Men Handball Olympic Games 2016 Intercontinental Qualification - 6 teams to Tokyo 2020
Brazil qualifies as host.
1st step World Men 2015 1 team - France.
2nd step Continental tournaments 4 teams. Germany - 1st Europe Men 2016, Qatar - 1st Asia Men OQ 2015, Egypt - 1st Africa Men 2016 and Argentina - 2nd America Men PG 2015.
3rd step 3 Intercontinental tournaments 6 teams. Poland, Tunisia, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia and Denmark.

Groups Round

After Qatar won Asia Qualification next teams moved one place higher and Slovenia was included.
Brazil was winner of PanAm Games America Men PG 2015, so 3rd placed Chile will take Group A spot.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-
1. Poland630088:71+17
2. Tunisia420191:83+8
3. Macedonia210276:84-8
4. Chile000383:100-17
Tunisia ----32:2635:29
Macedonia ----30:27
Chile ----
Qualified via
Poland - 3rd World Men 2015 1st quota.
Macedonia - 9th World Men 2015 6th quota.
Chile - 3rd America Men PG 2015 1st quota.
Tunisia - 2nd Africa Men 2016 1st quota.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Ergo Arena, Gdansk / Sopot, Poland.
Fri 08.04.1618:00TUN Tunisia35-29CHI Chile17-122,000
Fri 08.04.1620:30POL Poland25-20Macedonia13-910,000
Sat 09.04.1618:30TUN Tunisia32-26Macedonia17-104,500
Sat 09.04.1620:30POL Poland35-27CHI Chile19-139,500
after these scores Poland and Tunisia qualified to Rio Men 2016.
Sun 10.04.1618:00Macedonia30-27CHI Chile17-142,500
Sun 10.04.1620:00POL Poland28-24TUN Tunisia15-13
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-
1. Slovenia420180:62+18
2. Sweden420181:67+14
3. Spain420183:70+13
4. Iran000342:71-45
Slovenia---- 24:2133:17
Sweden24:23---- 34:19
Spain 25:23----37:23
Iran ----
Tye-break: 1. Slovenia 2 47:45, 2. Sweden 2 47:48, 3. Spain 46:47.
Sweden better than Spain with more scored goals: 47:46.
Qualified via
Spain - 4th World Men 2015 2nd quota.
Slovenia - 8th World Men 2015 5th quota.
Sweden - 3rd Europe Men 2016 2nd quota.
Iran - 2nd Asia Men OQ 2015 1st quota.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Malmoe Arena, Sweden.
Fri 08.04.1617:00Slovenia24-21ESP Spain12-162,264
Fri 08.04.1619:15SWE Sweden34-19Iran16-94,328
Sat 09.04.1616:15ESP Spain37-23Iran18-124,288
Sat 09.04.1618:30SWE Sweden24-23Slovenia12-98,653
Sun 10.04.1616:30ESP Spain25-23SWE Sweden12-118,253
Sun 10.04.1618:45Slovenia33-17Iran17-8655
Group Cpwdlgfgag+-
1. Denmark521079:73+6
2. Croatia420184:71+13
3. Norway311181:81+0
4. Bahrain000375:94-19
Croatia ----27:2133:22
Norway ----35:29
Bahrain ----
Qualified via
Denmark - 5th World Men 2015 3rd quota.
Croatia - 6th World Men 2015 4th quota.
Norway - 4th Europe Men 2016 1st quota.
Bahrain - 3rd Asia Men OQ 2015 2nd quota.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning, Denmark.
Fri 08.04.1618:00NOR Norway35-29Bahrain16-158,700
Fri 08.04.1620:30DEN Denmark28-24Croatia11-912,000
Sat 09.04.1618:00Croatia33-22Bahrain14-144,000
Sat 09.04.1620:30DEN Denmark25-25NOR Norway12-1312,000
Sun 10.04.1618:00Croatia27-21NOR Norway14-74,000
Sun 10.04.1620:30DEN Denmark26-24Bahrain12-12
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