Men Handball XXIV World Championship 2015 Qatar (+3 GMT) 15.01-01.02 - Winner France
01.0219:15LFRA France25-22QAT Qatar14-1115,3002-42/3-3/3
3-4 Place
01.0216:30LPOL Poland29-28ESP Spain13-139,4004-11/2-3/3
after Over Time. FT: 24-24. 65' 26-26. (OT:5-4)
5-6 Place
31.0119:15LDEN Denmark28-24CRO Croatia15-113,0004-51/1-3/4
7-8 Place
31.0116:30LGER Germany30-27SLO Slovenia16-141,0003-35/7-2/2

Semi-Finals (1/2)

datetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
30.0118:30LQAT Qatar31-29POL Poland16-1315,0002-53/4-2/2
30.0121:00LFRA France26-22ESP Spain18-149,0003-33/3-2/6
5-8 Place
30.0116:00ACRO Croatia28-23GER Germany13-118002-23/4-4/4
30.0118:30ADEN Denmark36-33SLO Slovenia19-155004-51/1-7/7

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

datetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
28.0118:30LQAT Qatar26-24GER Germany18-1415,0002-33/4-1/3
28.0118:30APOL Poland24-22CRO Croatia12-101,5003-31/2-3/4
28.0121:00LESP Spain25-24DEN Denmark11-119,0003-35/6-4/6
28.0121:00AFRA France32-23SLO Slovenia18-102,5002-52/2-2/2

Eight-Finals (1/8)

datetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
25.0118:30LQAT Qatar29-27AUT Austria13-1412,2004-73/5-3/3
25.0121:00LESP Spain28-20TUN Tunisia18-95,5005-33/3-0/1
25.0121:00ACRO Croatia26-25BRA Brazil13-158001-51/5-2/4
26.0118:30LGER Germany23-16EGY Egypt12-812,5007-53/4-2/5
26.0118:30APOL Poland24-20SWE Sweden10-111,5003-64/4-2/3
26.0121:00LDEN Denmark30-25ISL Iceland16-103,0002-5
26.0121:00AFRA France33-20ARG Argentina16-61,5004-1
Draw of Saudi Arabia and Iceland on 21 November 2014!
Ranking First 4
Groups Round
Teams Composition
Final RankingpwdlgfgaPot2013
1. France17810259:2151.5.
2. Qatar14702245:2283.20.
3. Poland12603241:2222.9.
4. Spain14702265:2261.1.
5. Denmark14621272:2341.2.
6. Croatia14702257:2231.3.
7. Germany11612250:2216.6.
8. Slovenia8405273:2712.4.
eliminated in 1/8 Finals
9. Macedonia8402181:1683.14.
President's Cup 17-20
20.Bosna Herzeg.2106175:2075.
President's Cup 21-24
22.Saudi Arabia2106136:2165.19.
France qualified to Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games Olympic Men 2016 and won silver medals.
2nd to 7th place - Poland, Spain, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia qualified to Olympic Games Intercontinantal Qualification Olympic Men OQ 2016.
Denamrk won Olympic Men 2016. Spain and Macedonia could not qualify.
Qatar qualified to Rio after winnig Asia Men OQ 2015.
Germany qualified to Rio after winnig Europe Men 2016.
Draw on 20 July 2014 at 21:30, pots on 11 July 2014.
Gamedatetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
President's Cup 17-20
17-1827.0119:00DCZE Czechia31-31BLR Belarus14-133003-57/8-8/13
penalties: 4(-)-3(-).
19-2027.0117:00DRUS Russia42-28Bosna Herzeg.20-162006-64/4-2/4
17-2026.0117:00DBLR Belarus37-29Bosna Herzeg.20-163006-42/2-2/4
17-2026.0119:00DCZE Czechia32-30RUS Russia16-153006-65/7-2/3
President's Cup 21-24
21-2227.0115:00DIRI Iran26-22KSA Saudia Arabia15-101505-65/6-1/3
23-2427.0113:00DCHI Chile27-27ALG Algeria10-161004-78/10-4/7
penalties: 3(4)-1(3).
21-2426.0113:00DIRI Iran32-31CHI Chile17-151004-21/2-6/6
21-2426.0115:00DKSA Saudia Arabia27-25ALG Algeria14-121007-65/2-2/3

Groups Round.

First 4 progress to 1/8 Finals. Rest to President's Cup.
Group ApwdlgfgaPot
1. Spain10500162:1271.
2. Qatar8401137:1223.
3. Slovenia6302160:1452.
4. Brazil4203146:1435.
5. Belarus2104147:1554.
6. Chile0005104:1646.
Qatar chose to play in this Group. Pot 3 was drawn last after Qatar's option.
Qatar ----31:2928:2326:2227:20
Slovenia ----35:3234:2936:23
Brazil ----34:2930:22
Belarus ----34:23
Chile ----
datetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
15.0120:30LQAT Qatar28-23BRA Brazil15-1211,3004-53/4-1/1
16.0117:00DESP Spain38-33BLR Belarus21-171,2002-33/3-1/1
16.0117:00ASLO Slovenia36-23CHI Chile16-141,5008-63/4-1/2
17.0117:00DESP Spain29-27BRA Brazil15-148005-25/5-1/2
17.0117:00LSLO Slovenia34-29BLR Belarus17-84,0008-56/7-1/2
17.0119:00LQAT Qatar27-20CHI Chile15-94,5002-54/4-3/6
19.0117:00DESP Spain37-16CHI Chile14-75003-12/3-3/5
19.0117:00LBRA Brazil34-29BLR Belarus16-123,0005-53/3-1/1
19.0119:00LQAT Qatar31-29SLO Slovenia18-159,5005-73/4-3/4
21.0117:00DSLO Slovenia35-32BRA Brazil19-185005-53/4-4/5
21.0117:00LBLR Belarus34-23CHI Chile14-118005-75/5-2/3
21.0119:00LESP Spain28-25QAT Qatar8-1012,4005-14/6-2/2
23.0117:00DESP Spain30-26SLO Slovenia14-101,0002-53/4-2/5
23.0117:00LBRA Brazil30-22CHI Chile12-132,5005-74/4-3/6
23.0119:00LQAT Qatar26-22BLR Belarus7-1210,0003-62/3-0
Group BpwdlgfgaPot
1. Croatia10500158:1241.
2. Macedonia8401153:1383.
3. Austria5212147:1404.
4. Tunisia5212132:1335.
5. Bosna Herzeg.2104118:1282.
6. Iran0005127:1726.
Macedonia ----36:3133:2525:2233:31
Austria ----25:2523:2138:26
Tunisia ----27:2430:23
Bosna Herzeg. ----30:25
Iran ----
datetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
16.0115:00LBosna Herzeg.30-25IRI Iran12-163,0008-81/3-5/6
16.0117:00LMacedonia33-25TUN Tunisia18-145,0007-65/6-1/2
16.0119:00DCRO Croatia32-30AUT Austria16-137506-74/5-3/3
17.0119:00DCRO Croatia28-25TUN Tunisia14-134,0005-65/5-0
17.0119:00AMacedonia33-31IRI Iran19-171,0007-76/7-2/3
17.0121:00AAUT Austria23-21Bosna Herzeg.11-121,0008-61/2-4/5
19.0119:00DCRO Croatia41-22IRI Iran19-135003-34/4-0
19.0119:00AMacedonia25-22Bosna Herzeg.13-112,0006-53/5-2/3
19.0121:00AAUT Austria25-25TUN Tunisia14-154,5004-53/5-1/4
21.0117:00AAUT Austria38-26IRI Iran18-135005-52/3-3/6
21.0119:00ATUN Tunisia27-24Bosna Herzeg.15-145,5005-66/9-1/2
21.0119:00DCRO Croatia29-26Macedonia14-122,0006-62/2-3/3
23.0117:00ATUN Tunisia30-23IRI Iran12-124,5003-53/4-1/2
23.0119:00AMacedonia36-31AUT Austria16-161,0005-74/4-4/4
23.0119:00DCRO Croatia28-21Bosna Herzeg.17-88004-64/6-4/5
Group CpwdlgfgaPot
1. France9410143:1281.
2. Sweden7311137:1092.
3. Iceland5212127:1356.
4. Egypt5212135:1255.
5. Czechia4203145:1384.
6. Algeria0005109:1613.
Iceland replaced UA Emirates.
Sweden ----24:1625:2536:2227:19
Iceland ----28:25 32:24
Egypt ----27:2434:20
Czechia 36:25 ----36:20
Algeria ----
datetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
16.0119:00AEGY Egypt34-20ALG Algeria17-95,5007-65/5-1/1
16.0121:00ASWE Sweden24-16ISL Iceland12-71,0007-63/3-0/3
16.0121:00DFRA France30-27CZE Czechia16-91,8006-105/6-4/4
18.0119:00AISL Iceland32-24ALG Algeria12-131,0006-34/5-0/1
18.0121:00ASWE Sweden36-22CZE Czechia19-101,0005-64/6-3/5
18.0121:00DFRA France28-24EGY Egypt14-114,5007-104/5-1/2
20.0119:00AEGY Egypt27-24CZE Czechia13-106,5009-42/3-3/4
20.0121:00ASWE Sweden27-19ALG Algeria15-61,0006-42/2-6/7
20.0121:00DFRA France26-26ISL Iceland12-142,5006-44/6-2/2
22.0119:00ASWE Sweden25-25EGY Egypt10-107,0006-74/5-6/7
22.0121:00ACZE Czechia36-25ISL Iceland21-115006-74/5-2/2
22.0121:00DFRA France32-26ALG Algeria19-122,0005-98/9-3/4
24.0119:00AISL Iceland28-25EGY Egypt15-105,5007-44/4-2/5
24.0121:00AFRA France27-25SWE Sweden11-123,0002-49/10-4/4
24.0121:00DCZE Czechia36-20ALG Algeria21-105003-11/1-2/3
Group DpwdlgfgaPot
1. Germany9410150:1246.
2. Denmark8320154:1271.
3. Poland6302135:1212.
4. Argentina5212132:1234.
5. Russia2104133:1313.
6. Saudi Arabia000568:1295.
Germany replaced Australia.
Saudi Arabia replaced Bahrain.
Denmark ----31:2724:2431:2838:18
Poland ----24:2326:2532:13
Argentina ----30:2732:20
Russia ----27:17
Saudi Arabia ----
datetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.2m7m P
16.0115:00DRUS Russia27-17KSA Saudia Arabia17-95006-92/4-1/1
16.0119:00LGER Germany29-26POL Poland17-133,5006-55/8-1/1
16.0121:00LDEN Denmark24-24ARG Argentina13-81,0007-71/3-4/6
18.0119:00DPOL Poland24-23ARG Argentina11-123,0007-62/2-1/2
18.0119:00LGER Germany27-26RUS Russia9-136007-84/4-4/5
18.0121:04LDEN Denmark38-18KSA Saudia Arabia20-46003-44/4-0/1
20.0119:00DARG Argentina32-20KSA Saudia Arabia13-111,0006-124/6-3/3
20.0119:00LPOL Poland26-25RUS Russia12-131,0005-52/3-4/4
20.0121:00LGER Germany30-30DEN Denmark16-162,0005-33/4-4/4
22.0119:00DPOL Poland32-13KSA Saudia Arabia17-68003-40/6-0/2
22.0119:00LGER Germany28-23ARG Argentina13-145,5006-61/1-3/5
22.0121:00LDEN Denmark31-28RUS Russia16-810,5002-12/2-3/3
24.0119:00DARG Argentina30-27RUS Russia30-275004-84/5-4/6
24.0121:00LGER Germany36-19KSA Saudia Arabia18-83,5005-63/4-2/5
24.0121:00LDEN Denmark31-27POL Poland16-126,0005-33/3-4/4


L - Lusail Sports Arena, Lusail. Capacity: 15,300. Built 2014.
D - Duhall Handball Sports Hall, Doha. Capapacity: 5,500. Built 2014.
A - Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya, Doha. Capapacity: 7,700. Built 2014.
Ranking First 4PwdlgfgaFR
1. Spain630087:781/4
2. Croatia630089:811/4
3. Germany521087:791/4
4. France521081:751/4
5. Macedonia420195:859.
6. Denmark412085:811/4
7. Qatar420184:801/4
8. Sweden311174:6810.
9. Iceland311170:7511.
Ranking from matches between first 4 in each group. This ranking is to determine ranking from 9th to 16th place.


IHF found a reason to disqualify Australia and replace it with Germany. The reason - no official Oceania federation.
Bahrain on Nov.7th and UA Emirates on Nov.10th withdrew , due to bad political relations with Qatar. Iceland and Saudi Arabia received Wild Cards.
On Nov 21th IHF nomined Saudi Arabia and Iceland.
Bahrain and UA Emirates were fined 100,000 CHF.
On Nov 21th Bahrain tried to be reinstainted but IHF rejected the appeal considering the letters for withdraws were final. No further corespondence was considered.
Europe - 13 teams
ESP SpainWorld Men 20131st
FRA FranceEurope Men 20141st
DEN DenmarkEurope Men 20142nd
CRO CroatiaEurope Men 20144th
SLO SloveniaEurope Qual Men 2014
SWE SwedenEurope Qual Men 2014
POL PolandEurope Qual Men 2014
MacedoniaEurope Qual Men 2014
CZE CzechiaEurope Qual Men 2014
RUS RussiaEurope Qual Men 2014
Bosna Herzeg.Europe Qual Men 2014
AUT AustriaEurope Qual Men 2014
BLR BelarusEurope Qual Men 2014
Wild Cards
GER Germany5. World Men 2013.
ISL Iceland5. Europe Men 2014
EHF nomination.
Other continents - 11 teams
QatarHost-Asia Men 2014 1st
ALG AlgeriaAfrica Men 20141st
TUN TunisiaAfrica Men 20142nd
EGY EgyptAfrica Men 20143rd
BahrainAsia Men 20142nd
IRI IranAsia Men 20143rd
UA EmiratesAsia Men 20144th
ARG ArgentinaAmerica Men 20141st
BRA BrazilAmerica Men 20142nd
CHI ChileAmerica Men 20143rd
AustraliaOceania Men 20141st
Wild Cards
Saudia ArabiaAsia Men 20146th
AHF nomination.

Teams Composition

SpainPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
4. Albert RocasRW16 June 1982 (32)1.88m162555Logroño (ESP)
5. Jorge MaquedaRB6 February 1988 (26)1.97m87214Nantes (FRA)
8. Víctor TomásRW15 February 1985 (29)1.78m131430Barcelona (ESP)
9. Raúl Entrerríos (C)CB12 February 1981 (33)1.93m184402Barcelona (ESP)
12.José Manuel SierraGK21 May 1978 (36)1.94m1110Pick Szeged (HUN)
13.Julen AguinagaldeP8 December 1982 (32)1.95m120328Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
15.Cristian UgaldeLW19 October 1987 (27)1.87m105235MKB Veszprém (HUN)
19.Juan AndreuP20 January 1985 (29)1.97m3874TSV Hannover-Burgdorf (GER)
20.Chema RodríguezCB5 January 1980 (35)1.87m113150MKB Veszprém (HUN)
21.Joan CañellasCB30 September 1986 (28)1.98m104282THW Kiel (GER)
24.Viran MorrosLB15 December 1983 (31)1.99m137133Barcelona (ESP)
26.Antonio García RobledoLB6 March 1984 (30)1.91m4791Pick Szeged (HUN)
28.Valero Rivera FolchLW22 February 1985 (29)1.85m45125Nantes (FRA)
30.Gedeón GuardiolaP1 October 1984 (30)2.00m6176Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)
33.Gonzalo Pérez de VargasGK10 January 1991 (23)1.89m1250Barcelona (ESP)
40.Alex DujshebaevRB17 December 1992 (22)1.87m713Vardar (MKD)
CroatiaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
5. Domagoj DuvnjakCB1 June 1988 (26)1.97m136435THW Kiel (GER)
7. Luka StepančićRB20 November 1990 (24)2.03m1626Zagreb (CRO)
8. Marko KopljarRB12 February 1986 (28)2.10m109210Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
9. Igor Vori (C)P20 September 1980 (34)2.03m223562Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
10.Jakov GojunLB18 April 1986 (28)2.04m10866Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
13.Zlatko HorvatRW25 September 1984 (30)1.79m98246Zagreb (CRO)
16.Filip IvićGK30 August 1992 (22)1.95m170Zagreb (CRO)
18.Igor KaračićCB2 November 1988 (26)1.89m1037Vardar (MKD)
20.Damir BičanićLB29 June 1985 (29)1.94m78153Chambéry (FRA)
25.Mirko AlilovićGK15 September 1985 (29)2.00m1370MKB Veszprém (HUN)
26.Manuel ŠtrlekLW1 December 1988 (26)1.81m82259Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
27.Ivan ČupićRW27 March 1986 (28)1.78m97378Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
28.Željko MusaP8 January 1986 (28)2.00m7348Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
29.Ivan NinčevićLW27 October 1981 (33)1.84m6596Beşiktaş (TUR)
32.Ivan SliškovićLB23 October 1991 (23)1.97m2049Celje (SLO)
34.Ilija BrozovićP26 May 1991 (23)1.95m00Zagreb (CRO)
FrancePosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Cyril DumoulinGK2 February 1984 (30)2.00m380Fenix Toulouse (FRA)
2. Jérôme Fernandez (C)LB7 March 1977 (37)1.99m3751443Fenix Toulouse (FRA)
4. Xavier BarachetRB19 November 1988 (26)1.95m66132Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
7. Igor AnićP12 June 1987 (27)1.94m2431Nantes (FRA)
8. Daniel NarcisseCB16 December 1979 (35)1.89m264814Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
9. Guillaume JoliRW27 March 1985 (29)1.78m103293HSG Wetzlar (GER)
10.Alix NyokasRB28 June 1986 (28)1.88m2944Frisch Auf Göppingen (GER)
11.Samuel HonrubiaLW5 July 1986 (28)1.80m70188Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
13.Nikola KarabatićCB11 April 1984 (30)1.96m234964Barcelona (ESP)
14.Kentin MahéLW/CB22 May 1991 (23)1.85m2031HSV Hamburg (GER)
15.Mathieu GrébilleLB6 October 1991 (23)1.98m2649Montpellier (FRA)
16.Thierry OmeyerGK2 November 1976 (38)1.92m3061Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
18.William AccambrayLB8 April 1988 (26)1.94m73177Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
20.Cédric SorhaindoP7 June 1984 (30)1.92m129251Barcelona (ESP)
21.Michaël GuigouLW28 January 1982 (32)1.79m196687Montpellier (FRA)
22.Luka KarabatićP19 April 1988 (26)2.02m2317Pays d'Aix UCH (FRA)
28.Valentin PorteRB7 September 1990 (24)1.90m2957Fenix Toulouse (FRA)
IcelandPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Björgvin Páll GústavssonGK24 May 1985 (29)1.93m1500Bergischer HC (GER)
2. Vignir SvavarssonP20 June 1980 (34)1.94m209228HC Midtjylland (DEN)
3. Kári KristjánssonP28 October 1984 (30)1.98m84101Valur (ISL)
4. Aron PálmarssonLB19 July 1990 (24)1.93m86317THW Kiel (GER)
6. Ásgeir Örn HallgrímssonRB17 February 1994 (20)1.91m206339USAM Nîmes (FRA)
7. Arnór AtlasonLB23 July 1984 (30)1.91m154377Saint-Raphaël VHB (FRA)
9. Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson (C)LW8 August 1979 (35)1.87m3021595Barcelona (ESP)
10.Snorri GuðjónssonCB17 October 1981 (33)1.87m234807Sélestat (FRA)
12.Aron Rafn EðvarðssonGK1 September 1989 (25)2.02m360Eskilstuna Guif (SWE)
14.Arnór Þór GunnarssonRW23 October 1987 (27)1.81m3464Bergischer HC (GER)
15.Alexander PeterssonRB2 July 1980 (34)1.86m157623Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)
17.Sverre Andreas JakobssonP8 February 1977 (37)1.96m16927KA Akureyrar (ISL)
18.Róbert GunnarssonP22 May 1980 (34)1.90m248720Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
19.Sigurbergur SveinssonLB12 August 1987 (27)1.89m4551HC Erlangen (GER)
22.Stefán Rafn SigurmannssonLW19 May 1990 (24)1.96m3031Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)
26.Bjarki Már GunnarssonP10 August 1988 (26)2.01m236EHV Aue (GER)
DenmarkPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Niklas Landin Jacobsen (C)GK19 December 1988 (26)2.00m1071Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)
3. Mads ChristiansenRB3 May 1986 (28)1.94m72138Bjerringbro-Silkeborg (DEN)
6. Casper Ulrich MortensenLW14 December 1989 (25)1.90m36108SønderjyskE (DEN)
7. Anders EggertLW14 May 1982 (32)1.79m127477Flensburg-Handewitt (GER)
11.Rasmus Lauge SchmidtCB20 June 1991 (23)1.93m5070THW Kiel (GER)
13.Bo SpellerbergCB24 July 1979 (35)1.92m231327KIF Kolding København (DEN)
15.Jesper NøddesboP23 October 1980 (34)1.99m165350Barcelona (ESP)
16.Jannick GreenGK29 September 1989 (25)1.95m451SC Magdeburg (GER)
17.Lasse Svan HansenRW31 August 1983 (31)1.84m121233Flensburg-Handewitt (GER)
18.Hans LindbergRW1 August 1981 (33)1.88m192545HSV Hamburg (GER)
19.Rene Toft HansenP1 November 1984 (30)2.00m85143THW Kiel (GER)
21.Henrik MøllgaardLB2 January 1985 (30)1.96m58116Skjern Håndbold (DEN)
22.Kasper SøndergaardRB9 June 1981 (33)1.92m146330Skjern Håndbold (DEN)
23.Henrik Toft HansenP18 December 1986 (28)2.00m4589HSV Hamburg (GER)
24.Mikkel HansenLB22 October 1987 (27)1.92m119558Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
27.Michael DamgaardLB18 March 1990 (24)1.92m44Team Tvis Holstebro (DEN)
GermanyPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
2. Stefan KneerLB19 December 1985 (29)1.94m5991Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)
3. Uwe Gensheimer (C)LW26 October 1986 (28)1.88m98394Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)
5. Johannes SellinRW31 December 1990 (24)1.86m3074MT Melsungen (GER)
7. Patrick WiencekP22 March 1989 (25)2.00m66149THW Kiel (GER)
12.Silvio HeinevetterGK21 October 1984 (30)1.94m1181Füchse Berlin (GER)
13.Hendrik PekelerP2 July 1991 (23)2.03m2539TBV Lemgo (GER)
14.Patrick GroetzkiRW4 July 1989 (25)1.89m73195Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER)
16.Carsten LichtleinGK4 November 1980 (34)2.02m1871VfL Gummersbach (GER)
17.Steffen WeinholdRB19 July 1986 (28)1.91m62147THW Kiel (GER)
19.Martin StrobelCB5 June 1986 (28)1.89m95112HBW Balingen-Weilstetten (GER)
21.Erik SchmidtP28 December 1992 (22)2.04m62TSG Friesenheim (GER)
22.Michael KrausCB28 September 1983 (age31)1.87m120392Frisch Auf Göppingen (GER)
27.Michael MüllerRB19 September 1984 (30)1.97m63131MT Melsungen (GER)
30.Jens SchöngarthRB7 December 1988 (26)2.03m613TuS N-Lübbecke (GER)
38.Fabian BöhmLB24 June 1989 (25)1.98m43HBW Balingen-Weilstetten (GER)
42.Paul DruxLB7 February 1995 (19)1.95m1024Füchse Berlin (GER)
SwedenPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Mattias AnderssonGK29 March 1978 (36)1.85m1100Flensburg-Handewitt (GER)
2. Magnus PerssonRB17 December 1990 (24)1.92m2027VfL Gummersbach (GER)
4. Marcus OlssonLB31 March 1990 (24)1.86m1745IFK Kristianstad (SWE)
5. Kim AnderssonRB21 August 1982 (32)1.99m209751KIF Kolding København (DEN)
6. Jonas KällmanLW17 July 1981 (33)2.00m187551Pick Szeged (HUN)
8. Lukas KarlssonCB21 May 1982 (32)1.78m80160KIF Kolding København (DEN)
10.Niclas EkbergRW23 December 1988 (26)1.91m104432THW Kiel (GER)
18.Tobias KarlssonP4 June 1981 (33)1.96m14379Flensburg-Handewitt (GER)
21.Patrik FahlgrenCB27 June 1985 (29)1.88m4362MT Melsungen (GER)
22.Johan SjöstrandGK26 February 1987 (27)1.95m880THW Kiel (GER)
24.Fredrik PetersenLW27 August 1983 (31)1.88m118332Füchse Berlin (GER)
26.Anton HalénRW28 November 1990 (24)1.92m1022Frisch Auf Göppingen (GER)
27.Niclas BarudP22 March 1988 (26)1.96m3016Aalborg (DEN)
31.Viktor ÖstlundLB19 January 1992 (22)1.98m713Eskilstuna Guif (SWE)
35.Andreas NilssonP12 April 1990 (24)1.97m65155MKB Veszprém (HUN)
36.Jesper NielsenP30 August 1989 (25)2.00m3530Füchse Berlin (GER)
PolandPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Sławomir SzmalGK2 October 1978 (36)1.90m2482Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
3. Krzysztof LijewskiRB7 July 1983 (31)1.98m147339Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
6. Przemysław KrajewskiLW20 January 1987 (27)1.84m3546Azoty-Puławy (POL)
7. Robert OrzechowskiRW20 November 1989 (25)1.89m57106Górnik Zabrze (POL)
8. Karol BieleckiLB23 January 1982 (32)2.02m209782Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
9. Andrzej RojewskiRB20 August 1985 (29)1.93m24SC Magdeburg (GER)
11.Adam WiśniewskiLW24 October 1980 (34)1.92m110245Wisła Płock (POL)
13.Bartosz JureckiP31 January 1979 (35)1.93m199638SC Magdeburg (GER)
15.Michał JureckiLB27 October 1984 (30)2.02m154398Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
16.Piotr WyszomirskiGK6 January 1988 (26)1.93m750Pick Szeged (HUN)
18.Piotr GrabarczykP31 October 1982 (32)2.00m7642Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
20.Mariusz JurkiewiczLB3 February 1982 (32)1.98m136222Wisła Płock (POL)
23.Kamil SyprzakP23 July 1991 (23)2.08m5476Wisła Płock (POL)
26.Michał DaszekRW27 June 1992 (22)1.80m2024Wisła Płock (POL)
45.Michał SzybaRB18 March 1988 (26)1.96m2629Gorenje (SLO)
49.Piotr ChrapkowskiLB24 March 1988 (26)2.03m3669Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
RussiaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
5. Alexander PyshkinP13 April 1987 (27)1.97m114Saint Petersburg (RUS)
6. Daniil ShishkarevRW6 July 1988 (26)1.89m2023Vardar (MKD)
7. Dmitry KovalevRW15 May 1982 (32)1.80m132314Chekhovskiye Medvedi (RUS)
8. Egor EvdokimovP9 March 1982 (32)2.00m91133Motor Zaporozhye (UKR)
9. Oleg SkopintsevLW15 April 1984 (30)1.84m4763Motor Zaporozhye (UKR)
11.Pavel AtmanCB25 May 1987 (27)1.90m5064Free agent
12.Vadim BogdanovGK26 March 1986 (28)1.97m240Azoty-Puławy (POL)
13.Sergei GorbokLB4 December 1982 (32)1.96m1140Vardar (MKD)
16.Igor LevshinGK18 August 1974 (40)1.98m480Permskie Medvedi (RUS)
18.Sergey KudinovLB29 June 1991 (23)1.95m98Chartres (FRA)
20.Mikhail ChipurinP14 July 1986 (28)1.85m105497Vardar (MKD)
31.Timur DibirovLW30 July 1983 (31)1.80m125376Vardar (MKD)
33.Alexander DerevenLB26 March 1992 (22)1.99m12Chekhovskiye Medvedi (RUS)
35.Konstantin IgropuloRB14 April 1985 (29)1.90m110505Füchse Berlin (GER)
69.Samvel AslanyanRB23 February 1986 (28)1.86m77113Permskie Medvedi (RUS)
89.Dmitry ZhitnikovCB20 November 1989 (25)1.85m2025Chekhovskiye Medvedi (RUS)
SloveniaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
7. Vid KavtičnikRB24 May 1984 (30)1.91m134399Montpellier (FRA)
9. Jure NatekRB30 March 1982 (32)1.93m138353SC Magdeburg (GER)
11.Jure DolenecRB6 December 1988 (26)1.90m66259Montpellier (FRA)
12.Gorazd ŠkofGK11 July 1977 (37)1.88m1550Nantes (FRA)
13.David ŠpilerLB2 January 1983 (32)1.90m120278Meshkov Brest (BLR)
14.Sebastian SkubeCB3 April 1987 (27)1.89m95220Bjerringbro-Silkeborg (DEN)
16.Primož ProštGK14 July 1983 (31)1.86m680Frisch Auf Göppingen (GER)
19.Miha ŽvižejP6 November 1987 (27)1.93m79185Fenix Toulouse (FRA)
20.Luka ŽvižejLW9 December 1980 (34)1.85m191637Celje (SLO)
22.Matej GaberP22 July 1991 (23)1.98m5255Montpellier (FRA)
23.Uroš Zorman (C)CB9 January 1980 (34)1.90m190467Vive Targi Kielce (POL)
25.Marko BezjakCB26 June 1986 (28)1.84m6082SC Magdeburg (GER)
27.Miladin KozlinaLB11 February 1983 (31)1.98m105235GWD Minden (GER)
30.Dragan GajićRW21 July 1984 (30)1.88m130512Montpellier (FRA)
44.Dean BombačCB4 April 1989 (25)1.89m3550Pick Szeged (HUN)
AustriaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Thomas BauerGK24 January 1986 (28)1.90m910TBV Lemgo (GER)
2. Alexander HermannLB10 December 1991 (23)1.92m3444SG West Wien (AUT)
4. Maximilian HermannRB10 December 1991 (23)1.94m3262Bergischer HC (GER)
5. Vytautas ŽiūraCB11 May 1979 (35)1.89m79171Fivers Margareten (AUT)
7. Janko BozovicRB14 July 1985 (29)2.04m85197Meshkov Brest (BLR)
10.Lucas MayerRB16 February 1983 (31)1.86m70147Bregenz (AUT)
12.Nikola MarinovicGK29 August 1976 (38)1.98m1430Frisch Auf Göppingen (GER)
14.Viktor SzilágyiCB16 September 1978 (36)1.95m187853Bergischer HC (GER)
15.Fabian PoschP5 January 1988 (27)1.98m8096SG West Wien (AUT)
21.Roland SchlingerLB17 September 1982 (32)1.92m160584Alpla HC Hard (AUT)
22.Markus WagesreiterP14 January 1982 (32)1.98m134107SG West Wien (AUT)
25.Dominik AscherbauerLW21 August 1989 (25)1.91m614HC Linz (AUT)
28.Robert WeberRW25 November 1985 (29)1.79m125497SC Magdeburg (GER)
53.Nikola BilykCB28 November 1996 (18)1.98m56Fivers Margareten (AUT)
92.Raul SantosLW1 June 1992 (22)1.80m45170VfL Gummersbach (GER)
95.Romas KirveliavičiusLB5 March 1988 (26)2.00m43SG BBM Bietigheim (GER)
BelarusPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
2. Ivan BroukaLW20 April 1980 (34)1.78m138510SKA Minsk (BLR)
4. Maxim BabichevP7 March 1986 (28)2.00m104174Meshkov Brest (BLR)
8. Dzmitry KamyshykLW1 May 1990 (24)2.00m61145Meshkov Brest (BLR)
10.Barys PukhouskiCB3 January 1987 (28)1.84m117503Csurgó (HUN)
12.Ivan MatskevichGK8 May 1991 (23)1.86m110SKA Minsk (BLR)
13.Kriyl KniazeuRB9 March 1990 (24)1.95m3162SKA Minsk (BLR)
14.Siarhei RutenkaLB29 August 1981 (33)1.98m49317Barcelona (ESP)
15.Dzianis RutenkaRW14 February 1986 (28)1.90m72179Meshkov Brest (BLR)
17.Dzmitry NikulenkauCB12 July 1984 (30)1.88m65199Meshkov Brest (BLR)
18.Siarhei ShylovichRB16 May 1986 (28)1.95m80258Meshkov Brest (BLR)
19.Mikhail NiazhuraP9 December 1980 (34)2.00m638Gomel (BLR)
20.Dzmitry ChystabayeuLB23 December 1986 (28)2.00m5636Permskie Medvedi (RUS)
21.Vitali CharapenkaGK27 January 1984 (30)1.93m600Meshkov Brest (BLR)
22.Viachaslau ShumakP22 December 1988 (26)2.03m60110Meshkov Brest (BLR)
24.Maksim BaranauRW11 April 1988 (26)1.88m84193Meshkov Brest (BLR)
55.Aliaksandr TsitouP28 October 1986 (28)1.90m107104Motor Zaporozhye (UKR)
Bosna HerzegovinaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Nebojša GrahovacGK11 February 1984 (30)1.91m641Chartres (FRA)
2. Faruk VražalićRW22 June 1990 (24)1.83m29107HBW Balingen-Weilstetten (GER)
3. Alen OvčinaLW27 February 1989 (25)1.90m1028Al-Shamal (QAT)
4. Josip PerićCB5 June 1992 (22)1.80m66Tatabánya (HUN)
5. Mirko MikićLW23 August 1985 (29)1.85m2023Borac Banja Luka (BIH)
8. Senjamin BurićP20 November 1990 (24)1.96m3131Gorenje (SLO)
11.Stefan JankovićCB20 August 1992 (22)1.89m20Borac Banja Luka (BIH)
12.Benjamin BurićGK20 November 1990 (24)1.97m250Gorenje (SLO)
13.Kosta SavićRB15 December 1987 (27)1.92m2854Azoty-Puławy (POL)
14.Mirsad TerzićLB12 July 1983 (31)1.96m114388MKB Veszprém (HUN)
15.Muhamed Toromanović (C)P9 April 1984 (30)1.94m111383US Créteil (FRA)
17.Duško ČelicaLB16 August 1986 (28)1.98m2350Zagreb (CRO)
18.Ivan KaračićCB26 May 1985 (29)1.90m3075Meshkov Brest (BLR)
19.Nikola PrceLB31 August 1980 (34)2.00m66232Azoty-Puławy (POL)
21.Vladimir VranješP14 December 1988 (26)2.02m3332Pick Szeged (HUN)
22.Dejan MalinovićRB12 April 1992 (22)1.91m1947US Créteil (FRA)
MacedoniaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
3. Dejan ManaskovLW26 August 1992 (22)1.80m2650Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
4. Renato VugrinecRB6 September 1975 (39)1.96m47Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
5. Stojanče StoilovP30 April 1987 (27)1.92m2337Vardar (MKD)
7. Kiril Lazarov (C)RB10 May 1980 (34)1.93m109901Barcelona (ESP)
9. Aco JonovskiCB29 December 1980 (34)1.97m6667Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
13.Filip MirkulovskiCB14 September 1983 (31)1.89m116293Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
14.Velko MarkoskiLB5 April 1986 (28)1.94m3447Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
15.Zlatko MojsoskiRW15 November 1981 (33)1.80m2634Prilep (MKD)
16.Borko RistovskiGK2 November 1982 (32)1.90m1123US Créteil (FRA)
17.Nikola MarkoskiP22 May 1990 (24)1.96m158Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
18.Naumče MojsovskiLB17 June 1980 (34)1.87m98130Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
20.Petar AngelovGK8 March 1977 (37)1.85m410Vardar (MKD)
21.Nemanja PribakCB26 March 1984 (30)1.90m78Vardar (MKD)
22.Goce GeorgievskiRW12 February 1987 (27)1.85m3146Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
23.Filip LazarovLB21 April 1985 (29)1.97m37101Vardar (MKD)
24.Vlado NedanovskiLW23 June 1985 (29)1.87m2050Vardar (MKD)
CzechiaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
2. Jakub HrstkaLW17 March 1990 (24)1.86m47135Tatran Prešov (SLO)
3. Roman BečvářCB18 April 1989 (25)1.91m52134Empor Rostock (GER)
5. Miroslav JurkaRW7 June 1987 (27)1.89m3673Saint-Raphaël VHB (FRA)
8. Jiří MotlLW29 September 1984 (30)1.84m74142Lovosice (Cze)
9. Filip JíchaLB19 April 1982 (32)2.01m148816THW Kiel (GER)
11.Jan SobolRW22 May 1984 (30)1.88m101274Azoty-Puławy (POL)
13.Pavel HorákLB28 November 1982 (32)1.98m77257Füchse Berlin (GER)
16.Martin GaliaGK12 April 1979 (35)1.89m1433TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen (SUI)
19.Tomáš BabákCB28 December 1993 (21)1.86m1416TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen (Sui)
22.Petr LinhartRW29 May 1990 (24)1.95m1433Talent Plzeň (CZE)
23.Leoš PetrovskýP5 January 1993 (22)2.02m511Talent Plzeň (CZE)
32.Jakub ŠindelářP20 November 1986 (28)1.95m176Talent Plzeň (CZE)
27.Ondřej ZdráhalaCB10 July 1983 (31)1.87m66157ASV Hamm-Westfalen (GER)
41.Michal KasalLB3 April 1994 (20)2.09m1614Celje (SLO)
42.Jakub SzymanskiCB9 February 1983 (31)1.98m4152TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen (SUI)
71.Petr ŠtochlGK24 April 1976 (38)1.93m1822Füchse Berlin (GER)
ArgentinaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Matías SchulzGK12 February 1982 (32)1.90m1073Nantes (FRA)
2. Federico FernándezLW17 October 1989 (25)1.87m94302UNLu (ARG)
3. Federico PizarroRW6 July 1986 (28)1.83m67232UNLu (ARG)
4. Sebastián Simonet (C)CB12 May 1986 (28)1.90m130394US Ivry (FRA)
5. Pablo Sebastián PortelaP21 June 1980 (34)1.90m12960River Plate (ARG)
6. Diego Esteban SimonetCB26 December 1989 (25)1.89m74320Montpellier (FRA)
7. Facundo CangianiRW23 April 1991 (23)1.82m20115River Plate (ARG)
8. Pablo SimonetLB4 May 1992 (22)1.89m4175US Ivry (FRA)
9. Leonardo Facundo QuerínRB17 April 1982 (32)1.97m152230Billère (FRA)
10.Federico Matías VieyraRB21 July 1988 (26)1.92m94203Istres (FRA)
12.Fernando Gabriel GarcíaGK31 August 1981 (33)1.90m1865Vernon (FRA)
13.Juan Pablo FernándezLB30 September 1988 (26)1.90m103154UNLu (ARG)
14.Agustín VidalLB8 July 1987 (27)1.94m73150Maristas (ESP)
15.Gonzalo CarouP15 August 1979 (35)1.94m174353Istres (FRA)
18.Adrián PortelaLW8 March 1986 (28)1.83m30104River Plate (ARG)
22.Sergio CrevatinP28 May 1980 (34)1.87m112153SAG LOMAS (ARG)
BrazilPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
2. Henrique TeixeiraCB27 February 1989 (25)1.92m66102Taubaté (BRA)
3. Fernando Pacheco FilhoRB25 May 1983 (31)1.90m148455EC Pinheiros (BRA)
4. João Pedro SilvaCB29 January 1994 (20)1.90m2440Ademar León (ESP)
7. Guilherme GamaLB25 January 1991 (23)1.92m4065Fraikin Granollers (ESP)
9. Lucas CândidoRW19 March 1989 (25)1.82m3060Taubaté (BRA)
10.José ToledoRB11 January 1994 (20)1.93m2365Fraikin Granollers (ESP)
13.Diogo HubnerCB30 January 1983 (31)1.88m5595Taubaté (BRA)
14.Thiagus dos SantosLB25 January 1989 (25)1.99m74120Logroño (ESP)
15.Arthur PatrianovaLB22 April 1993 (21)1.90m3471Villa de Aranda (ESP)
17.Alexandro PozzerP21 December 1988 (26)1.92m3754Guadalajara (ESP)
18.Felipe RibeiroLW4 May 1985 (29)1.85m169597Montpellier (FRA)
19.Fábio ChiuffaRW10 March 1989 (25)1.87m76128Guadalajara (ESP)
21.Gustavo CardosoRB9 January 1982 (32)1.92m92210Taubaté (BRA)
25.Vinícius TeixeiraP3 April 1988 (26)1.90m99161EC Pinheiros (BRA)
81.Luís Ricardo NascimentoGK24 September 1981 (33)2.00m1030Taubaté (BRA)
89.César AlmeidaGK6 January 1989 (25)1.87m350Guadalajara (ESP)
ChilePosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Felipe BarrientosGK12 June 1984 (30)1.87m751Italiano (CHI)
2. Sebastián CeballosLW1 July 1992 (22)1.75m1631Zamora (ESP)
3. Javier FrelijjLB28 January 1991 (23)1.90m524Luterano (CHI)
5. Nicolás JofreCB16 October 1984 (30)1.80m7366Santiago Steel (CHI)
6. Rodrigo DíazRB31 August 1988 (26)1.95m3260Italiano (CHI)
7. Diego ReyesLB24 July 1992 (22)1.82m3759Zamora (ESP)
8. Erik CaniuRW2 October 1988 (26)1.85m59Luterano (CHI)
9. Benjamín CallejasLW2 May 1990 (24)1.70m1014Ovalle (CHI)
10.Cristián Moll RamírezCB13 March 1993 (21)1.85m3244Pedro Alonso Niño (ESP)
11.Esteban SalinasL18 January 1992 (22)1.80m4192Zamora (ESP)
13.Guillermo ArayaCB6 August 1985 (29)1.85m7390Ovalle (CHI)
15.Cristóbal del RíoL11 March 1988 (26)1.95m3841Santiago Steel (CHI)
16.René OlivaGK7 March 1987 (27)1.96m480Ovalle (CHI)
17.Rodrigo Salinas MuñozRB25 February 1989 (25)1.88m62172Steaua București (ROU)
19.Francisco SalazarRW4 August 1992 (22)1.78m1425Octavio Pilotes Posada (ESP)
29.Marco Oneto (C)L3 June 1982 (32)2.04m87195GWD Minden (GER)
EgyptPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
3. Mamdouh AbouebaidRB1 January 1988 (27)1.87m70280Al Ahly (EGY)
5. Mahmoud RadwanRW19 October 1989 (25)1.86m111444Al Ahly (EGY)
6. Ahmed AbdelrahmanP26 January 1984 (30)1.85m75300Al Ahly (EGY)
8. Mahmoud RamadanP7 March 1984 (30)1.85m205615Al Ahly (EGY)
9. Eslam IsaaCB2 July 1988 (26)1.86m180270Club Africain (TUN)
12.Mohamed BakirGK6 April 1974 (40)1.95m3500Alexandria SC (EGY)
13.Omar El-WakilLW14 May 1988 (26)1.78m50200Al Ahly (EGY)
15.Mohamed AmerRW12 December 1987 (27)1.87m45180Al Ahly (EGY)
19.Mohamed El-BassiounyCB10 May 1990 (24)1.86m110440Alexandria SC (EGY)
20.Mohamed HasehmCB23 January 1988 (26)1.80m170180Aviation SC (EGY)
24.Ibrahim El-MasryP11 March 1989 (25)1.95m95380Al Ahly (EGY)
39.Yehia El-DeraaLB17 July 1995 (19)1.90m35120Heliopolis SC (EGY)
66.Ahmed El-AhmarRB27 January 1984 (30)1.84m230920El Jaish (QAT)
72.Mahmoud KhalilGK1 June 1991 (23)1.92m600El Jaish (QAT)
88.Karim HandawyGK1 May 1988 (26)1.86m1750Al Ahly (EGY)
90.Aly MohamedLB14 December 1990 (24)1.95m104416Al Jazira (UAE)
TunisiaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
1. Majed HamzaGK8 February 1983 (31)1.86m430Al Rayyan (QAT)
3. Selim HedouiLB1 October 1983 (31)1.99m218398Al-Arabi (QAT)
4. Aymen ToumiLW11 July 1990 (24)1.84m71123Nantes (FRA)
5. Mahmoud GharbiP11 February 1982 (32)1.91m179289Nantes (FRA)
6. Issam Tej (C)P29 July 1979 (35)1.87m293770Montpellier (FRA)
7. Jaleleddine TouatiRW12 July 1982 (32)1.79m194397Dunkerque (FRA)
8. Wissem HmamLB21 April 1981 (33)1.98m234761Saint-Raphaël VHB (FRA)
9. Amine BannourRB21 February 1990 (24)1.97m34116Club Africain (TUN)
12.Marouen MaggaizGK28 July 1983 (31)1.91m1463Espérance de Tunis (TUN)
17.Wael JallouzLB3 May 1991 (23)1.98m75171Barcelona (ESP)
19.Mosbah SanaïLB26 March 1991 (23)1.92m59147El Jaish (QAT)
20.Heykel MegannemCB28 February 1977 (37)1.86m276615El Jaish (QAT)
21.Oussama BoughanmiLW5 February 1990 (24)1.86m76295Tremblay-en-France (FRA)
25.Abdelhak Ben SalahCB25 April 1990 (24)1.84m3569Club Africain (TUN)
27.Aymen HammedRB26 July 1983 (31)1.96m100352Espérance de Tunis (TUN)
31.Marouan ChouirefP27 May 1990 (24)1.97m6352Tremblay-en-France (FRA)
AlgeriaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
5. Khaled ChentoutCB29 March 1984 (30)1.94m1219Nøtterøy HB (NOR)
6. Messaoud Berkous (C)LB20 July 1989 (25)1.89m5889GS Pétroliers (ALG)
7. Hichem DaoudLW9 January 1992 (22)1.90m1636CRB Baraki (ALG)
10.Sassi BoultifLB9 January 1983 (31)1.91m5083Al-Nasr (Uni)
13.Riadh ChahbourLW28 July 1985 (29)1.85m4386GS Pétroliers (ALG)
14.Rabah SoudaniRW8 April 1985 (29)1.92m3136Cherbourg (FRA)
15.Tarek BoukhmisLB14 April 1980 (34)1.90m2461JSE Skikda (ALG)
16.Adel BousmalGK1 May 1985 (29)1.94m310GS Boufarik (ALG)
17.Abderrahim BerriahRB14 April 1980 (34)1.95m5882GS Pétroliers (ALG)
18.Hichem KaabecheP12 March 1990 (24)1.92m5773JSE Skikda (ALG)
19.Ayat HamoudLW10 August 1990 (24)1.78m4163ES Ain Touta (ALG)
20.El Hadi BiloumRB26 May 1981 (33)1.92m60102Martigues (FRA)
21.Mohamed MokraniP31 January 1981 (33)1.88m3340Dunkerque (FRA)
22.Abdelmalek SlahdjiGK8 August 1983 (31)1.90m700GS Pétroliers (ALG)
24.Messaoud LayadiRW24 March 1982 (32)1.90m2460GS Pétroliers (ALG)
25.Belgacem FilahLB19 January 1988 (26)1.98m73109GS Pétroliers (ALG)
QatarPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClubBirth Nat.
1. Žarko MarkovićLB1 June 1986 (28)1.96m00El Jaish (QAT)Montenegro
4. Hassan MabroukLB29 July 1982 (32)1.90m2755El Jaish (QAT)Egypt
7. Bertrand RoinéLB17 February 1981 (33)1.98m1135Al Ahli (QAT)France
9. Rafael CapoteRB5 October 1978 (36)1.96m1551El Jaish (QAT)Cuba
10.Abdulla Al-KarbiRW10 June 1990 (24)1.77m33105Al Sadd (QAT)
11.Abdulrazzaq MuradLW29 June 1990 (24)1.86m59122Al-Gharafa (QAT)
12.Danijel ŠarićGK27 June 1977 (37)1.95m00Barcelona (ESP)Bosna
13.Eldar MemiševićRW21 June 1992 (22)1.78m84171El Jaish (QAT)Bosna
16.Goran StojanovićGK24 February 1977 (37)1.91m150El Jaish (QAT)Montenegro
19.Borja VidalP25 December 1981 (33)2.06m1538Al-Qiyada (QAT)Spain
20.Jovo Damjanovic 24 December 1996 (18)1.91m2634El Jaish (QAT)Montenegro
25.Kamalaldin MallashCB1 January 1992 (23)1.80m2883El Jaish (QAT)
41.Youssef BenaliP28 May 1987 (27)1.93m1551Lekhwiya (QAT)Tunisia
66.Hamad MadadiLW7 July 1988 (26)1.78m38200Lekhwiya (QAT)
77.Hadi HamdoonRB5 February 1992 (22)1.83m55167El Jaish (QAT)
86.Mahmoud Hassab AllaCB22 November 1986 (28)1.82m824Al Sadd (QAT)
94.Ameen ZakkarLB15 June 1994 (20)1.95m2642Al Rayyan (QAT)
IranPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
2. Mojtaba HeidarpourLW20 September 1988 (26)1.80m2175Samen Sabzevar (IRI)
3. Mohammadreza RajabiLB10 January 1986 (28)1.90m145662Naft Al-Janoob (IRI)
4. Milad MasaeliRW28 May 1988 (26)1.92m72245Samen Sabzevar (IRI)
6. Sajjad EstekiLB23 April 1990 (24)1.90m63350Samen Sabzevar (IRI)
8. Alireza MousaviP27 April 1990 (24)1.97m97360Tatabánya (HUN)
9. Mehdi BijariP5 December 1983 (31)1.91m4795Samen Sabzevar (IRI)
10.Allahkaram EstekiCB19 March 1988 (26)1.94m95437Samen Sabzevar (IRI)
17.Mojtaba KaramianP13 March 1989 (25)1.98m2398Magnesium Ferdows (IRI)
18.Ehsan AboueiLW5 March 1990 (24)1.76m35180Shahrdari Tabriz (IRI)
20.Amin KazemiLW7 May 1988 (26)1.86m57195Bafgh Yazd (IRI)
22.Sajjad NadriRB28 May 1990 (24)1.94m40182Samen Sabzevar (IRI)
23.Saeid Heidari RadGK22 September 1990 (24)1.93m320Sanat Mes Kerman (IRI)
24.Afshin SadeghiLB25 March 1993 (21)1.83m2155Samen Mashhad (IRI)
36.Jalal KianiRB28 September 1989 (25)1.83m42122Magnesium Ferdows (IRI)
87.Omid SekenariRW24 April 1988 (26)1.83m63226Magnesium Ferdows (IRI)
89.Saeid BarkhordariGK7 May 1989 (25)1.90m550Samen Sabzevar (IRI)
Saudia ArabiaPosDate of birth (age)HeightApp.GoalsClub
3. Abdullah Al-AbbasLW30 January 1992 (22)1.68m820Al-Safa (KSA)
5. Hassan Al-JanabiP25 July 1983 (31)1.80m95115Mudhar (KSA)
7. Abdullah Al-HulailiLW16 June 1994 (20)1.68m00Mudhar (KSA)
8. Abdullah Al-HammadLB10 October 1990 (24)1.85m9080Al-Safa (KSA)
9. Abdulrahman Al-JohaniCB21 September 1988 (26)1.84m00Al-Ahli (KSA)
11.Ahmed HazaziRW13 December 1990 (24)1.77m1730Al-Wehda (KSA)
15.Mohammed Al-SubhiRW29 January 1989 (25)1.75m00Al-Wehda (KSA)
16.Mohammed Al-SalemGK3 April 1986 (28)1.89m1000Al-Safa (KSA)
21.Mohammed Al-NassfanGK26 July 1991 (23)1.84m80Al-Safa (KSA)
22.Abdullah Al-SalamP3 April 1995 (19)1.85m00Mudhar (KSA)
24.Hisham Al-ObaidiLB20 March 1988 (26)1.85m92110Al-Safa (KSA)
37.Mohammed Al-AbbasCB19 December 1992 (22)1.65m7085Mudhar (KSA)
57.Mojtaba Al-SalemRB15 June 1994 (20)1.81m2024Al-Safa (KSA)
87.Mohammed Al-ZaerLB2 February 1987 (27)1.84m130180Al-Khaleej (KSA)
88.Hussain Al-HannabiLB26 August 1988 (26)1.80m90100Al-Safa (KSA)
99.Abbas Al-SaffarLB15 January 1994 (20)1.79m00Mudhar (KSA)
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XVIII Men 2003 Portugal
XVII Men 2001 France
XVI Men 1999 Egypt
XV Men 1997 Japan
XIV Men 1995 Iceland
XIII Men 1993 Sweden
XII Men 1990 Czechoslovakia
XI Men 1986 Switzerland
X Men 1982 West Germany
IX Men 1978 Denmark
VIII Men 1974 East Germany
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VI Men 1967 Sweden
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