Men Handball Olympic Games 2020 Intercontinental Qualification 12-14.03.2021
Japan qualifies as host.
1st step World Men 2020 1 team.
2nd step Continental tournaments 4 teams. Europe, Asia and America some played before 1st step.
3rd step 3 Intercontinental tournaments 6 teams.
All 11 qualified teams:
World - France. Continental: Europe - Spain, Africa - Egypt, America - Argentina, Asia - Bahrain.
Qualification: Norway, Brazil, France, Portugal, Sweden and Germany.

Groups Round

First 2 from each Group advanced to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Men 2020.
Group Aptswindrwlstgfgag+-
1.NOR Norway6300114:74+40
2.BRA Brazil420176:80-4
3.KOR South Korea210291:109-18
4.CHI Chile000382:100-18
NOR Norway----32:2044:3138:23
BRA Brazil ----30:2426:24
KOR South Korea ----36:35
CHI Chile ----
Norway and Brazil advanced to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Men 2020.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Verde Complex, Podgorica, Montenegro.
Fri 12.03.2117:30KORKOR South Korea36-35CHICHI Chile19-11
Fri 12.03.2120:00NORNOR Norway32-20BRABRA Brazil17-12
Sat 13.03.2117:30BRABRA Brazil30-24KORKOR South Korea13-9
Sat 13.03.2120:00NORNOR Norway38-23CHICHI Chile19-10
Sun 14.03.2117:30BRABRA Brazil26-24CHICHI Chile11-17
Sun 14.03.2120:00NORNOR Norway44-31KORKOR South Korea24-16
Group Bptswindrwlstgfgag+-
1.FRA France420198:84+14
2.POR Portugal420187:80+7
3.CRO Croatia420181:810
4.TUN Tunisia000383:104-21
FRA France---- 30:2640:29
POR Portugal29:28---- 34:27
CRO Croatia 25:24----30:27
TUN Tunisia ----
France and Portugal advanced to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Men 2020.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
played at Sud de France Arena, Montpellier, France
Fri 12.03.2118:30PORPOR Portugal34-27TUNTUN Tunisia15-11
Fri 12.03.2121:00FRAFRA France30-26CROCRO Croatia12-15
Sat 13.03.2118:30CROCRO Croatia25-24PORPOR Portugal9-12
Sat 13.03.2121:00FRAFRA France40-29TUNTUN Tunisia21-13
Sun 14.03.2118:30CROCRO Croatia30-27TUNTUN Tunisia14-13
Sun 14.03.2121:00PORPOR Portugal29-28FRAFRA France12-13
Group Cptswindrwlstgfgag+-
1.SWE Sweden521093:75+18
2.GER Germany521095:78+17
3.SLO Slovenia210288:96-8
4.ALG Algeria000379:106-27
SWE Sweden----25:2532:2536:25
GER Germany ----36:2734:26
SLO Slovenia ----36:28
ALG Algeria ----
Sweden and Germany advanced to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Men 2020.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Fri 12.03.2115:15SWESWE Sweden25-25GERGER Germany13-14
Fri 12.03.2117:45SLOSLO Slovenia36-28ALGALG Algeria17-11
Sat 13.03.2115:35GERGER Germany36-27SLOSLO Slovenia22-12
Sat 13.03.2118:00SWESWE Sweden36-25ALGALG Algeria19-10
Sun 14.03.2115:45GERGER Germany34-26ALGALG Algeria17-14
Sun 14.03.2118:15SWESWE Sweden32-25SLOSLO Slovenia17-13
Group Distribution of Intercontinental Tournaments.
Group A
NorwayWorld Men 20192nd
BrazilWorld Men 20199th
South KoreaAsia Men OQ 20192nd
ChileAmerica Men PG 20192nd
Group B
FranceWorld Men 20193rd
CroatiaWorld Men 20196th
PortugalEurope Men 20206th
TunusiaAfrica Men 20202nd
Group C
GermanyWorld Men 20194th
SwedenWorld Men 20195th
SloveniaEurope Men 20204th
AlgeriaAfrica Men 20203rd
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