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Men PGGoldSilverBronzeHost
Men PG 2019ArgentinaCanadaUnited StatesLima (PER)
Men PG 2015ArgentinaCanadaChileToronto (CAN)
Men PG 2011ArgentinaCanadaChileGuadalajara (MEX)
Men PG 2007ArgentinaCanadaChileRio de Janiero (BRA)
Men PG 2003ArgentinaCanadaCubaSanto Domingo (DOM)
Men PG 1999CanadaArgentinaCubaVancouver (CAN)
Men PG 1995ArgentinaCanadaUnited StatesMar del Plata (ARG)
Men PG 1991ArgentinaCanadaUnited StatesHavana (CUB)
Men PG 1987CanadaArgentinaUnited StatesIndianapolis (USA)
Men PG 1983CanadaArgentinaChileCaracas (VEN)
Men PG 1979ArgentinaCanadaMexicoSan Juan (PUR)
Men PG 1975ArgentinaCanadaMexicoMexico City (MEX)
Men PG 1971ArgentinaMexicoCanadaCali (COL)
Men PG 1967ArgentinaTrinidad TobagoUnited StatesWinnipeg (CAN)
1. Argentina113 14
2. Canada39113
3. Mexico 123
4. Trinidad Tobago 1 1
5. United States 55
6. Chile 44
7. Cuba 22
Women PGGoldSilverBronzeHost
Women PG 2019ArgentinaCanadaUnited StatesLima (PER)
Women PG 2015United StatesArgentinaCanadaToronto (CAN)
Women PG 2011United StatesArgentinaChileGuadalajara (MEX)
Women PG 2007ArgentinaUnited StatesNeth. AntillesRio de Janeiro (BRA)
Women PG 2003ArgentinaUnited StatesUruguaySanto Domingo (DOM)
Women PG 1999ArgentinaUnited StatesCanadaVancouver (CAN)
Women PG 1995ArgentinaUnited StatesCanadaMar del Plata (ARG)
Women PG 1991ArgentinaCanadaUnited StatesHavana (CUB)
Women PG 1987ArgentinaUnited StatesCanadaIndianapolis (USA)
1. Argentina72 9
2. United States2529
3. Canada 246
4. Chile 11
4. Neth. Antilles 11
4. Uruguay 11

Men Pan America Cup

Men 2017ArgentinaCanadaUnited StatesLancaster (USA)
Men 2013ArgentinaCanadaTrinidad TobagoToronto (CAN)
Men 2009CanadaUnited StatesArgentinaSantiago (CHI)
Men 2004ArgentinaCanadaChileLondon (CAN)
Men 2000CubaCanadaArgentina- (CUB)
1. Argentina3 25
2. Canada14 5
3. Cuba1 1
4. United States 112
5. Chile 11
5. Trinidad Tobago 11

Women Pan America Cup

Women 2017ArgentinaChileUnited StatesLancaster (USA)
Women 2013ArgentinaUnited StatesCanadaMendoza (ARG)
Women 2009ArgentinaUnited StatesChileHamilton (BER)
Women 2004ArgentinaUnited StatesCanadaBridgetown (BAR)
Women 2001ArgentinaUnited StatesCanadaKingston (JAM)
1. Argentina5 5
2. United States 415
3. Chile 112
4. Canada 33

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