Women Handball World Championship 2009 China - 28.11-13.12 + 8 GMT Winner Russia
Final Four played in Nanjing
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final20.1219:00RUS Russia25-22FRA France14-11
3-420.1216:30NOR Norway31-25ESP Spain15-9
1/218.1218:30FRA France27-23ESP Spain12-10
1/218.1221:15RUS Russia28-20NOR Norway17-12
Qualification played at Suzhou
5-617.1221:00DEN Denmark33-31KOR South Korea20-15
7-817.1218:30GER Germany35-25ROU Romania20-13
9-1017.1213:30HUN Hungary41-25AUT Austria17-15
11-1217.1216:00ANG Angola26-25CHN China14-14
Second Groups RoundGroup IGroup II
Presidents CupGroup PC IGroup PC II
First Groups RoundGroup AGroup BGroup CGroup D
_Qualification ,Statistics , Teams
SummaryDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8SemiFinal
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. Russia18901315:187
2. France14703258:219
3. Norway16802303:226
4. Spain13613266:215
5. Denmark10603250:230
6. South Korea12522291:237
7. Germany10603253:242
8. Romania11513306:231
13-24 Presidents Cup

Second Groups Round.

First 2 to 1/2 Finals. Rest to Classification
Group Ipwdlgfga
1. France8401137:105
2. Russia8401142:111
3. Denmark6302129:127
4. Germany4203117:137
5. Austria2104120:147
6. Angola2104114:132
France----24:23 29:1535:2033:24
Russia ----30:2534:2232:1923:21
Denmark24:16 ----27:2630:27
Germany ----29:2625:21
Austria ----28:21
Angola 28:23 ----
first 3 from Group A and first 3 from Group B.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Yangzhou
12.1217:00RUS Russia34-22GER Germany16-13
12.1219:00FRA France33-24ANG Angola15-9
12.1221:00DEN Denmark30-27AUT Austria15-16
13.1217:00GER Germany29-26AUT Austria14-12
13.1219:00FRA France24-23RUS Russia12-14
13.1221:00ANG Angola28-23DEN Denmark14-14
15.1217:00GER Germany25-21ANG Angola12-13
15.1219:00FRA France35-20AUT Austria19-12
France qualify fo 1/2 Finals.
15.1221:00RUS Russia30-25DEN Denmark13-12
Russia qualify to 1/2 Finals>.
Group IIpwdlgfga
1. Norway8401138:114
2. Spain7311126:112
3. South Korea6221150:142
4. Romania5212154:129
5. Hungary4122118:126
6. China000596:159
Norway----27:24 25:2425:1934:19
Spain ----28:2726:2521:2127:12
South Korea28:27 ----34:3428:2833:25
Romania ----31:2540:19
Hungary ----25:21
China ----
first 3 from Group C and first 3 from Group D.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Sizhou
12.1217:15ROU Romania40-19CHN China21-12
12.1219:15KOR South Korea28-27NOR Norway13-14
12.1221:15ESP Spain21-21HUN Hungary10-8
13.1217:15KOR South Korea28-28HUN Hungary11-17
13.1219:15NOR Norway34-19CHN China18-10
13.1221:15ESP Spain26-25ROU Romania14-12
Spain qualify for 1/2 Finals.
15.1217:15HUN Hungary25-21CHN China14-10
15.1219:15NOR Norway27-24ESP Spain8-14
Norway qualify for 1/2 Finals.
15.1221:15KOR South Korea34-34ROU Romania19-13

Presidents Cup 13-24 Placement.

Gamedttimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Zhangiagang
13-1415.1219:00SWE Sweden33-31TUN Tunisia12-10
aOT ; FT 27-27
15-1615.1216:30BRA Brazil31-29JPN Japan19-17
17-1815.1214:00UKR Ukraine34-29CIV Ivory Coast13-11
played at Wuxi
19-2015.1219:00ARG Argentina35-26CGO Congo18-9
21-2215.1216:30THA Thailand27-23KAZ Kazakhstan13-13
23-2415.1214:00CHI Chile32-21AUS Australia14-6
Final rankingPwdlgfga
18.Ivory Coast5216229:264
Group PC Ipwdlgfga
1. Sweden10500203:112
2. Brazil8401184:115
3. Ukraine6302180:120
4. Congo4203142:148
5. Thailand210499:184
6. Australia000580:209
TeamSwed !(BrazUkraCongThalAust
Brazil ----36:3036:2844:1945:12
Ukraine ----38:3041:1340:7
Congo ----32:2433:22
Thailand ----25:18
Australia ----
last 3 from Group A and last 3 from Group B.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Wuxi
12.1215:00UKR Ukraine38-30CGO Congo20-16
12.1217:00SWE Sweden49-18THA Thailand19-8
12.1219:00BRA Brazil45-12AUS Australia20-7
13.1215:00CGO Congo32-24THA Thailand12-11
13.1217:00BRA Brazil36-30UKR Ukraine20-20
13.1219:00SWE Sweden66-21AUS Australia26-8
14.1215:00CGO Congo33-22AUS Australia14-9
14.1217:00BRA Brazil44-19THA Thailand27-9
14.1219:00SWE Sweden34-31UKR Ukraine16-17
Group PC IIpwdlgfga
1. Tunisia9410169:116
2. Japan7311158:123
3. Ivory Coast5212135:131
4. Argentina5212112:119
5. Kazakhstan4203119:146
6. Chile000596:154
Japan ----32:31 33:1738:19
Ivory Coast ----19:1930:2228:19
Argentina 25:24 ---- 22:16
Kazakhstan 28:24----32:26
Chile ----
last 3 from Group C and last 3 from Group D.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Zhangjiagang
12.1215:00JPN Japan33-17KAZ Kazakhstan15-11
12.1217:00CIV Ivory Coast28-19CHI Chile15-12
12.1219:00TUN Tunisia32-22ARG Argentina13-11
13.1215:00TUN Tunisia39-27CIV Ivory Coast14-16
13.1217:00KAZ Kazakhstan32-26CHI Chile18-18
13.1219:00ARG Argentina25-24JPN Japan15-12
14.1215:00JPN Japan32-31CIV Ivory Coast16-11
14.1217:00TUN Tunisia33-20KAZ Kazakhstan15-10
14.1219:00ARG Argentina22-16CHI Chile10-7

First Groups Round.

First 3 to Second Groups Round. Rest to Presidents Cup. Scores are transferred.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Denmark8401139:114
2. France6302117:104
3. Germany6302142:136
4. Sweden6302129:121
5. Brazil4203132:134
6. Congo0005116:166
Denmark----24:1627:26 28:2137:24
France ----29:1523:21 29:22
Germany ----33:2732:3036:23
Sweden27:23 ----26:2328:19
Brazil 22:20 ----36:28
Congo ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Wuxi
05.1217:00BRA Brazil22-20FRA France13-9
05.1219:00SWE Sweden28-19CGO Congo9-9
transferred to Group PC I
05.1221:00DEN Denmark27-26GER Germany15-10
transferred to Group I
06.1217:00GER Germany36-23CGO Congo15-10
06.1219:00SWE Sweden26-23BRA Brazil14-8
transferred to Group PC I
06.1221:00Denamrk24-16FRA France11-8
transferred to Group I
07.1217:00GER Germany32-30BRA Brazil19-12
07.1219:00DEN Denmark37-24CGO Congo20-12
07.1221:00FRA France23-21SWE Sweden9-13
09.1217:00FRA France29-22CGO Congo14-9
09.1219:00DEN Denmark28-21BRA Brazil14-9
09.1221:00GER Germany33-27SWE Sweden18-12
10.1217:00BRA Brazil36-28CGO Congo19-13
transferred to Group PC I
10.1219:00FRA France29-15GER Germany10-10
transferred to Group I
10.1221:00SWE Sweden27-23DEN Denmark14-10
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Russia10500175:74
2. Austria6302178:110
3. Angola6302145:96
4. Ukraine6302151:106
5. Thailand210473:192
6. Australia000556:200
Austria ----28:21 52:1148:14
Angola ----28:2036:1639:9
Ukraine 32:31 ----41:1340:7
Thailand ----25:18
Australia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Zhangjiagang
05.1217:00ANG Angola39-9AUS Australia22-6
05.1219:00AUT Austria52-11THA Thailand24-7
05.1221:00RUS Russia27-18UKR Ukraine11-10
06.1217:00AUT Austria48-14AUS Australia24-6
06.1219:00ANG Angola28-20UKR Ukraine14-10
06.1221:00RUS Russia45-8THA Thailand19-6
07.1217:00UKR Ukraine41-13THA Thailand21-8
transferred to Group PC I
07.1219:00AUT Austria28-21ANG Angola16-12
transferred to Group I
07.1221:00RUS Russia48-8AUS Australia27-3
09.1217:00ANG Angola36-16THA Thailand21-5
09.1219:00UKR Ukraine40-7AUS Australia19-4
transferred to Group PC I
09.1221:00RUS Russia32-19AUT Austria17-10
transferred to Group I
10.1217:00THA Thailand25-18AUS Australia13-10
transferred to Group PC I
10.1219:00UKR Ukraine32-31AUT Austria15-17
10.1221:00RUS Russia23-21ANG Angola11-12
transferred to Group I
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Norway10500164:102
2. Romania8401182:117
3. Hungary6302160:123
4. Japan3113144:156
5. Tunisia3113137:155
6. Chile000581:215
Romania ----31:2537:2839:2251:17
Hungary ----35:2833:2548:14
Japan ----31:3138:19
Tunisia ----34:16
Chile ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Suzhou
05.1217:15ROU Romania51-17CHI Chile20-7
05.1219:15NOR Norway34-19JPN Japan15-9
05.1221:15HUN Hungary33-25TUN Tunisia15-11
06.1217:15HUN Hungary48-14CHI Chile24-6
06.1219:15NOR Norway36-25TUN Tunisia18-14
06.1221:15ROU Romania37-28JPN Japan17-17
07.1217:15JPN Japan31-31TUN Tunisia16-14
transferred to Group PC II
07.1219:15NOR Norway44-15CHI Chile21-7
07.1221:15ROU Romania31-25HUN Hungary16-7
transferred to Group II
09.1217:15JPN Japan38-19CHI Chile19-13
transferred to Group PC II
09.1219:15NOR Norway25-19HUN Hungary11-11
transferred to Group II
09.1221:15ROU Romania39-22TUN Tunisia23-10
10.1217:15TUN Tunisia34-16CHI Chile21-7
transferred to Group PC II
10.1219:15NOR Norway25-24ROU Romania14-12
transferred to Group II
10.1221:15HUN Hungary35-28JPN Japan15-14
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. Spain10500148:84
2. South Korea8401170:115
3. China6302123:109
4. Ivory Coast3113114:140
5. Kazakhstan210496:148
6. Argentina101488:142
South Korea ----33:2535:2639:2136:15
China ----35:2125:1326:15
Ivory Coast ----30:2219:19
Kazakhstan ----28:24
Argentina ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Changzhou
05.1215:30KOR South Korea39-21KAZ Kazakhstan17-14
05.1217:30ESP Spain29-18CIV Ivory Coast13-9
05.1219:30CHN China26-15ARG Argentina12-6
06.1215:30KOR South Korea35-26CIV Ivory Coast15-13
06.1217:30ESP Spain33-15ARG Argentina14-9
06.1219:30CHN China25-13KAZ Kazakhstan9-7
07.1214:30CIV Ivory Coast19-19ARG Argentina11-10
transferred to Group PC II
07.1216:30KOR South Korea33-25CHN China17-13
transferred to Group II
07.1218:30ESP Spain30-12KAZ Kazakhstan12-5
09.1214:30CIV Ivory Coast30-22KAZ Kazakhstan13-13
transferred to Group PC II
09.1216:30ESP Spain27-12CHN China11-9
transferred to Group II
09.1218:30KOR South Korea36-15ARG Argentina19-10
10.1214:30KAZ Kazakhstan27-22ARG Argentina12-11
transferred to Group PC II
10.1216:30CHN China35-21CIV Ivory Coast18-11
10.1218:30ESP Spain28-27KOR South Korea15-15
transferred to Group II
TeamHowStatistics and TeamHead to Head History
By Right
ChinaHostStats... H/H China
RussiaWomen 20071stStats... H/H Russia
NorwayEurope Women 20081stStats... H/H Norway
SpainEurope Women 20082ndStats... H/H Spain
GermanyEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H Germany
RomaniaEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H Romania
FranceEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H France
AustriaEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H Austria
HungaryEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H Hungary
SwedenEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H Sweden
UkraineEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H Ukraine
DenmarkEurope Qual Women 2009 Stats... H/H Denmark
South KoreaAsia Women 20081stStats... H/H South Korea
JapanAsia Women 20083rdStats... H/H Japan
ThailandAsia Women 20084thStats... H/H Thailand
KazakhstanAsia Women 20085thStats... H/H Kazakhstan
AngolaAfrica Women 20081stStats... H/H Angola
Ivory CoastAfrica Women 20082ndStats... H/H Ivory Coast
CongoAfrica Women 20083rdStats... H/H Congo
TunisiaAfrica Women 20084thStats... H/H Tunisia
ArgentinaAmerica Women 20091stStats... H/H Argentina
BrazilAmerica Women 20092ndStats... H/H Brazil
ChileAmerica Women 20093rdStats... H/H Chile
AustraliaOceania Women 20091stStats... H/H Australia
Europe has 7 extra places, Asia 1 and Africa 1 following the Continent wise performance in World/Women 2007.
Final - Sunday 20.12
One way traffic. Almost all the game Russia was leading by 3 goals. Only at 15-16 France decreased the lead. As many times the Final was not the best game. At end the best team won. France could not repeat the spectacular displays of the last days.
Semi - Friday 18.12
Semi 1: The strong Spanish defence could not match France individual game in the beggining. Slowly Spain recovered. HT: 12-10 Spain started strongly the 2nd half, but France managed to score were reduced to 4 field players. This maybe break the Spanish who made to many mistakes against strong French defence and goalkeeper. The late Spanish challenge was only to reduce the gap. France who was almost eliminated and was saved by Angola is in the Final.
Semi 2: Tense start. Norway opened twice a 3 goal gap. 11-8 after 20'. Russia responded with their phisical game scoring 8 consecutive goals. HT: 17-12 to Russia. The fast break of Norway was annulled. In the second half Norway tried to make pressure to decrease the gap. Only 16-19 after 37'. Then Russia showed their superiority. Norway is not a super power in Women Handball anymore.
Day 8 - Tuesday 15.12
Remarkable comeback for Norway. At half time Spain was leading 14-8, but the fastbreak Norway game destroyed the Spanish defensive display. In other big match Denmark was beaten with long distance shots by Russia. France continued with superior their performances, this time against Austria.
Day 7 - Sunday 13.12
Spain is the first semi-finalist after scoring a winner in the last second. Romania was leading with 2 goals 4 minutes before the end. Angola upset Denmark. The Danes did not score in the first 14 minutes of second half. This score put France back in contention. France made a comeback against Russia and needs to beat Austria to qualify. South Korea lost a vital point to Hungary and needs to make a better result against Romania, than Norway against Spain.
Day 6 - Saturday 12.12
Russia continued German`s misery. Romania demolished host China. France ended Angola's hopes. South Korea upset Norway with a great comeback. Austria had an exelent first half against Denmark. Spain after leading almost all the game with 2 goals drew with Hungary.
Day 5 - Thursday 10.12
The day of big decisions in the Groups. In a hard fought match Spain beat South Korea. he host China progressed to next round with big win, but enters with 2 defeats. The derby of the outsiders was won by Thailand. France demolished Germany in the second half and annuled the defeat against Brazil. In one of the pre-finals Norway prevailed against Romania. Angola was near to upset Russia. Japan resisted for a long time to Hungary. Sweden in meaningless match defeated Denmark.
Day 4 - Wednesday 09.12
China played like equali with Spain in the First half but colapsed in the second scoring only 3 goals. Congo resisted against france for 25'. Brazil could not match Denmark. Norway won the game with Hungary in the last 10 minutes.
Day 2 - Sunday 06.12
Brazil could not repeat the First game performance and was beaten by Sweden. Angola beat Ukraine with big margin. The big guns had not mersy against the outsiders.
Day 1 - Saturday 05.12
First Surprise in Group A - Brasil beat France, but the French almost leveled a game in which were loosing by 7 goals few minutes before the end. Congo made a good first half against Sweden. In dramatic fasion Denmark defeated Germany with one goal. After leading in great period by 4,5 goals, Denmark were 3 goals down at 54:00, after making to many turnovers. When the victory for Germany was almost sure, Denmark resurected with 4 unanswerable goals. In the last second Germany hit the post.
Uneven games were played inn Groups B, C and D. Only Ukraine made some resistance in the First Half against Russia and Tunisia did not loose with to many goals against Hungary. Good start for the hosts China.
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