Men Field Hockey III European Championship 1978 Hanover (FRG) 09 - Winner West Germany
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final09.09FRG West Germany3-2NED Netherlands2-1
After Extra Time. 1-0 5' ; 2-0 18'; 2-1 2-2 Paul Litjens PC PC ;
Paul Litjens missed penalty stroke 63'
3-409.09ENG England2-0ESP Spain
5-609.09POL Poland4-1WAL Wales
7-809.09FRA France3-1IRL Ireland
9-1009.09URS Soviet Union2-1TCH Czechoslovakia
After Extra Time
11-1209.09SCO Scotland2-1GIB Gibraltar
1/208.09FRG West Germany3-2ESP Spain
1/208.09NED Netherlands5-0ENG England
5-808.09WAL Wales3-2FRA France
5-808.09POL Poland2-1IRL Ireland
9-1208.09TCH Czechoslovakia2-1SCO Scotland
9-1208.09URS Soviet Union1-0GIB Gibraltar
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. West Germany1361027:6
2. Netherlands1151126:11
3. England1151119:7
4. Spain731312:13
5. Poland832214:8
6. Wales832212:15
7. France630412:21
8. Ireland42059:15
9. Soviet Union731312:12
West Germany - Host
5 teams from EuroHokey Men 1974 - ESP NED ENG POL FRA.
6 teams from Qualification Men EQ 1977 - URS SCO WAL GIB IRL TCH.
Paul Litjens (NED)16

Groups Round.

First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. West Germany941021:2
2. England941017:2
3. Poland41228:6
4. France42037:17
5. Scotland31135:10
6. Gibraltar10143:24
West Germany---1:12:15:03:010:0
England ---2:04:02:08:1
Poland ---5:01:11:1
France ---4:23:1
Scotland ---2:0
Gibraltar ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
02.09SCO Scotland2-0GIB Gibraltar
02.09FRG West Germany1-1ENG England
02.09POL Poland5-0FRA France
03.09FRG West Germany3-0SCO Scotland
03.09ENG England2-0POL Poland
03.09FRA France3-1GIB Gibraltar
04.09ENG England2-0SCO Scotland
04.09POL Poland1-1GIB Gibraltar
04.09FRG West Germany5-0FRA France
06.09ENG England4-0FRA France
06.09POL Poland1-1SCO Scotland
06.09FRG West Germany10-0GIB Gibraltar
07.09FRA France4-2SCO Scotland
07.09ENG England8-1GIB Gibraltar
07.09FRG West Germany2-1POL Poland
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Netherlands941019:8
2. Spain731110:8
3. Wales62218:9
4. Ireland42037:10
5. Soviet Union31139:11
6. Czechoslovakia10146:13
Spain ---3:01:01:02:2
Wales ---2:13:31:0
Ireland ---3:23:2
Soviet Union ---3:0
Czechoslovakia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
02.URS Soviet Union3-0TCH Czechoslovakia
02.NED Netherlands3-0IRL Ireland
02.ESP Spain3-0WAL Wales
03.WAL Wales1-0TCH Czechoslovakia
03.IRL Ireland3-2URS Soviet Union
03.NED Netherlands6-3ESP Spain
05.IRL Ireland3-2TCH Czechoslovakia
05.NED Netherlands2-2WAL Wales
05.ESP Spain1-0URS Soviet Union
06.NED Netherlands4-1URS Soviet Union
06.ESP Spain2-2TCH Czechoslovakia
06.WAL Wales2-1IRL Ireland
07.ESP Spain1-0IRL Ireland
07.WAL Wales3-3URS Soviet Union
07.NED Netherlands4-2TCH Czechoslovakia
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