spain28-27POL Poland14-34
Tue 25.01.2218:00GER Germany30-29RUS Russia16-12
Tue 25.01.2220:00SWE Sweden24-23NOR Norway9-14
Final RankingPtswondrwlstgfgag+-
1.SWE Sweden15711252:221+31
2.ESP Spain14702249:232+17
3.DEN Denmark14702274:228+46
4.FRA France12603278:248+30
5.NOR Norway12602246:211+35
6.ISL Iceland10503230:212+18
eliminated in Second Groups Round.
7.GER Germany8403194:192+2
8.RUS Russia7313194:190+4
9.CRO Croatia7313185:181+4
10.NED Netherlands7313200:215-15
11.MNE Montenegro6304195:216-21
12.POL Poland5214193:208-15
eliminated in First Groups Round.
13.CZE Czechia311180:74+6
14.SRB Serbia210276:75+1
15.HUN Hungary210289:92-3
16.SLO Slovenia210282:92-10
17.BLR Belarus210278:88-10
18.SVK Slovakia210283:97-14
19.POR Portugal000385:91-6
20.AUT Austria000386:99-13
21.LTU Lithuania000382:95-13
22.MKD N. Macedonia000370:86-16
23.BIH Bosnia Herzegovin.000361:85-24
24.UKR Ukraine000371:105-34
First 4 teams - Sweden, Spain, France and Norway qualified to World Men 2023.
Denmark and Poland pre-qualified as Host.

Second Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group of 4 advanced to Second Groups Round. Rest were eliminated. Scores were transferred.
Group Aptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.DEN Denmark630095:65+303.
2.MNE Montenegro420182:86-411.
3.SLO Slovenia210282:92-1016.
4.MKD N. Macedonia000370:86-1622.
DEN Denmark----30:2134:2331:21
MNE Montenegro ----33:3228:24
SLO Slovenia ----27:25
MKD N. Macedonia ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Foenix Hall, Debrecen, Hungary.
Thu 13.01.2218:00SLO Slovenia27-25MKD N. Macedonia13-10
Thu 13.01.2220:30DEN Denmark30-21MNE Montenegro18-10
transferred to Group I
Sat 15.01.2218:00MNE Montenegro28-24MKD N. Macedonia16-17
Sat 15.01.2220:30DEN Denmark34-23SLO Slovenia16-14
Mon 17.01.2218:00MNE Montenegro33-32SLO Slovenia16-19
Mon 17.01.2220:30DEN Denmark31-21MKD N. Macedonia15-11
Group Bptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.ISL Iceland630088:82+66.
2.NED Netherlands420191:88+310.
3.HUN Hungary210289:92-315.
4.POR Portugal000385:91-619.
ISL Iceland----29:2831:3028:24
NED Netherlands ----31:2832:31
HUN Hungary ----31:30
POR Portugal ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at MVM Dome, Budapest, Hungary.
Thu 13.01.2220:30NED Netherlands31-28HUN Hungary13-10
Fri 14.01.2230:30ISL Iceland28-24POR Portugal14-10
Sun 16.01.2218:00HUN Hungary31-30POR Portugal14-15
Sun 16.01.2220:30ISL Iceland29-28NED Netherlands15-13
transferred to Group I
Tue 18.01.2218:00ISL Iceland31-30HUN Hungary17-17
Tue 18.01.2220:30NED Netherlands32-31POR Portugal17-13
Group Cptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.FRA France630092:70+224.
2.CRO Croatia420183:72+118.
3.SRB Serbia210276:75+114.
4.UKR Ukraine000371:105-3424.
FRA France----27:2229:2536:23
CRO Croatia ----23:2038:25
SRB Serbia ----31:23
UKR Ukraine ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Pick Arena, Sxeged, Hungary.
Thu 13.01.2218:00SRB Serbia31-23UKR Ukraine17-11
Thu 13.01.2220:30FRA France27-22CRO Croatia13-11
transferred to Group I
Sat 15.01.2218:00FRA France36-23UKR Ukraine17-11
Sat 15.01.2220:30CRO Croatia23-20SRB Serbia11-9
Mon 17.01.2218:00CRO Croatia38-25UKR Ukraine18-13
Mon 17.01.2220:30FRA France29-25SRB Serbia16-7
Group Dptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.GER Germany630097:81+167.
2.POL Poland420188:81+712.
3.BLR Belarus210278:88-1017.
4.AUT Austria000386:99-1320.
GER Germany----30:2333:2934:29
POL Poland ----29:2036:31
BLR Belarus ----29:26
AUT Austria ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Fri 14.01.2218:00GER Germany33-29BLR Belarus17-18
Fri 14.01.2220:30POL Poland36-31AUT Austria17-14
Sun 16.01.2218:00GER Germany34-29AUT Austria15-16
Sun 16.01.2220:30POL Poland29-20BLR Belarus14-11
Tue 18.01.2218:00GER Germany30-23POL Poland15-12
transferred to Group II
Tue 18.01.2220:30BLR Belarus29-26AUT Austria16-16
Group Eptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.ESP Spain630088:78+102.
2.SWE Sweden311185:77+81.
3.CZE Czechia311180:74+613.
4.BIH Bosnia Herzeg.000361:85-2423.
ESP Spain----32:2828:2628:24
SWE Sweden ----27:2730:18
CZE Czechia ----27:19
BIH Bosnia Herzeg. ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Thu 13.01.2218:00ESP Spain28-26CZE Czechia14-11
Thu 13.01.2220:30SWE Sweden30-18BIH Bosnia Herzeg.17-11
Sat 15.01.2218:00CZE Czechia27-19BIH Bosnia Herzeg.12-9
Sat 15.01.2220:30ESP Spain32-28SWE Sweden17-14
transferred to Group II. On 30th January this was the Final!
Mon 17.01.2218:00ESP Spain28-24BIH Bosnia Herzeg.12-14
Mon 17.01.2220:30SWE Sweden27-27CZE Czechia12-11
Group Fptswindrwlstgfgag+-FR
1.RUS Russia630088:76+129.
2.NOR Norway420192:77+155.
3.SVK Slovakia210283:97-1418.
4.LTU Lithuania000382:95-1321.
RUS Russia----23:2236:2729:27
NOR Norway ----35:2535:29
SVK Slovakia ----31:26
LTU Lithuania ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Steel Arena, Kosice, Slovakia.
Thu 13.01.2218:00RUS Russia29-27LTU Lithuania14-9
Thu 13.01.2220:30NOR Norway35-25SVK Slovakia15-11
Sat 15.01.2218:00SVK Slovakia31-26LTU Lithuania15-8
Sat 15.01.2220:30RUS Russia23-22NOR Norway14-12
transferred to Group II
Mon 17.01.2218:00RUS Russia36-27SVK Slovakia19-9
Mon 17.01.2220:30NOR Norway35-29LTU Lithuania16-16
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