Women Handball Intercontinental Olympic Qualification 1980 Brazzaville (CGO) - 15-20.03
double Round Robinpwdlgfga
1. South Korea840085:55
2. Congo420261:72
3. United States000454:73
South Korea----24:1124:20
United States 9:14 9:13----
South Korea qualified for Olympic Women 1980 but refused to participate.
Congo replaced South Korea.
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
15.03CGO Congo22-16USA United States
16.03KOR South Korea24-20USA United States
17.03KOR South Korea24-11CGO Congo
18.03CGO Congo13-9USA United States
19.03KOR South Korea14-9USA United States6-4
20.03KOR South Korea23-15CGO Congo
South Korea fromAsia Women OQ 1979
Congo fromAfrica Women 1979
United States fromAmerica
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