Women Handball World Championship 1989 Group B Jutland (DEN) - 01-10.12 Winner West Germany
Finals played in Randers
Gamedatetimevteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final10.1216:30 FRG West Germany20-18SWE Sweden8-7
3-410.1214:30 GDR East Germany25-23ROU Romania10-9
5-610.1212:001AUT Austria24-23POL Poland10-11
7-810.1212:30 DEN Denmark19-18BUL Bulgaria10-9
9-1010.1214:001FRA France25-25TCH Czechoslovakia7-10
a2OT; FT 20-20, 1OT 23-23, pen. 5-4
11-1210.1210:001JPN Japan27-26NED Netherlands13-11
First 9 Teams qualify to World Women 1990
Last 4 European Teams to World Women C 1991
Group 13-16
Main RoundGroup EGroup F
Preliminary RoundGroup AGroup B
Group CGroup D
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. West Germany14700151:118
2. Sweden8322133:109
3. East Germany11511164:143
4. Romania9412182:124
5. Austria10421146:135
6. Poland8403171:159
7. Denmark9331124:119
8. Bulgaria7313154:143
9. France6223132:143
Group 13-16
14.United States4204101:138
Second Groups Round
First Groups Round
The teams were divided in 4 Groups of 4 teams. First 3 from each Group progressed to 2 Second Round Groups composed from 6 teams. The scores from the First Groups wetre transferred to the Second Groups. When the teams were tied in points were used the 25% criteria - scores with teams that had won less than 25% of the possible points were excluded. The winners of the Second Round Groups were qualified to the Final and the rest to the respective Classification games. The 4th teams from the First Groups played in 13-16 Place Group.
Group 13-16pwdlgfga
14.United States420152:61
Hungary----31:1533:1825: 8
United States ----21:1616:14
Brazil ----17:16
Portugal ----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
05.1218:30HobroUSA United States16-14POR Portugal6-7
05.12 RoedkaersbroHUN Hungary33-18BRA Brazil18-13
06.1218:30IkastHUN Hungary25-8POR Portugal11-2
06.12 UlstrupUSA United States21-16BRA Brazil10-10
08.1218:30 HUN Hungary31-15USA United States18-4
08.12 BRA Brazil17-16POR Portugal8-8
Second Groups Round. Winners to Final. Rest to Classification.
Group Ipwdlgfga
1. Sweden731197:71
2. East Germany7311113:99
3. Austria622197:94
4. Denmark513176:86
5. France311384:102
6. Netherlands210482:97
East Germany ----27:2315:1525:1729:22
Austria ----16:1622:1921:17
Denmark ----18:1814:12
France ----19:16
Netherlands15:14 ----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
05.1218:30HolstebroSWE Sweden15-15AUT Austria7-11
05.1220:15HolstebroDEN Denmark14-12NED Netherlands8-8
05.1220:15HobroGDR East Germany25-17FRA France11-9
06.1218:30RibeSWE Sweden21-11FRA France9-6
06.1220:15RibeAUT Austria21-17NED Netherlands9-7
06.1220:15IkastGDR East Germany15-15DEN Denmark9-6
08.1218:30AarhusGDR East Germany27-23AUT Austria15-11
08.1220:15AarhusSWE Sweden25-13DEN Denmark9-6
08.1220:15BraedstrupFRA France19-16NED Netherlands7-10
Group IIpwdlgfga
1. West Germany10500109:84
2. Romania7311123:91
3. Poland6302112:112
4. Bulgaria5212105:106
5. Czechoslovakia2104101:121
6. Japan000584:120
West Germany----17:1628:2423:1619:1722:11
Romania ----25:1819:1930:1833:19
Poland ----25:2326:2019:16
Bulgaria ----27:2020:19
Czechoslovakia ----26:19
Japan ----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
05.1218:30AalborgPOL Poland25-23BUL Bulgaria11-13
05.1220:15AllaborgROU Romania30-18TCH Czechoslovakia15-7
05.1220:15RoedkaersvroFRG West Germany22-11JPN Japan10-2
06.1218:30SindalTCH Czechoslovakia26-19JPN Japan12-11
06.1220:15SindalROU Romania25-18POL Poland13-10
06.1220:15UlstrupFRG West Germany23-16BUL Bulgaria11-5
08.1218:30AarsPOL Poland19-16JPN Japan10-8
08.1220:15AarsBUL Bulgaria27-20TCH Czechoslovakia11-9
08.1220:15FjerrttslevFRG West Germany17-16ROU Romania11-10
First Groups Round. First 3 to Second Groups Round. 4th to Group 13-16.
Scores are transferred.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Austria521063:53
2. Denmark412063:49
3. France311160:56
4. United States000349:77
Denmark ----18:1829:15
France ----23:16
United States ----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
01.1220:15OdderAUT Austria25-18USA United States10-11
01.1220:15EsbjergDEN Denmark18-18FRA France10-6
transferred to Group E
02.1216:15BrandeAUT Austria22-19FRA France12-8
transferred to Group E
02.1216:15SilkeborgDEN Denmark29-15USA United States14-6
03.1213:15Hvide SandeFRA France23-16USA United States12-3
03.1216:45RandersAUT Austria16-16DEN Denmark8-8
transferred to Group E
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. East Germany420172:65
2. Netherlands420159:64
3. Sweden311154:50
4. Hungary101260:66
East Germany----29:22 26:21
Netherlands ----15:1422:21
Sweden22:17 ----18:18
Hungary ----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
01.1218:30EsbjergGDR East Germany29-22NED Netherlands17-7
transferred to Group E
01.1218:30OdderSWE Sweden18-18HUN Hungary11-9
02.1214:30BrandeNED Netherlands22-21HUN Hungary10-12
02.1214:30SilkeborgSWE Sweden22-17GDR East Germany10-7
transferred to Group E
03.1215:00Hvide SandeNED Netherlands15-14SWE Sweden6-6
transferred to Group E
03.1215:00RandersGDR East Germany26-21HUN Hungary14-10
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Romania521088:46
2. Bulgaria521070:56
3. Japan210265:65
4. Portugal000338:94
Romania----19:1933:1936: 8
Bulgaria ----20:1931:18
Japan ----27:12
Portugal ----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
01.1218:30AalestrupBUL Bulgaria31-18POR Portugal19-7
01.1220:15AalestrupROU Romania33-19JPN Japan15-9
transferred to Group F
02.1214:30ViborgROU Romania36-8POR Portugal17-4
02.1216:15ViborgBUL Bulgaria20-19JPN Japan12-8
transferred to Group F
03.1213:15HanstholmJPN Japan27-12POR Portugal12-6
03.1215:00HanstholmROU Romania19-19BUL Bulgaria11-6
transferred to Group F
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. West Germany630069:57
2. Poland420186:71
3. Czechoslovakia210269:54
4. Brazil000348:90
West Germany----28:2419:1722:16
Poland ----26:2036:23
Czechoslovakia ----32:9
Brazil ----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 2HT
01.1218:30LoegstoerPOL Poland36-23BRA Brazil18-11
01.1220:15LoegstoerFRG West Germany19-17TCH Czechoslovakia8-8
transferred to Group F
02.1214:30ThistedTCH Czechoslovakia32-9BRA Brazil15-3
02.1216:15ThistedFRG West Germany28-24POL Poland13-14
transferred to Group F
03.1213:15Nikoebing M.FRG West Germany22-16BRA Brazil13-7
03.1215:00Nikoebing M.POL Poland26-20TCH Czechoslovakia12-7
transferred to Group F
The times and venues are completed courtesy to: Henrik Hansen hih@itu.dk
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