Men Field Hockey Central American and Caribbean Games 2014 Veracruz (MEX) - 16-24.11 Winner Cuba
Central American and Caribbean Games 2014 index
Cuba and Trinidad Tobago qualified for Panamerican Games Men PG 2015.
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final24.11.1415:30Cuba5–1Trinidad Tobago2-0 Stats
3-424.11.1413:15Mexico1-1Barbados0-1 Stats
5-624.11.1411:00Dominicana2–2Jamaica1-1 Stats
1/222.11.1413:15Cuba6–0Barbados2-0 Stats
1/222.11.1415:30Trinidad Tobago1-0Mexico0-0 Stats
5-722.11.1411:00Jamaica3-1Guatemala1-0 Stats
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. Cuba1550037:4
2. Trinidad Tobago930219:11
3. Mexico721111:5
4. Barbados41126:12
eliminated in Groups Round.
5. Dominicana411214:12
6. Jamaica41127:12
7. Guatemala00041:39

Women's Tournament

Groups Round

First 2 to 1/2 Finals. Rest to Classification
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Cuba630026:3
2. Trinidad Tobago320117:6
3. Dominicana310212:10
4. Guatemala00030:36
Trinidad Tobago ---4:311:0
Dominicana ---8:0
Guatemala ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
16.1111:00Trinidad Tobago4–3Dominicana2-2 Stats
16.1113:00Cuba17–0Guatemala8-0 Stats
18.1111:00Dominicana8–0Guatemala1-0 Stats
18.1113:00Cuba3–2Trinidad Tobago0-2 Stats
20.1111:00Trinidad Tobago11–0Guatemala5-0 Stats
20.1113:00Cuba6-1Dominicanaa3-0 Stats
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Mexico620010:3
2. Barbados31015:5
3. Jamaica00022:9
Barbados ---3:1
Jamaica ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
16.11.1415:00Mexico6–1Jamaica2-1 Stats
18.11.1415:00Mexico4-2Barbados3-1 Stats
20.11.1415:00Barbados3-1Jamaica1-1 Stats

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