Men Handball XXI World Championship 2009 Croatia 16.01-01.02 +1 GMT Champion France
Gamedatetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final01.0217:30ZagrebFRA France24-19CRO Croatia11-12
3-401.0215:00ZagrebPOL Poland31-23DEN Denmark14-11
1/230.0117:30SplitFRA France27-22DEN Denmark16-11
1/230.0120:30ZagrebCRO Croatia29-23POL Poland14-13
5-629.0115:00ZagrebGER Germany28-25HUN Hungary16-13
7-829.0117:30ZagrebSWE Sweden37-29SRB Serbia20-16
9-1029.0120:15ZagrebNOR Norway34-27SVK Slovakia18-14
11-1229.0112:30ZagrebMacedonia32-31KOR South Korea14-14


Hard fought even final for 50 min. Then France defense closed its goal. In 3rd place game Poland did not give any chance to Denmark. In the semi-finals not so dificult wins, for France and Croatia. Macedonian Kiril Lazarov scored 15 goals to beat record for most scored goals.
Final RankingPwdlgfgag+-
1. France18901296:211+85
2. Croatia18901299:227+72
3. Poland14703298:264+34
4. Denmark14703298:258+40
5. Germany12522259:228+31
6. Hungary11513254:227+27
7. Sweden12603267:232+35
8. Serbia9414280:281-1
9. Norway12603280:232+48
12.South Korea6306239:2390
President`s Cup
23.Saudi Arabia2108191:271-80
Second Groups Round
First Groups Round
President`s Cup

Second Groups Round.

First 2 teams from each Group progress to Semi-Finals, others play classification games.
Group Ipwdlgfga
1. Croatia10500137:118
2. France8401139:112
3. Hungary5212127:135
4. Sweden4203135:140
5. Slovakia3113124:137
6. South Korea0005119:139
France ----27:2228:2135:2630:21
Hungary ----31:3024:2428:27
Sweden ----27:2631:25
Slovakia ----23:20
South Korea ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Zagreb
24.0116:30SVK Slovakia23-20KOR South Korea15-12
24.0118:30FRA France28-21SWE Sweden16-10
24.0120:30CRO Croatia27-22HUN Hungary14-12
25.0116:30HUN Hungary31-30SWE Sweden16-18
25.0118:30FRA France30-21KOR South Korea15-15
25.0120:30CRO Croatia31-25SVK Slovakia17-15
27.0116:30HUN Hungary28-27KOR South Korea11-14
27.0118:30SWE Sweden27-26SVK Slovakia16-11
27.0120:30CRO Croatia22-19FRA France11-7
France and Croatia qualified easily. Big disapointment for Sweden. South Korea had no answer to the power and strength of Slovakia. In the final Croatia was better than France.
Group IIpwdlgfga
1. Denmark8401156:145
2. Poland6302150:141
3. Germany5212147:133
4. Serbia5212153:161
5. Norway4203138:141
6. Macedonia2104132:155
Denmark---- 27:2537:3632:2832:24
Poland32:28---- 35:2331:30
Germany 30:23----35:35 33:23
Serbia ----27:2632:28
Norway 25:24 ----29:27
Macedonia 30:29 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Zadar
24.0115:30NOR Norway29-27Macedonia16-13
24.0117:30GER Germany35-35SRB Serbia16-19
24.0120:15POL Poland32-28DEN Denmark20-12
25.0115:30POL Poland35-23SRB Serbia21-7
25.0117:30NOR Norway25-24GER Germany12-12
25.0120:15DEN Denmark32-24Macedonia13-12
27.0115:30SRB Serbia32-28Macedonia15-16
27.0117:30DEN Denmark27-25GER Germany14-14
27.0120:15POL Poland31-30NOR Norway14-14
Germany survived against Serbia, but could not against Norway. Poland not permitted the Denmark come back, and destroied Serbia. Norway remained in the contention. On final day Denmark had a chance with Germany. Norway throw away the game against Poland. Germany was the big looser.

President`s Cup.

Gamedatetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
13-1427.0120:00PorecESP Spain28-24EGY Egypt15-10
15-1627.0119:00PulaROU Romania42-38RUS Russia25-21
17-1827.0118:00PorecTUN Tunisia29-23ARG Argentina14-13
19-2027.0117:00PulaALG Algeria34-27CUB Cuba18-15
21-2227.0116:00PorecBRA Brazil27-24KUW Kuwait13-12
23-2427.0115:00PulaKSA Saudia Arabia23-19AUS Australia15-11
The surprise is the presence of Spain and Russia. At the end Russia dropped to 16th place. Africa was stronger than America. Australia could not win a game.
Group PC Ipwdlgfga
1. Spain10500205:98
2. Romania8401175:141
3. Argentina6302137:125
4. Cuba4203124:154
5. Kuwait2104119:157
6. Australia000587:172
Romania ----30:2639:2834:2740:20
Argentina ----30:2326:2536:16
Cuba ----26:2327:17
Kuwait ----27:24
Australia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Pula
24.0115:00ARG Argentina26-25KUW Kuwait12-12
24.0117:00ESP Spain42-10AUS Australia18-6
24.0119:00ROU Romania39-28CUB Cuba21-15
25.0115:00ESP Spain31-19ARG Argentina15-11
25.0117:00ROU Romania34-27KUW Kuwait16-12
25.0119:00CUB Cuba27-17AUS Australia14-6
26.0115:00KUW Kuwait27-24AUS Australia14-10
26.0117:00ARG Argentina30-23CUB Cuba16-15
26.0119:00ESP Spain40-32ROU Romania19-16
Uneven Group. Expected dominance of Spain. Kuwait played in the close games. Australia resisted only to Kuwait.
Group PC IIpwdlgfga
1. Egypt8401135:125
2. Russia8401151:127
3. Tunisia6302159:146
4. Algeria6302140:142
5. Brazil2104131:137
6. Saudi Arabia0005105:144
Egypt----31:2731:30 25:2226:18
Russia ----36:3129:2825:2234:15
Tunisia ----36:2534:3328:21
Algeria28:22 ----29:2830:27
Brazil ----26:24
Saudi Arabia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Porec
24.0116:00TUN Tunisia28-21KSA Saudia Arabia12-8
24.0118:00ALG Algeria28-22EGY Egypt12-7
24.0120:00RUS Russia25-22BRA Brazil15-9
25.0116:00EGY Egypt31-30TUN Tunisia15-14
25.0118:00RUS Russia34-15KSA Saudia Arabia17-5
25.0120:00ALG Algeria29-28BRA Brazil10-15
26.0116:00ALG Algeria30-27KSA Saudia Arabia14-12
26.0118:00TUN Tunisia34-33BRA Brazil18-16
26.0120:00EGY Egypt31-27RUS Russia16-12
Egypt beat Russia and send them to 15-16 place game. Brazil almost beat Tunisia. Algeria surprised Egypt, but the score did not count.

First Groups Round.

First 3 teams from each Group progress, scores of the games between them are transferred to next round.
Bottom 3 play in consolation President`s Cup.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. France10500168:106
2. Slovakia7311150:117
3. Hungary7311148:115
4. Romania4203141:135
5. Argentina2104131:135
6. Australia000576:206
Slovakia ----24:2428:2325:2347:12
Hungary ----30:2731:2041:17
Romania ----30:2640:20
Argentina ----36:16
Australia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Osijek
17.0116:30SVK Slovakia25-23ARG Argentina12-13
17.0118:30HUN Hungary41-17AUS Australia20-8
17.0120:30FRA France31-21ROU Romania12-9
18.0115:00SVK Slovakia47-12AUS Australia20-6
18.0117:00HUN Hungary30-27ROU Romania13-16
18.0119:00FRA France33-26ARG Argentina19-15
19.0115:30ROU Romania30-26ARG Argentina15-13
19.0117:30HUN Hungary24-24SVK Slovakia12-6
19.0119:30FRA France42-11AUS Australia20-3
21.0115:00ROU Romania40-20AUS Australia20-9
21.0117:00HUN Hungary31-20ARG Argentina17-8
21.0119:00FRA France35-26SVK Slovakia15-9
22.0115:00ARG Argentina36-16AUS Australia15-8
22.0117:00SVK Slovakia28-23ROU Romania12-13
22.0119:00FRA France27-22HUN Hungary13-8
Big dominance by France. Australia showed that they are the weakest team of the competition. Argentina managed to match the European teams and with some luck they had a chance to progress. The 3 East European teams played for 2nd and 3rd places. Romania emmerged in the loosing side.
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Croatia8400141:88
2. Sweden8400126:88
3. South Korea6302140:126
4. Spain4203167:127
5. Cuba2104106:171
6. Kuwait000598:178
Sweden ----31:2534:3031:1430:19
South Korea ----24:2331:2634:19
Spain ----45:2047:17
Cuba ----26:23
Kuwait ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Split
16.0120:45CRO Croatia27-26KOR South Korea14-13
17.0116:30ESP Spain47-17KUW Kuwait18-9
17.0118:30SWE Sweden41-14CUB Cuba19-7
18.0116:30ESP Spain45-20CUB Cuba23-8
18.0118:30SWE Sweden31-25KOR South Korea16-12
18.0120:30CRO Croatia41-20KUW Kuwait22-13
19.0116:30KOR South Korea34-19KUW Kuwait15-9
19.0118:30SWE Sweden34-30ESP Spain19-13
19.0120:30CRO Croatia41-20CUB Cuba20-9
21.0116:30KOR South Korea31-26CUB Cuba17-13
21.0118:30SWE Sweden30-19KUW Kuwait17-9
21.0120:30CRO Croatia32-22ESP Spain18-11
22.0116:30CUB Cuba26-23KUW Kuwait12-9
22.0118:30KOR South Korea24-23ESP Spain14-15
22.0120:30CRO Croatia30-26SWE Sweden14-13
Here was the biggest surprise - the elimination of Spain by South Korea. In the inaugural game the Koreans were near to make the same surprise against Croatia, loosing in the final minutes. In the other games Croatia, with the big crowd making them flying, had not any problems. Cuba and Kuwait were not able to play like equals against the other 4. Cuba had some good performance against Korea.
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Germany9410147:116
2. Macedonia6302145:136
3. Poland6302146:131
4. Russia5212143:145
5. Tunisia4203143:142
6. Algeria0005114:168
Macedonia ----30:2936:30 32:19
Poland ----24:2231:2739:22
Russia ----36:3129:28
Tunisia 25:24 ----36:25
Algeria ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Varazdin
17.0115:30POL Poland39-22ALG Algeria17-8
17.0117:30GER Germany26-26RUS Russia15-14
17.0119:30TUN Tunisia25-24Macedonia13-14
18.0115:30Macedonia32-19ALG Algeria16-8
18.0117:30GER Germany26-24TUN Tunisia12-12
18.0119:30POL Poland24-22RUS Russia11-14
19.0115:30Macedonia30-29POL Poland16-15
19.0117:30GER Germany32-20ALG Algeria16-10
19.0119:30RUS Russia36-31TUN Tunisia16-11
21.0115:30RUS Russia29-28ALG Algeria17-14
21.0117:30GER Germany33-23Macedonia13 14
21.0119:30POL Poland31-27TUN Tunisia16-11
22.0115:30Macedonia36-30RUS Russia15-14
22.0117:30GER Germany30-23POL Poland14-11
22.0119:30TUN Tunisia36-25ALG Algeria18-11
The most competitive Group. Germany had problems in the begginig against Russia and Tunisia, but these teams could not progress. After loosing the Tunisia game, Macedonia had a good run, only loosing to Germany, after falling in the second half. Russia had a desastrous performance and there were a possibility to loose the game against Argelia. Tunisia played well, but almost allways was in the wrong side of the score. Algeria had only one good game against Russia.
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. Denmark10500166:119
2. Serbia6302161:146
3. Norway6302162:123
4. Egypt4203110:126
5. Brazil4203128:158
6. Saudi Arabia0005105:160
Serbia ----27:2630:22 38:29
Norway ----30:2039:2139:23
Egypt ----25:2226:18
Brazil 32:30 ----26:24
Saudi Arabia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Porec
17.0116:15NOR Norway39-23KSA Saudia Arabia19-10
17.0118:15SRB Serbia30-22EGY Egypt12-12
17.0120:15DEN Denmark40-27BRA Brazil19-12
18.0116:15NOR Norway39-21BRA Brazil17-8
18.0118:15EGY Egypt26-18KSA Saudia Arabia12-8
18.0120:15DEN Denmark37-36SRB Serbia16-22
19.0117:00BRA Brazil32-30SRB Serbia14-14
19.0119:10NOR Norway30-20EGY Egypt14-10
19.0121:15DEN Denmark31-11KSA Saudia Arabia17-4
21.0117:00BRA Brazil26-24KSA Saudia Arabia14-10
21.0119:10SRB Serbia27-26NOR Norway12-10
21.0121:15DEN Denmark26-17EGY Egypt12-7
22.0116:15SRB Serbia38-29KSA Saudia Arabia21-13
22.0118:15EGY Egypt25-22BRA Brazil13-6
22.0120:15DEN Denmark32-28NOR Norway16-14
Logical 1st place for Denmark. They have problems only in the game with Serbia, when they made a great come back in the second half after loosing with 8 goals mid in the first half. Surprise 2nd place for Serbia. Astonigshly they loosed against Brazil, but this score was not transferred to the 2nd Round. Egypt could not manage to match the European teams. Brazil made their biggest win, but the defeat against Egypt annulled it.
GermanyMen 20071st
DenmarkEurope Men 20081st
FranceEurope Men 20083rd
SwedenEurope Men 20085th
EgyptAfrica Men 20081st
TunisiaAfrica Men 20082nd
AlgeriaAfrica Men 20083rd
South KoreaAsia Men 20081st
KuwaitAsia Men 20082nd
Saudi ArabiaAsia Men 20083rd
BrasilAmerica Men 20081st
ArgentinaAmerica Men 20082nd
CubaAmerica Men 20083rd
AustraliaOceania Men 20082nd
SlovakiaEurope_Qual Men 2008
SpainEurope_Qual Men 2008
NorwayEurope_Qual Men 2008
RussiaEurope_Qual Men 2008
RomaniaEurope_Qual Men 2008
SerbiaEurope_Qual Men 2008
PolandEurope_Qual Men 2008
HungaryEurope_Qual Men 2008
MacedoniaEurope_Qual Men 2008
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