Women Field Hockey IIIrd Asia Cup 1993 Hiroshima (JPN) 05-13.11 - Winner South Korea
Played along with IV Men Asia Cup Men 1993.
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final13.11KOR South Korea3-0CHN China
3-413.11IND India1-0JPN Japan
5-6--.11UZB Uzbekistan SIN/THA
1/212.11CHN China3-0IND India3-0
1/212.11KOR South Korea2-2JPN Japan1-1
aET ; pen.5-4
5-7--.11SGP Singapore THA Thailand
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. South Korea622014:3
2. China731125:4
3. India52118:4
4. Japan513112:3
eliminated in Groups Round
-. Uzbekistan31114:8
-. Thailand00030:27
-. Singapore00020:14

Groups Round.

First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. South Korea31109:1
2. India31107:1
3. Singapore00020:14
South Korea---1:18:0
India ---6:0
Singapore ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
06.11KOR South Korea8-0SGP Singapore0-0
08.11IND India6-0SGP Singapore
KOR South Korea1-1IND India
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. China521022:1
2. Japan412010:0
3. Uzbekistan31114:8
4. Thailand00030:27
Japan ---0:010:0
Uzbekistan ---3:0
Thailand ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
05.11JPN Japan10-0THA Thailand
05.11CHN China8-1UZB Uzbekistan
06.11CHN China14-0THA Thailand
06.11JPN Japan0-0UZB Uzbekistan0-0
09.11UZB Uzbekistan3-0THA Thailand
09.11CHN China0-0JPN Japan
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