Men Field Hockey Panamerican Games 2019 Lima, Peru -5 UTC - 30.07-10.08 - Winner Argentina
Panam Games 2019 indexWomen Tournament Women PG 2019.Argentina qualified to Olympic Men 2020.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________15'HT45'
Sat 10.08.1917:15ARG Argentina5-2CAN Canada0-03-14-1
0-1 Scott Tupper 16'PC 1-1 Leandro Tolini 17'PC 2-1 Leandro Tolini 19'PC 3-1 Martin Ferreiro 27' 4-1 Maico Casella 40' 5-1 Lucas Martinez 53' 5-2 Gordon Johnston 60'PC Umpires: Peter Wright (RSA) and Gus Soteriades (USA).
Bronze Medal Play-Off
Sat 10.08.1915:00USA United States2-1CHI Chile1-01-02-0
5th Place Play-Off
Sat 10.08.1911:45TRI Trinidad Tobago2-1CUB Cuba1-02-12-1
5th Place Play-Off
Sat 10.08.1909:30MEX Mexico6-0PER Peru0-03-03-0

Semi-Finals (1/2)

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________15'HT45'
Thu 08.08.1915:00ARG Argentina5-0USA United States2-03-04-0
Thu 08.08.1917:15CAN Canada3-2CHI Chile0-01-12-1
5th-8th Places Play-Off
Thu 08.08.1909:30CUB Cuba7-0PER Peru0-01-03-0
Thu 08.08.1911:45TRI Trinidad Tobago3-0MEX Mexico0-00-01-0

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________15'HT45'
Mon 05.08.1913:30ARG Argentina14-1PER Peru3-07-110-1
Mon 05.08.1915:45CHI Chile2-0MEX Mexico0-01-01-0
Mon 05.08.1918:00USA United States5-1CUB Cuba0-00-03-1
Mon 05.08.1920:15CAN Canada5-1TRI Trinidad Tobago2-02-02-0
Final Ranking
1.ARG Argentina
2.CAN Canada
3.USA United States
4.CHI Chile
5.TRI Trinidad Tobago
6.CUB Cuba
7.MEX Mexico
8.PER Peru
Final RankingPts_w__d__l_gfgag+-WR
1.ARG Argentina1860044:4+404.
2.CAN Canada1550133:10+2310.
3.USA United States1240228:12+1624.
4.CHI Chile930312:10+228.
5.TRI Trinidad Tobago62048:17-937.
6.CUB Cuba620412:22-1069.
7.MEX Mexico620416:17-132.
8.PER Peru00064:65-6155.
8 teams
Peru - Host
Argentina and Chile from South American Games 2018
Cuba and Mexico from Central American and Caribbean Games 2018 Men CACG 2018.
Canada, United States and Trinidad Tobago from Panamerica Cup Men 2017 - best 3 not qualified.
ARG Argentina---5:25:05:16:09:0 14:1
CAN Canada ---4:03:25:1 5:114:1
USA United States ---2:1 5:15:116:0
CHI Chile ---2:04:02:0
TRI Trinidad Tobago ---2:13:0
CUB Cuba 3:2--- 7:0
MEX Mexico ---6:0
PER Peru 2:8---

Groups Round.

All teams advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4)>.
Group Ap_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.ARG Argentina930020:1+19
2.CHI Chile62017:5+2
3.CUB Cuba31023:15-12
4.TRI Trinidad Tobago00032:11-9
ARG Argentina---5:19:06:0
CHI Chile ---4:02:0
CUB Cuba ---3:2
TRI Trinidad Tobago ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________15'HT45'
Tue 30.07.1910:00ARG Argentina5-1CHI Chile3-05-05-1
Tue 30.07.1912:00CUB Cuba3-2TRI Trinidad Tobago0-01-11-1
Carlos Conseguera 2, Roger Aguilera 1
Thu 01.08.1914:00CHI Chile4-0CUB Cuba1-02-03-0
Thu 01.08.1916:00ARG Argentina6-0TRI Trinidad Tobago1-03-05-0
Sat 03.08.1910:00CHI Chile2-0TRI Trinidad Tobago1-01-02-0
Sat 03.08.1914:00ARG Argentina9-0CUB Cuba2-02-04-0
Group Bp_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.CAN Canada930023:2+21
2.USA United States620121:5+16
3.MEX Mexico310210:12-2
4.PER Peru00033:38-35
CAN Canada---4:05:114:1
USA United States ---5:116:0
MEX Mexico ---8:2
PER Peru ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________15'HT45'
Tue 30.07.1914:00CAN Canada5-1MEX Mexico1-03-04-1
Oliver Scholfield 2, Mark Pearson 2, Keegan Pereira 1
Tue 30.07.1916:00USA United States16-0PER Peru7-08-011-0
Deegan Huisman 5
Thu 01.08.1910:00MEX Mexico8-2PER Peru1-02-04-0
Thu 01.08.1912:00CAN Canada4-0USA United States2-03-04-0
Sat 03.08.1912:00USA United States5-1MEX Mexico0-01-03-1
Sat 03.08.1916:00CAN Canada14-1PER Peru4-17-112-1
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