Women Handball XX World Championship 2011 Brazil 03-18.12 -2 GMT - Winner Norway
Norway qualify to Olympic Women 2012 and to World Women 2013.
As European Champion, Norway promoted Sweden 2nd from Europe Women 2010 to the Olympic Games.
France, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Croatia and Angola to Olympic Women OQ 2012.
Brazil already qualified to Olympic Games as Winner of America Women PG 2011.
Final Eight played in Sao Paulo
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTmore
Final18.1217:15Norway32-24France19-13 Stats
3-418.1214:30Spain24-18Denmark9-9 Stats
5-618.1209:00Brazil36-20Russia18-11 Stats
7-818.1211:45Croatia32-29Angola14-12 Stats
1/216.1217:15France28-23Denmark14-12 Stats
1/216.1220:00Norway30-21Spain16-9 Stats
5-816.1211:45Russia41-31Angola17-18 Stats
5-816.1214:30Brazil32-31Croatia14-15 Stats
1/414.1211:45France25-23Russia13-12 Stats
1/414.1214:30Denmark29-23Angola15-11 Stats
1/414.1217:15Norway30-25Croatia16-12 Stats
1/414.1220:00Spain27-26Brazil19-17 Stats
First elimination Round - Last 16
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTmore
played in Santos
1/811.1214.30Angola30-29South Korea13-13 Stats
1/811.1217:15Norway34-22Netherlands15-11 Stats
played in Barueri
1/811.1214:30Russia30-19Iceland15-12 Stats
1/811.1217:15Spain23-19Montenegro11-9 Stats
played in Sao Paulo
1/812.1214.30France26-23Sweden12-15 Stats
1/812.1220:00Brazil36-22Ivory Coast15-8 Stats
played in Sao Bernardo do Campo
1/812.1214:30Croatia28-27Romania15-18 Stats
1/812.1217:15Denmark23-22Japan9-11 Stats
aOT ; FT 19-19
Final Ranking
President's Cup
First Groups Round
Teams Composition
All Star Team
Goalkeeper:Chana MassonBRA
Left Wing:Emilia ToureiRUS
Left Back:Andrea PenezicCRO
Centre Back:Alison PineauFRA
Right Back:Line JoergensenDEN
Right Wing:Carmen MartinESP
Pivot:Heidi LoekeNOR
Final Rankingpwdlgfga
1. Norway16801278:200
2. France14702268:204
3. Spain14702246:201
4. Denmark14702240:174
5. Brazil16801292:228
6. Russia14702295:210
7. Croatia12603266:220
8. Angola8405242:260
eliminated in 1/8 Finals.
9. Sweden6303164:123
11.South Korea6303193:154
16.Ivory Coast4204139:180
There were not any matches to decide the ranking from 9th to 16th place.
The criteria for this ranking were the games between first 4 teams in each group.
Look at Ranking 9-16 made before the 1/8 finals were played.
President's Cup
Classification 17-20 played in Sao Paulo
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTmore
17-1812.1217:15Germany33-25Tunisia16-14 Stats
19-2012.1211:45Kazakhstan31-22Uruguay17-9 Stats
17-2011.1211:45Germany37-14Kazakhstan15-6 Stats
17-2011.1214:30Tunisia34-17Uruguay14-10 Stats
Classification 21-24 played in Sao Bernardo do Campo
21-2212.1220:00China30-29Cuba15-13 Stats
23-2412.1211:45Argentina30-12Australia12-4 Stats
played in Sao Paulo
21-2411.1217:15China45-11Australia22-4 Stats
21-2411.1219:30Cuba25-20Argentina12-11 Stats
Final Rankingpwdlgfga
First Groups Round
Expected 1/8 Finals after the draw.
Ranking 9-16Pwdlgfga
1. Russia6300102:72
2. Denmark630080:54
3. Norway630081:61
4. Brazil630091:74
5. France4201102:68
6. Croatia420182:69
7. Spain420185:81
8. Sweden210273:72
9. Montenegro210276:76
11.South Korea210288:94
16.Ivory Coast000361:101

First Groups Round.

First 4 to 1/8 Finals. Rest to Classification President's Cup.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Norway8401152:108
2. Angola6302129:129
3. Montenegro6302143:115
4. Iceland6302109:112
5. Germany4203120:126
6. China000598:161
Norway----26:2028:2727:14 43:16
Angola ---- 28:2425:2230:29
Montenegro 28:26---- 25:2442:15
Iceland 22:21----26:2023:16
Germany31:28 ----23:22
China ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Santos at Arena Santos
03.1215:00Iceland22-21Montenegro11-10 Stats
03.1217:15Germany31-28Norway13-14 Stats
03.1219:30Angola30-29China10-12 Stats
04.1214:30Montenegro25-24Germany12-10 Stats
04.1217:15Norway43-16China20-7 Stats
04.1219:30Angola28-24Iceland15-12 Stats
06.1215:00Montenegro28-26Angola14-13 Stats
06.1217:15Norway27-14Iceland14-7 Stats
06.1219:30Germany23-22China7-12 Stats
07.1215:00Montenegro42-15China19-7 Stats
07.1217:15Norway26-20Angola16-10 Stats
07.1219:30Iceland26-20Germany13-12 Stats
08.1215:00Angola25-22Germany14-10 Stats
08.1217:15Norway28-27Montenegro15-11 Stats
08.1219:45Iceland23-16China12-9 Stats
The most competitive Group. The victim was Germany who after beatng the favorite Norway fail to progress. Even China was competitive and had their chances.
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Russia10500181:99
2. Spain8401151:108
3. South Korea6302164:124
4. Netherlands4203164:142
5. Kazakhstan2104113:133
6. Australia000552:219
Spain ----29:2634:2727:1839:9
South Korea ----38:2631:1945:11
Netherlands ----32:2053:15
Kazakhstan ----37:9
Australia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Barueri at Jose Corea
03.1215:45Kazakhstan37-9Australia20-6 Stats
03.1218:00Russia39-24South Korea19-13 Stats
03.1220:15Spain34-27Netherlands18-15 Stats
04.1215:45South Korea31-19Kazakhstan16-4 Stats
04.1218:00Russia28-22Spain14-9 Stats
04.1220:15Netherlands53-15Australia27-6 Stats
06.1215:45Russia45-8Australia21-4 Stats
06.1218:00Netherlands32-20Kazakhstan18-8 Stats
06.1220:15Spain29-26South Korea13-12 Stats
07.1215:45Russia35-26Netherlands18-10 Stats
07.1218:00Spain27-18Kazakhstan11-8 Stats
07.1220:15South Korea45-11Australia24-3 Stats
08.1215:45Spain39-9Australia18-5 Stats
08.1218:00South Korea38-26Netherlands18-10 Stats
08.1220:15Russia34-19Kazakhstan13-13 Stats
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Brazil10500162:128
2. France8401165:103
3. Romania5212139:155
4. Japan5212138:156
5. Tunisia2104141:150
6. Cuba0005119:172
France ----39:2041:2225:1738:18
Romania ----28:2830:2833:27
Japan ----32:3132:24
Tunisia ----32:29
Cuba ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Sao Paulo at Ibirapuera
02.1221:00Brazil37-21Cuba17-11 Stats
03.1215:00Romania30-28Tunisia14-15 Stats
03.1217:15France41-22Japan18-13 Stats
05.1215:00Romania33-27Cuba20-14 Stats
05.1217:15France25-17Tunisia12-9 Stats
05.1219:45Brazil32-24Japan16-12 Stats
06.1215:00Tunisia32-29Cuba18-11 Stats
06.1217:15Romania28-28Japan13-12 Stats
06.1219:45Brazil26-22France10-17 Stats
08.1215:00Japan32-31Tunisia16-16 Stats
08.1217:15France38-18Cuba17-8 Stats
08.1219:45Brazil33-28Romania14-11 Stats
09.1215:00Japan32-24Cuba16-9 Stats
09.1217:15France39-20Romania20-12 Stats
09.1219:45Brazil34-33Tunisia16-20 Stats
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. Denmark10500147:77
2. Croatia8401150:102
3. Sweden6302141:97
4. Ivory Coast4203117:144
5. Uruguay210482:159
6. Argentina000577:135
Croatia ----27:2636:2045:1523:18
Sweden ----28:2531:1437:11
Ivory Coast ----31:2425:19
Uruguay ----19:16
Argentina ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played in Sao Bernardo do Campo at Adib Moises Dib
03.1213:00Sweden37-11Argentina19-7 Stats
03.1215:15Denmark36-10Uruguay20-6 Stats
03.1217:30Croatia36-20Ivory Coast20-10 Stats
05.1215:15Sweden28-25Ivory Coast15-14 Stats
05.1217:45Denmark31-13Argentina18-5 Stats
05.1220:00Croatia45-15Uruguay21-9 Stats
06.1215:15Sweden31-14Uruguay13-7 Stats
06.1217:45Denmark23-19Croatia10-8 Stats
06.1220:00Ivory Coast25-19Argentina14-8 Stats
08.1215:00Croatia27-26Sweden14-12 Stats
08.1217:15Denmark37-16Ivory Coast22-7 Stats
08.1219:30Uruguay19-16Argentina11-11 Stats
09.1215:00Ivory Coast31-24Uruguay12-12 Stats
09.1217:15Denmark20-19Sweden9-8 Stats
09.1219:30Croatia23-18Argentina9-11 Stats
BrazilHost 50/1
RussiaWomen 20091st1.75/1
NorwayEurope Women 20101st3/1
SwedenEurope Women 20102nd34/1
RomaniaEurope Women 20103rd14/1
AngolaAfrica Women 20101st500/1
TunisiaAfrica Women 20102nd699/1
Ivory CoastAfrica Women 20103rd1000/1
KazakhstanAsia Women 20101st1000/1
South KoreaAsia Women 20102nd50/1
ChinaAsia Women 20103rd1000/1
JapanAsia Women 20104th749/1
ArgentinaAmerica Women 20112nd1000/1
CubaAmerica Women 20113rd999/1
UruguayAmerica Women 20114th1000/1
AustraliaOceania Women 20111st2999/1
MontenegroEurope Qual Women 201110/1
NetherlandsEurope Qual Women 2011500/1
SpainEurope Qual Women 201139/1
FranceEurope Qual Women 20116/1
CroatiaEurope Qual Women 2011100/1
IcelandEurope Qual Women 2011749/1
GermanyEurope Qual Women 201140/1
DenmarkEurope Qual Women 201134/1

_ Teams Composition.

1. Norway
1. Kari Grimsbo20/55
16.Katrine Lunde Haraldsen124/290
Total 42%144/345
Field playersGoals
2. Mari Molid0/1
4. Stine Bredal Oftedal5/8
5. Ida Alstad13/34
6. Heidi Loke43/51
7. Tonje Nostvold18/33
8. Karoline Dyhre Breivang20/33
9. Kristine Lunde-Borgersen21/36
11.Kari Mette Johansen17/23
13.Marit Malm Frafjord17/26
17.Linn Jorum Sulland51/75
18.Linn Kristin Riegelhuth22/35
21.Goril Snorroeggen9/19
22.Amanda Kurtovic20/29
23.Camila Herrem22/28
Total 65%278/431
2. France
12.Amandine Leynaud61/192
16.Cleopatre Darleux48/121
Total 35%109/313
Field playersGoals
2. Amelie Goudjo7/7
3. Blandine Dancette10/15
4. Nina Kamto Njitam18/24
5. Camille Ayglon23/41
6. Angelique Spincer12/19
7. Alison Pineau21/44
8. Claudine Mendy21/41
9. Paule Baudouin37/50
12.Amandine Leynaud0/1
14.Marie-Paule Gnabouyou15/23
15.Audrey Bruneau2/5
16.Cleopatre Darleux1/2
17.Siraba Dembele25/38
18.Audrey Deroin22/38
20.Raphaelle Tervel10/14
21.Marion Limal
24.Mariama Signate14/29
64.Alexandra Lacrabere30/59
Total 60%268/450
3. Spain
1. Cristina Gonzalez18/51
12.Silvia Navarro108/237
39.Mihaela Ciobanu22/61
Total 42%148/349
Field playersGoals
3. Andrea Barno5/9
4. Carmen D. Martin45/57
6. Nely Carla Alberto24/42
8. Veronica Cuadrado14/21
9. Marta Mangue28/54
10.Macarena Aguilar29/41
13.Jessica Alonso22/35
14.Elisabeth Chavez7/11
17.Elisabeth Pinedo32/51
21.Vanessa Amoros10/21
25.Nerea Pena24/60
29.Patricia Pinedo3/9
30.Patricia Elorza4/12
Total 58%247/423
1. Sandra Toft17/37
12.Karin Mortensen27/63
16.Christina Pedersen79/198
Total 41%123/298
Field playersGoals
2. Mette Melgaard6/9
3. Maibritt Kviesgaard4/6
4. Susan Thorsgaard12/20
7. Maria Fisker23/39
10.Christina Krogshede16/29
11.Kristina Bille16/23
15.Pernile Larsen11/26
18.Louise K. Burgaard24/36
19.Line Jorgensen23/55
21.Kristina Kristiansen20/31
22.Trine Troelsen32/76
23.Ann Grete Norgaard33/41
26.Louise S. Speelerberg15/20
28.Stine Jorgensen5/9
Total 57%240/420
5. Brazil
1. Chana Masson90/216
12.Barbara Arenhart36/138
Total 36%126/354
Field playersGoals
2. Fabiana Diniz11/17
3. Alexandra Nascimento57/78
4. Samira Rocha18/31
5. Daniela Piedade16/26
7. Alessandra Medeiros2/3
8. Fernanda da Silva38/59
9. Ana Paula Rodrigues27/52
10.Jessica Quintino14/21
12.Barbara Arenhart1/1
15.Silvia Pinheiro23/47
17.Moniky Bancilon4/11
18.Eduarda Amorim31/55
20.Francine Moraes16/26
22.Mayara Moura10/15
81.Deonise Cavaleiro23/35
Total 61%291/477
6. Russia
12.Anna Sedoykina77/192
16.Maria Sidorova59/154
Total 39%136/346
Field playersGoals
2. Polina Kuznetcova14/17
5. Ludmila Postnova30/56
7. Liudmila Bodnieva16/20
8. Anna Sen4/7
9. Yana Uskova14/18
10.Ekaterina Davydenko22/46
11.Olga Levina24/44
15.Natalia Shipilova24/28
17.Ekaterina Andryushina8/12
18.Nadezda Muravyeva4/10
21.Victoria Zhilinskayte10/23
24.Irina Bliznova40/56
25.Emilia Turei44/58
26.Tatiana Khmyrova21/46
29.Olga Chernoivanenko20/32
Total 62%295/473
7. Croatia
1. Jelena Grubisic68/218
12.Marta Zderic18/38
16.Ivana Jelcic27/77
Total 34%113/333
Field playersGoals
2. Miranda Tatari26/45
3. Tanja Kiridzic0/1
5. Dijana Jovetic16/27
6. Andrea Seric11/14
7. Ivana Petkovic12/15
8. Anita Cace16/23
10.Nikica Pusic Koroljevic14/22
13.Lidija Horvat15/47
14.Kristina Franic27/53
15.Andrea Penezic49/77
18.Ivana Lovric9/18
19.Maja Zebic39/53
20.Vesna Milanovic Litre17/23
27.Katarina Jezic15/18
Total 61%266/436
8. Angola
1. Maria Odeth Tavares44/175
12.Cristina Branco16/91
16.Neyde Marisa Barbosa20/73
Total 24%80/339
Field playersGoals
2. Joelma Patricia Viegas15/18
4. Elzira De Fatima Barros22/42
6. Bombo Madalena Calandula 33/39
7. Carolina Martene Morais9/19
8. Nair Filipe Almeida26/55
9. Isabel Evelize Guialo1/4
10.Isabel Fernandes4/12
11.Luisa Kiala44/87
13.Matilde Andre2/5
14.Natalia Maria Bernardo8/14
15.Azenaide Danila Carlos35/75
18.Marcelina Kiala41/80
20.Rossana Wandy2/2
Total 53%242/453
9. Sweden
12.Gabriella Kain31/81
16.Cecillia Grubbstroem44/117
Total 38%75/198
Field playersGoals
2. Ulrika Agren7/10
3. Kristina Flongman11/14
4. Matilda Boson13/19
5. Hanna Fogelstroem10/13
8. Jamina Roberts11/16
10.Annika Wiel Freden12/22
15.Johanna Ahlm17/31
17.Linnea Torstenson23/44
20.Isabelle Gullden20/37
22.Jessica Helleberg14/20
27.Sabina Rosengren Jacobsen6/11
29.Jenny Alm2/5
31.Anna-Maria Johansson18/33
16.Cecillia Grubbstroem0/1
Total 59%164/276
1. Marina Vukcevic36/117
12.Sonja Barjaktarovic34/86
16.Mirjana Milenkovic0/5
Total 34%70/208
Field playersGoals
2. Radmila Miljanic7/13
4. Jovanka Radicevic22/34
5. Ana Djokic15/21
8. Marija Jovanovic23/44
9. Ana Radovic5/7
10.Andjela Bulatovic3/4
14.Maja Savic8/14
17.Bojana Popovic26/51
19.Sara Vukcevic
20.Jasna Toskovic5/10
26.Suzana Lazovic1/3
32.Katarina Bulatovic29/62
77.Majda Mehmedovic11/16
90.Milena Knezevic7/13
Total 55%162/292
11.South Korea
1. Ju Hui49/153
12.Moon Kyeong Ha16/63
Total 30%66/220
Field playersGoals
2. Woo Sun Hee30/41
3. Kim On A18/34
5. Jung Yu Ra5/11
7. Jang So Hee12/23
9. Kim Cha Youn21/25
11.Yoon Hyun Kyung15/24
13.Kim Cheong Shim6/9
14.Kim Seon Hwa7/11
17.Sim Hae In10/28
19.Choi Im Jeong36/62
20.Jung Ji Hae15/26
21.Kwon Geun Hae4/6
22.Lee Eun Bi7/13
24.Kim Jin Yi7/12
Total 58%193/325
1. Gudny Jenny Asmundsdottir60/182
12.Sunneva Einarsdottir7/27
Total 32%67/209
Field playersGoals
1. Gudny Jenny Asmundsdottir1/1
2. Karen Knutsdottir28/44
3. Arna Sif Palsdottir7/7
4. Porey Rosa Stefansdottir12/20
5. Rut Jonsdottir11/27
6. Harpa Eyjolfsdottir
8. Stella Sigurdottir22/51
9. Dagny Skuladottir17/20
13.Asta Birna Gunnardottir0/1
14.Hrafnhildur Skuladottir14/35
15.Hanna Gudrun Stefansdottir1/2
17.Anna Uersula Gudmunsdottir12/25
18.Birna Berg Haraldsdottir1/9
19.Torgerdur Anna Atladottir2/8
23.Ragnhildur Gudmundsdottir0/5
Total 50%128/255
12.Ludmila Tereza Pislaru34/122
21.Talida Tolnai0/7
Total 27%32/120
Field playersGoals
2. Ramona Petruta Farcau7/7
4. Florina Chintoan12/14
5. Carmen Andreea Amariei10/18
7. Adriana Nicoleta Nechita14/25
9. Aurelia Bradeanu16/38
11.Andreea Oana Manea10/11
13.Cristina Georgiana Varzaru11/17
15.Neli Valentina Ardean-Elisei22/36
17.Oana Florica Chirila24/45
18.Adina Laura Fiera17/30
19.Iulia Vasilica Curea10/12
20.Mihaela Maria Tivadar2/2
23.Elena Daniela Babeanu10/18
85.Florina Carmen Cartas1/4
Total 60%166/277
12.Kumi Mora5/18
16.Hiromi Tashiro29/118
22.Kaori Fujima32/109
Total 27%66/245
Field playersGoals
2. Satoko Kuroki4/7
4. Shiori Kamimachi29/48
5. Aimi Ito1/1
6. Aide Uegaki10/28
8. Kaori Onozawa1/4
10.Shio Fujii46/72
11.Yumiko Yamano6/12
13.Haruka Wakaizumi1/3
14.Karina Maki1/1
17.Yuko Arihama19/45
20.Mayuko Ishitate19/33
23.Aiko Hayafune15/37
28.Shiori Nagata8/10
Total 53%160/301
1. Marieke van der Wal24/120
2. Inge Roelofs9/43
88.Mandy Burrekers20/66
Total 23%53/229
Field playersGoals
5. Jessy Kramer10/19
6. Laura van der Heijden18/34
7. Debbie Bont16/26
8. Lois Abbingh27/51
9. Joyce Hilster15/27
10.Danick Snelder12/16
12.Diane Lamein10/13
13.Yvette Broch7/8
14.Willemijn Karsten7/14
15.Maura Visser15/38
19.Pearl van der Wissel18/31
26.Angela Malestein11/20
79.Estavana Polman19/27
Total 57%186/325
16.Ivory Coast
1. Amenan Koffi15/66
16.Ndri Elise Kangah51/180
Total 27%66/246
Field playersGoals
2. Rahelle Kouyo7/24
3. Won Hire Coulibaly2/5
5. Ncho Elodie Mambo37/76
7. Yohou Christiane Guede8/10
8. Alimata Dosso17/49
9. Bredou Paula Gondo26/42
10.Sery Toualy12/19
13.Badjo Edwige0/4
14.Llikane Julie Toualy11/24
15.Ndoua Lydie1/1
17.Mariam Traore6/15
18.Amon Olive Assemon0/2
19.Awa Karamoko4/18
21.Annabelle Courcelles9/21
Total 45%140/310
1. Sabine Englert20/63
12.Katja Schuelke23/63
16.Clara Woltering64/146
Total 40%108/273
Field playersGoals
3. Isabell Klein10/19
6. Franziska Mietzner31/56
7. Natalie Augsburg12/20
8. Anne Mueller8/12
10.Anna Loerper7/11
13.Nadine Krause10/25
15.Sabrina Richter19/38
17.Katja Langkeit12/15
19.Stefanie Melbeck20/33
20.Anja Althaus9/11
21.Nadja Nadgornaya29/49
31.Kerstin Wohlbold14/26
33.Luisa Shulze9/10
Total 58%190/325
1. Rahma Tered14/35
12.Wafa Cherif24/103
85.Echraf Abdallah40/139
Total 28%78/278
Field playersGoals
3. Nesrine Daoula7/19
6. Asma Elghaoui31/40
8. Jihene ben Cheikh Ahmed5/8
10.Raja Toumi2/4
17.Ouided Kilani10/18
18.Haifa Abdelhak33/51
19.Rafika Marzouk22/41
20.Mouna Chebbah32/65
22.Maroua Dhaouadi22/41
24.Ines Khouildi17/45
27.Sihem Aouini6/9
29.Faten Yahiaoui0/1
30.Ines Jaouadi6/14
Total 55%200/366
1. Tatyana Konstantinova32/92
12.Tatyana Parfenova52/168
16.Zhannat Aitenova7/23
Total 32%91/283
Field playersGoals
3. Anstassiya Batuyeva8/31
4. Elena Klimenko4/12
5. Anna Nikitina9/14
6. Snezhana Kurgambaeva5/15
7. Kristina Nedopekina11/32
8. Irina Baranovskaya30/51
9. Xeniya Volnukhina42/63
11.Yelena Suyazova3/7
13.Natalya Kulakova19/54
14.Yevgeniya Latkina20/48
17.Gulzira Iskakova0/4
19.Natalya Yakovleva7/14
Total 46%158/345
1. Noelia Artigas50/189
12.Rossina Soca15/100
Total 22%65/289
Field playersGoals
2. Eliana Falco10/17
3. Soledad Faedo9/13
5. Mecedes Saiz2/9
6. Mariana Gomez4/8
8. Ornella Palla16/58
9. Alesandra Ferrari4/28
10.Mariana Fleitas9/23
11.Paula Fynn14/33
13.Jussara Castro34/80
15.Fernanda Marrochi1/3
17.Paula Basaisegui1/4
18.Joaquina Rosillo7/12
19.Sofia Cherone7/15
20.Viviana Ferrari3/11
Total 39%121/314
1. Xu Mo45/152
16.Zhu Yun32/125
Total 28%77/278
Field playersGoals
2. Wei Qiuxiang18/23
3. Liu Yun8/10
5. Li Bing11/16
6. Wang Chanchan6/12
7. Luan Zheng3/6
8. Li Yao22/36
9. Lan Chunlei33/54
10.Wang Shasha7/21
11.Wu Nana1/8
17.Sun Laimiao12/14
18.Sha Zhengwen7/10
19.Li Weiwei0/4
21.Zhao Jiaqin26/50
23.Wu Yin16/41
Total 55%173/316
1. Maidelis Saldina Rivero6/26
12.Yizenia Aldama Miranda18/81
16.Eneleidis Guevara Llovera49/188
Total 25%73/295
Field playersGoals
2. Maricet Fernandez Valdez21/36
3. Ayliny Martinez Duanis13/26
6. Ariagne Cuesta Zulueta9/14
7. Suleiky Gomez Hernanadez42/79
9. Lisandra Lusson Miranda37/68
14.Maidoly Poumier Machado5/12
15.Nadazza Valera Abreus13/29
17.Lisandra Espinosa Zamora7/14
18.Yenma Ramirez Milan22/53
19.Milena Mesa Matos4/8
Total 51%173/339
1. Silvina Schlesinger30/88
12.Valentina Kogan66/180
Total 36%96/268
Field playersGoals
2. Luciana Salvado16/24
3. Manuela Pizzo2/9
4. Lucia Haro9/23
5. Bibiana Ferrea9/20
6. Magdalena Decilio20/61
7. Maria Pilar Romero6/13
8. Florencia Aimone1/6
9. Luciana Mendoza25/60
10.Victoria Crivelli5/13
11.Solange Tagliavini7/17
13.Antonela Mena8/11
14.Valeria Bianchi9/11
15.Silvana Totolo9/22
17.Lucia Giamberardino1/1
Total 44%127/291
1. Jemima Harbort32/178
12.Catherine Kent41/189
Total 20%73/367
Field playersGoals
2. Victoria Fletcher11/47
3. Alira Hudson-Gofers14/79
4. Melissa Condon
5. Clare Murray3/7
6. Veronica Kelly3/8
7. Alice Keighley1/7
9. Mary Kelly6/22
10.Daniela Cook20/81
14.Madeleine McAfee7/36
15.Kim Tennat1/5
16.Rosa Boyd9/41
Total 23%73/367
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XXII Women 2015 Denmark
XXI Women 2013 Serbia
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XVI Women 2003 Croatia
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XIV Women 1999 Norway
XIII Women 1997 Germany
XII Women 1995 AUT,HUN
XI Women 1993 Norway
X Women 1990 South Korea
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VIII Women 1982 Hungary
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VI Women 1975 Soviet Union
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