Men Handball XXV World Championship 2017 France (+1 GMT) January 11-29 - Winner France
Final Four played at AccorHotels (Bercy) Arena, Paris
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
FinalSun 29.01.1717:30FRA France33-26NOR Norway18-17
3-4Sat 28.01.1720:45SLO Slovenia31-30CRO Croatia13-18
1/2Thu 26.01.1720:45FRA France31-25SLO Slovenia15-12
1/2Fri 27.01.1720:45NOR Norway28-25CRO Croatia12-10
after over time. FT: 22-22. 65': 24-24. OT: 6-3.
Last champions: France Men 2015, Men 2011, Men 2009. Spain: Men 2013. Germany: Men 2007.

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.venue
Tue 24.01.1717:00NOR Norway31-28HUN Hungary17-106,540Albertville
Tue 24.01.1719:00FRA France33-30SWE Sweden15-16 Lille
Tue 24.01.1720:45CRO Croatia30-29ESP Spain17-15 Montpellier
Tue 24.01.1720:45SLO Slovenia32-30QAT Qatar18-15 Paris

Eight-Finals (1/8)

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.venue
Sat 21.01.1716:00NOR Norway34-24Macedonia12-106,540Albertville
Sat 21.01.1718:00FRA France31-25ISL Iceland14-1328,010Lille
Sat 21.01.1720:45ESP Spain28-27BRA Brazil16-186,923Montpellier
Sat 21.01.1720:45SLO Slovenia32-26RUS Russia13-158,324Paris
Sun 22.01.1716:00HUN Hungary27-25DEN Denmark13-126,540Albertville
Sun 22.01.1716:00SWE Sweden41-22BLR Belarus24-1116,188Lille
Sun 22.01.1718:00QAT Qatar21-20GER Germany9-10 Paris
Sun 22.01.1720:45CRO Croatia21-19EGY Egypt13-7 Montpellier
Final RankingPtswdlgfgag+-2015Rio
1. France18900282:218+641.2.
2. Norway14702274:236+38
3. Slovenia13612271:253+188.6.
4. Croatia12603254:233+216.5.
eliminated in Quarter-Finals (1/4) - ranked from Ranking First 4
5. Spain12601217:172+454.
6. Sweden10502233:166+6710.11.
7. Hungary6304202:194+8
8. Qatar6304178:181-32.8.
eliminated in Eight-Finals (1/8) - ranked from Ranking First 4
9. Germany10501179:128+497.3.
President's Cup 17-20 place
20.Saudi Arabia2106175:220-4522.
President's Cup 21-24 place

President's Cup 17-20 place

played at Brest Arena, Brest.
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
17-18Mon 23.01.1720:00POL Poland24-22ARG Argentina13-13
19-20Mon 23.01.1718:00TUN Tunisia39-30KSA Saudia Arabia20-15
17-20Sat 21.01.1716:00POL Poland28-26TUN Tunisia15-113,600
17-20Sun 22.01.1716:00ARG Argentina24-22KSA Saudia Arabia10-84,114

President's Cup 21-24 place

played at Brest Arena, Brest.
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
21-22Mon 23.01.1715:00CHI Chile35-29JPN Japan17-123,200
23-24Mon 23.01.1713:00BRN Bahrain32-26ANG Angola15-133,200
21-24Sat 21.01.1714:00JPN Japan37-26ANG Angola18-143,017
21-24Sun 22.01.1714:00CHI Chile35-30BRN Bahrain18-143,600

Groups Round

First 4 advance to Eight-Finals (1/8). Draw June 21st, 2016. Rest to President's Cup.
Eight-Finals Group A vs Group B and Group C vs Group D.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-Pot
1. France10500154:112+421.
2. Norway6301155:126+296.
3. Russia6302139:136+33.
4. Brazil4203123:146-234.
5. Poland2104115:125-102.
6. Japan0004120:161-265.
France-A1, Norway-A2, Russia-A3/A4 and Brazil-A4/A3 advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
Poland-A5 to President's Cup 17-20.
Japan-A6 to President's Cup 21-24.
Poland ---- 26:25
Russia 24:20----28:2439:29
Brazil 28:24 -----
Japan -----
Norway 22:2028:2439:2838:23----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at AccorHotels (Bercy) Arena, Paris. Cap. 16,394.
Wed 11.01.1720:45FRA France31-16BRA Brazil17-715,609
played at Parc des expositions de la Beaujoire-Hall XXL, Nantes.
Thu 12.01.1717:45RUS Russia39-29JPN Japan18-154,867
Thu 12.01.1720:45NOR Norway22-20POL Poland12-105,536
Fri 13.01.1717:45FRA France31-19JPN Japan17-910,500
Sat 14.01.1714:45BRA Brazil28-24POL Poland16-1110,171
Sat 14.01.1717:45NOR Norway28-24RUS Russia11-159,812
Sun 15.01.1717:45FRA France31-28NOR Norway16-1210,500
Sun 15.01.1720:45BRA Brazil27-24JPN Japan14-128,326
Mon 16.01.1720:45RUS Russia24-20POL Poland13-94,961
Tue 17.01.1714:00NOR Norway39-26BRA Brazil18-135,943
Tue 17.01.1717:45POL Poland26-25JPN Japan9-118,655
Tue 17.01.1720:45FRA France35-24RUS Russia16-1110,500
Thu 19.01.1714:00RUS Russia28-24BRA Brazil14-155,197
Thu 19.01.1717:45FRA France26-25POL Poland13-1310,500
Thu 19.01.1720:45NOR Norway38-23JPN Japan19-143,621
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-Pot
1. Spain10500160:115+451.
2. Slovenia7311151:136+152.
3. Macedonia5212139:137+23.
4. Iceland4122128:121+74.
5. Tunisia4122144:14405.
6. Angola0005122:191-696.
Slovenia, Spain, Macedonia and Iceland advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
Slovenia ----29:2226:2528:2842:25
Macedonia ----27:2734:3031:22
Iceland ----22:2233:19
Tunisia ----43:34
Angola ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Palais omnisports les Arenes, Metz. Cap. 5,300.
Thu 12.01.1714:00SLO Slovenia42-25ANG Angola22-132,179
Thu 12.01.1717:45Macedonia34-30TUN Tunisia13-142,561
Thu 12.01.1720:45ESP Spain27-21ISL Iceland10-125,054
Sat 14.01.1714:45SLO Slovenia26-25ISL Iceland11-85,054
Sat 14.01.1717:45ESP Spain26-21TUN Tunisia12-105,056
Sat 14.01.1720:45Macedonia31-22ANG Angola14-93,845
Sun 15.01.1714:45ISL Iceland22-22TUN Tunisia11-135,054
Mon 16.01.1717:45SLO Slovenia29-22Macedonia16-102,605
Mon 16.01.1720:45ESP Spain42-22ANG Angola21-102,126
Tue 17.01.1717:45SLO Slovenia28-28TUN Tunisia15-133,039
Tue 17.01.1720:45ISL Iceland33-19ANG Angola16-81,725
Wed 18.01.1720:45ESP Spain29-25Macedonia14-143,951
Thu 19.01.1714:00TUN Tunisia43-34ANG Angola23-161,935
Thu 19.01.1717:45Macedonia27-27ISL Iceland13-153,225
Thu 19.01.1720:45ESP Spain36-26SLO Slovenia18-105,054
Group Cpwdlgfgag+-Pot
1. Germany10500159:107+521.
2. Croatia8401148:126+222.
3. Belarus4203134:145-113.
4. Hungary4203147:138+94.
5. Saudi Arabia2104123:157-346.
6. Chile2104122:160-385.
Germany, Croatia and Hungary advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
Croatia ----31:2531:2837:2228:23
Belarus ----27:25 29:26
Hungary ----34:2937:24
Chile 32:28 ----
Saudi Arabia 26:25----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Kindarena, Rouen.
Fri 13.01.1714:00CHI Chile32-28BLR Belarus14-142,000
Fri 13.01.1717:45GER Germany27-23HUN Hungary16-115,000
Fri 13.01.1720:45CRO Croatia28-23KSA Saudia Arabia12-114,500
Sat 14.01.1720:45CRO Croatia31-28HUN Hungary11-115,588
Sun 15.01.1717:45GER Germany35-14CHI Chile17-65,000
Sun 15.01.1720:45BLR Belarus29-26KSA Saudia Arabia14-133,000
Mon 16.01.1717:45HUN Hungary34-29CHI Chile17-142,000
Mon 16.01.1720:45CRO Croatia31-25BLR Belarus18-153,202
Tue 17.01.1717:45GER Germany38-24KSA Saudia Arabia21-132,980
Wed 18.01.1714:00HUN Hungary37-24KSA Saudia Arabia17-104,959
Wed 18.01.1717:45GER Germany31-25BLR Belarus16-164,524
Wed 18.01.1720:45CRO Croatia37-22CHI Chile17-92,785
Fri 20.01.1714:00KSA Saudia Arabia26-25CHI Chile13-132,366
Fri 20.01.1717:45GER Germany28-21CRO Croatia13-95,000
Fri 20.01.1720:45BLR Belarus27-25HUN Hungary15-133,761
Group Dpwdlgfgag+-Pot
1. Denmark10500157:130+272.
2. Sweden8401162:111+513.
3. Egypt6302138:143-54.
4. Qatar4203127:129-21.
5. Argentina2104108:137-296.
6. Bahrain0005110:152-425.
Denmark, Egypt, Sweden and Qatar advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8).
Qatar---- 32:2221:17
Sweden36:25 ----33:2633:1635:17
Egypt22:20 ----31:2931:26
Bahrain ----
Argentina 26:17----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at AccorHotels (Bercy) Arena, Paris. Cap. 16,394.
Fri 13.01.1714:00EGY Egypt22-20QAT Qatar11-84,315
Fri 13.01.1717:45SWE Sweden33-16BRN Bahrain17-56,579
Fri 13.01.1720:45DEN Denmark33-22ARG Argentina17-117,582
Sat 14.01.1717:45DEN Denmark35-28EGY Egypt21-157,413
Sun 15.01.1714:45SWE Sweden35-17ARG Argentina16-1112,578
Sun 15.01.1717:45QAT Qatar32-22BRN Bahrain19-94,475
Mon 16.01.1717:45EGY Egypt31-29BRN Bahrain17-154,429
Mon 16.01.1720:45DEN Denmark27-25SWE Sweden14-1013,850
Tue 17.01.1717:45QAT Qatar21-17ARG Argentina9-23,641
Wed 18.01.1714:00EGY Egypt31-29ARG Argentina13-107,233
Wed 18.01.1717:45DEN Denmark27-25BRN Bahrain17-137,900
Wed 18.01.1720:45SWE Sweden36-25QAT Qatar19-126,034
Fri 20.01.1714:00ARG Argentina26-17BRN Bahrain13-86,314
Fri 20.01.1717:45SWE Sweden33-26EGY Egypt15-97,660
Fri 20.01.1720:45DEN Denmark32-29QAT Qatar14-168,444
Ranking First 4Pwdlgfgag+-FR
1. France630097:68+291-5.
2. Spain630092:72+201-6
3. Germany630086:69+17
4. Denmark630094:82+129-10.
5. Sweden420194:78+161-8.
6. Norway420195:83+121-8.
7. Croatia420183:81+2
8. Slovenia420181:83-21-8.
9. Belarus210277:87-109-13.
Ranking from matches between first 4 in each group. This ranking is to determine ranking from 9th to 16th place.
_ Qualification - 24 teams.
France as Host.
Qatar as 2nd from World Men 2015.
1. Germany, 2. Spain and 3. Croatia from Europe Men 2016.
9 teams - Sweden, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Iceland, Slovenia, Belarus and Denmark - from Europe_Qual Men 2016.
2. Bahrain, 3. Japan and 4. Saudi Arabia from Asia Men 2016.
1. Egypt, 2. Tunisia and 3. Angola from Africa Men 2016.
1. Brazil, 2. Chile and 3. Argentina from America Men 2016.
1 Wild Card - Norway - awarded on June 21st, 2016 before the draw.
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