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XVIII Men AG II 2018 OmanXVIII Women AG II 2018 Thailand
X Men 2017 BangladeshIX Women 2017 Japan
Women WL 2016
VIII Men Junior 2015 MalaysiaVII Women Junior 2015 China
XVII Men AG 2014 South KoreaXVII Women AG 2014 South Korea
XVII Men AG II 2014 BangladeshXVII Women AG II 2014 Thailand
I Men West Asia Cup 2014
III Men Trophy 2013 Japan_ Women Trophy 2013 Japan
IX Men 2013 MalaysiaVIII Women 2013 Malaysia
IV Men II 2012 BangladeshIII Women II 2012 Singapore
II Men Trophy 2012 Qatar
I Men WL 2012I Women WL 2012
VII Men Junior 2012VI Women Junior 2012
I Men Trophy 2011 China
XVI Men AG 2010 ChinaXVI Women AG 2010 China
XVI Men AG II 2010 BangladeshXVI Women AG II 2010 Thailand
VIII Men 2009 MalaysiaVII Women 2009 Thailand
III Men II 2008 Bangladesh
VI Men Junior 2008V Women Junior 2008
VII Men 2007 IndiaVI Women 2007 Hong Kong
XV Men AG 2006 QatarXV Women AG 2006 Qatar
XV Men AG II 2006 Bangladesh
V Men Junior 2004IV Women Junior 2004
VI Men 2003 MalaysiaV Women 2004 India
XIV Men AG 2002 South KoreaXIV Women AG 2002 South Korea
II Men II 2002 Hong KongII Women II 2003 Singapore
IV Men Junior 2000III Women Junior 2000
V Men 1999 MalaysiaIV Women 1999 India
XIII Men AG 1998 ThailandXIII Women AG 1998 Thailand
I Men II 1997 Hong KongI Women II 1997 Singapore
III Men Junior 1996II Women Junior 1996
XII Men AG 1994 JapanXII Women AG 1994 Japan
IV Men 1993 JapanIII Women 1993 Japan
_ Men WQ 1992 Malaysia
II Men Junior 1992I Women Junior 1992
XI Men AG 1990 ChinaXI Women AG 1990 China
III Men 1989 IndiaII Women 1989 Hong Kong
_ Men WQ 1988 Malaysia
I Men Junior 1988
X Men AG 1986 South KoreaX Women AG 1986 South Korea
II Men 1985 DhakaI Women 1985 South Korea
_ Women WQ 1984 Malaysia
I Men 1982 Pakistan_ Women 1981 Japan
_ Men Q 1980 Singapore
IX Men AG 1982 IndiaIX Women AG 1982 India
VIII Men AG 1978 Thailand
VII Men AG 1974 IranWomen Carnival 1974
VI Men AG 1970 ThailandWomen 1968
V Men AG 1966 Thailand
IV Men AG 1962 Indonesia
III Men AG 1958 Japan
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