Women Field Hockey Olympic Games 1984 Los Angeles (USA) - 01-09.08 Winner Netherlnds
Final Rankingpwdlgfga
1. Netherlands941014:6
2. West Germany62219:9
3. United States52129:7
4. Australia52129:7
5. Canada52129:11
6. New Zealand00052:12
West Germany ---1:12:23:01:0
United States --- 4:12:0
Australia 3:1--- 3:0
Canada 2:1---4:1
New Zealand ---
For the 3rd place United States and Australia executed penalty shoot-out after the last game. Score 10-5.
No qualifeid teams played in olim Drujba 1984 Women Field Hockey
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
31.0714:30Netherlands2-1New Zealand1-0
01.0809:45West Germany2-2Australia2-0
01.0817:15United States4-1Canada2-0
02.0814:30Australia3-0New Zealand2-0
03.0808:00Netherlands2-1United States1-0
03.0817:15West Germany3-0Canada1-0
04.0816:15United States2-0New Zealand1-0
05.0809:45Netherlands6-2West Germany3-2
06.0816:15West Germany1-0New Zealand0-0
07.0813:45Australia3-1United States2-1
09.0813:15West Germany1-1United States0-1
10.0809:45Canada4-1New Zealand3-0
United StatesHost
NetherlandsWorld Women 19831st
CanadaWorld Women 19832nd
AustraliaWorld Women 19833rd
West GermanyWorld Women 19834th
New ZealandWorld Women 19837th
Soviet Union
Men 1984
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