Women Handball XIV European Championship 2020 Denmark 03-20.12 - Winner Norway (8th)
Norway, France, Croatia and Denmark qualified to World Women 2021. Spain as Host and Netherlands as World Champion from World Women 2019 pre-qualified.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 20.12.2018:00NOR Norway22-20FRA France14-10
3rd place match
Sun 20.12.2015:30CRO Croatia25-19DEN Denmark11-11
Semi-Finals (1/2).
Fri 18.12.2018:00FRA France30-19CRO Croatia15-5
Fri 18.12.2020:30NOR Norway27-24DEN Denmark10-13
5th place match
Fri 18.12.2015:30RUS Russia33-27NED Netherlands18-13

Second Groups Round.

Two Groups with 6 teams. First 2 advance to Semi-Finals (1/2). 3rd places to 5th place Play-Off.
Group 1ptswondrwlstgfgag+-mto
1.FRA France9410132:121+115
2.DEN Denmark8401136:111+255
3.RUS Russia7311136:129+75
4.MNE Montenegro3113122:127-55
5.ESP Spain2023120:140-205
6.SWE Sweden1014121:139-185
France and Denmark advanced to Semi-Finals (1/2) and to World Women 2021.
Russia to 5th place Play-Off.
FRA France----23:2028:2824:2326:2531:25
DEN Denmark ----30:2328:1934:2424:22
RUS Russia ----24:2331:2230:26
MNE Montenegro ----26:2631:25
ESP Spain ----23:23
SWE Sweden ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning.
Thu 10.12.2018:00RUS Russia24-23MNE Montenegro13-13
Thu 10.12.2020:30FRA France26-25ESP Spain16-10
Fri 11.12.2018:15RUS Russia28-28FRA France19-16
Fri 11.12.2020:30DEN Denmark24-22SWE Sweden13-12
Sun 13.12.2018:15MNE Montenegro31-25SWE Sweden16-10
Sun 13.12.2020:30DEN Denmark34-24ESP Spain17-10
Tue 15.12.2016:00MNE Montenegro26-26ESP Spain11-17
Tue 15.12.2018:15FRA France31-25SWE Sweden14-14
Tue 15.12.2020:30DEN Denmark30-23RUS Russia13-9
Group 2ptswondrwlstgfgag+-mto
1.NOR Norway10500170:114+565
2.CRO Croatia8401124:123+15
3.NED Netherlands6302141:134+75
4.GER Germany4203124:137-135
5.HUN Hungary2104118:140-225
6.ROU Romania0005107:136-295
Norway and Croatia advanced to Semi-Finals (1/2) and to World Women 2021.
Netherlands to 5th place Play-Off.
NOR Norway----36:2532:2542:2332:2128:20
CRO Croatia ----27:2523:2024:2225:20
NED Netherlands ----28:2728:2435:24
GER Germany ----32:2522:19
HUN Hungary ----26:24
ROU Romania ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Sydbank, Kolding.
Thu 10.12.2018:15CRO Croatia25-20ROU Romania14-10
Thu 10.12.2020:30NOR Norway32-25NED Netherlands16-10
Sat 12.12.2016:00GER Germany32-25HUN Hungary13-11
Sat 12.12.2018:15NOR Norway36-25CRO Croatia15-14
Mon 14.12.2018:15NED Netherlands28-27GER Germany14-15
Mon 14.12.2020:30HUN Hungary26-24ROU Romania13-14
Tue 15.12.2016:00NED Netherlands35-24ROU Romania16-12
Tue 15.12.2018:15CRO Croatia23-20GER Germany12-12
Tue 15.12.2020:30NOR Norway32-21HUN Hungary17-9

First Groups Round.

First 3 from each Group Advance to Second Groups Round. Scores are transfered.
Group Aptswondrwlstgfgag+-mto
1.FRA France630074:60+143Group 1
2.DEN Denmark420178:65+133Group 1
3.MNE Montenegro210268:77-93Group 1
4.SLO Slovenia000365:83-183elim. 16.
FRA France----23:2024:2327:17
DEN Denmark ----28:1930:23
MNE Montenegro ----26:25
SLO Slovenia ----
France 4pts, Denmark 2pts and Montenegro advance to Second Groups Round - Group 1.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning.
Fri 04.12.2018:15FRA France24-23MNE Montenegro11-12
Referees: Sa and Sa, Portugal.
Fri 04.12.2020:30DEN Denmark30-23SLO Slovenia14-12
Referees: Antic and Jakovljevic, Serbia.
Sun 06.12.2018:15FRA France27-17SLO Slovenia12-6
Referees: Christidi and Papamattheou, Grecce.
Sun 06.12.2020:30DEN Denmark28-19MNE Montenegro13-11
Referees: Nastase and Stancu, Romania.
Tue 08.12.2018:15MNE Montenegro26-25SLO Slovenia15-9
Tue 08.12.2020:30FRA France23-20DEN Denmark12-11
Group Bptswondrwlstgfgag+-mto
1.RUS Russia630085:70+153Group 1
2.SWE Sweden311176:7603Group 1
3.ESP Spain311172:78-63Group 1
4.CZE Czechia000369:78-93elimin. 15.
RUS Russia----30:2631:2224:22
SWE Sweden ----23:2327:23
ESP Spain ----27:24
CZE Czechia ----
Russia 4pts, Sweden 1pt and Spain 1pt advanced to Second Groups Round - Group 1.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning.
Thu 03.12.2018:15RUS Russia31-22ESP Spain13-11
Att. 500 Referees: Simona Nastase and Raluca Stancu, Romania.
Thu 03.12.2020:30SWE Sweden27-23CZE Czechia13-13
Referees: Antic and Jakovljevic, Serbia.
Sat 05.12.2018:15RUS Russia24-22CZE Czechia15-13
Referees: Sa and Sa, Portugal.
Sat 05.12.2020:30SWE Sweden23-23ESP Spain10-13
Referees: Simona Nastase and Raluca Stancu, Romania.
Mon 07.12.2018:15ESP Spain27-24CZE Czechia11-16
Mon 07.12.2020:30RUS Russia30-26SWE Sweden15-13
Group Cptswondrwlstgfgag+-mto
1.CRO Croatia630076:71+53Group 2
2.HUN Hungary210284:78+63Group 2
3.NED Netherlands210278:80-23Group 2
4.SRB Serbia210279:88-93elim. 13.
CRO Croatia----24:2227:2525:24
HUN Hungary ---- 38:26
NED Netherlands 28:24----
SRB Serbia 29:25----
Croatia 4pts, Hungary and Netherlands 2pts advanced to Second Groups Round - Group 2.
Tie-break: 2. Hungary +8, 3. Netherlands 0, 4. Serbia -8.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Sydbank, Kolding.
Fri 04.12.2018:15CRO Croatia24-22HUN Hungary12-12
pen: 2(3)-6(6) 2m: 3-6 Referees: Mitrovic and Kazanegra, Montenego.
Sat 05.12.2020:30SRB Serbia29-25NED Netherlands9-15
Referees: Alpaidze and Berezkina, Russia.
Sun 06.12.2016:00HUN Hungary38-26SRB Serbia20-11
Referees: Bonaventura and Bonaventura, France.
Sun 06.12.2018:15CRO Croatia27-25NED Netherlands13-14
Referees: Christiansen and Handen, Denmark.
Tue 08.12.2018:15CRO Croatia25-24SRB Serbia14-14
Tue 08.12.2020:30NED Netherlands28-24HUN Hungary13-15
Group Dptswondrwlstgfgag+-mto
1.NOR Norway6300105:65+403Group 2
2.GER Germany311166:82-163Group 2
3.ROU Romania210267:74-73Group 2
4.POL Poland101267:84-173elim. 14.
NOR Norway----42:2328:2035:22
GER Germany ----22:1921:21
ROU Romania ----28:24
POL Poland ----
Norway 4pts, Germany 2pts and Romania advance to Second Groups Round - Group 2.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Sydbank, Kolding.
Thu 03.12.2018:00GER Germany22-19ROU Romania13-10
Referees: Bonaventura and Bonaventura, France. Transferred to Group 2.
Thu 03.12.2020:30NOR Norway35-22POL Poland17-13
Referees: Christidi and Papamattheou, Greece.
Sat 05.12.2016:00ROU Romania28-24POL Poland11-15
Referees: Christiansen and Hensen, Denmark.
Sat 05.12.2018:15NOR Norway42-23GER Germany22-14
Referees: Mitrovic, Kazanegra, Montenegro. Transferred to Group 2.
Mon 07.12.2018:15GER Germany21-21POL Poland9-8
Referees: Alpaidze and Berezkina, Russia.
Thu 07.12.2020:30NOR Norway28-20ROU Romania13-13
Referees: Transferred to Group 2.


Qualification Europe_Qual Women 2020 was canceled and 16 teams from Euro Women 2018 qualified.
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index Women
XV Women 2022 ______
XIV Women 2020 Norway
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XII Women 2016 Norway
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VI Women 2004 Norway
V Women 2002 Denmark
IV Women 2000 Hungary
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I Women 1994 Denmark
Final Rankingptswondrwlstgfgag+-m
1.NOR Norway16800254:180+748
2.FRA France13611209:179+308
3.CRO Croatia12602193:196-38
4.DEN Denmark10503209:186+238
5.RUS Russia11511193:178+157
6.NED Netherlands6304193:196-37
7.GER Germany5213145:158-136
8.MNE Montenegro5213148:152-46
9.ESP Spain4123147:164-176
10.HUN Hungary4204156:166-106
11.SWE Sweden3114148:162-146
12.ROU Romania2105135:160-256
13.SRB Serbia210279:88-93
14.POL Poland101267:84-173
15.CZE Czechia000369:78-93
16.SLO Slovenia000365:83-183
NOR Norway----22:2036:2527:24 32:2542:23 32:21 28:20 35:22
FRA France ----30:1923:2028:28 24:2326:25 31:25 27:17
CRO Croatia ----25:19 27:2523:20 24:22 25:2025:24
DEN Denmark ----30:23 28:1934:24 24:22 30:23
RUS Russia ----33:27 24:2331:22 30:26 24:22
NED Netherlands ----28:27 28:24 35:24
GER Germany ---- 32:25 22:19 21:21
MNE Montenegro ----26:26 31:25 26:25
ESP Spain ---- 23:23 27:24
HUN Hungary ---- 26:2438:26
SWE Sweden ---- 27:23
ROU Romania ---- 28:24
SRB Serbia 29:25 ----
POL Poland ----
CZE Czechia ----
SLO Slovenia ----

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