Women Field Hockey Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro 07-19.08 (UTC -3) - Winner Great Britain (1st)


datetimeteam 1scoreteam 215'HT45'
Fri 19.08.1617:00Great Britain3-3Netherlands1-02-22-3
Shoot-out: 2-0 1-0 Lily Owsley 10' 1-1 Kitty Van Male 16' 1-2 Maartje Paumen 25'PC 2-2 Crista Cullen 26' 2-3 Laurien Leurink 37'PC 3-3 Nicola White 52'PC Umpires: Michelle Joubert (RSA), Laurine Delforge (BEL).
Great BritainGK: Maddie Hinch. Helen Richardson-Walssh, Alex Danson 1-0 (Helen Richardson-Walsh - penalty stroke), Laura Unsworth 2-0 Hollie Webb.
Netherlands:GK: Joyce Sombroek. Wilemijn Bos, Ellen Hoog, Laurien Leurink, Margot van Geffen, 5th cancelled.

Bronze Medal Match

Fri 19.08.1612:00Germany2-1New Zealand0-00-02-1
Umpires: Irene Presenqui (ARG), Laurine Delforge (BEL).

Semi-Finals (1/2)

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 215'HT45'
Wed 17.08.1612:00Netherlands1-1Germany0-11-11-1
Shoot-out: 4-3 Umpires: Laurine Delforge (BEL), Soledad Iparraguiree (ARG).
Netherlands:GK: Joyce Sombroek. 1-0 Wilemijn Bos, Ellen Hoog, Marloes Keetels, 2-2 Margot van Geffen, Kelly Jonker. Sudden death: 3-2 Willemijn Bos, 4-3 Ellen Hoog.
Germany:GK: Kristina Reynolds. 1-1 Janne Mueller-Wieland, 1-2 Marie Maevers, Lisa Altenburg, Jana Teschke, Franzisca Hauke. Sudden death: 3-3 Janne Mueller-Wieland, Marie Maevers.
Wed 17.08.1617:00Great Britain3-0New Zealand0-01-01-0
1-0 Alex Danson 22' 3-0 Helen Richardson-Walsh 48' 2-0 Alex Danson 52' Umpires: Carolina del Fuente (ARG), Michelle Joubert (RSA).

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 215'HT45'
Mon 15.08.1610:00New Zealand4-2Australia1-02-04-1
Umpires: Irene Presenqui (ARG), Sarah Wilson (GBR).
Mon 15.08.1612:30Germany2-1United States2-02-02-1
1-0 Marie Maevers 8' 2-0 Lisa Hahn 14' 2-1 Katelyn Falgowski 57' Umpires: Carolina de la Fuente (ARG), Miao Lin (CHN).
Mon 15.08.1618:00Great Britain3-1Spain2-03-03-0
1-0 Georgie Twigg 8' 2-0 Helen Richardson-Walsh 13' 3-0 Lily Owsley 27' 3-1 Georgina Oliva 53' Umpires: Kelly Hudson (NZL), Melissa Trivic (AUS).
Mon 15.08.1620:30Netherlands3-2Argentina1-02-02-1
1-0 Lidewij Welten 5' 2-0 Laurien Leurink 25' 2-1 Florencia Habif 41' 3-1 Kelly Jonker 47' 3-2 Delfina Merino 53' Umpires: Michell Joubert (RSA), Laurine Delforge (BEL).
Final RankingPtswdlgfgag+-
1. Great BritainGBR2271021:8+13
2. NetherlandsNED1853020:7+13
3. GermanyGER1442211:9+2
4. New ZealandNZL1341316:12+4
5. United StatesUSA1240215:7+8
6. AustraliaAUS930313:9+4
7. ArgentinaARG620414:9+5
8. SpainESP62047:15-8
eliminated in Groups Round.
9. ChinaCHN51223:5-2
10.South KoreaKOR10143:13-10

Groups Round.

First 4 advance to Quarter-Finals (1/4). Rest are eliminated.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-
1. Netherlands1341013:1+12
2. New Zealand72118:5+3
3. Germany72126:60
4. China51213:2+1
5. Spain31033:10-7
6. South Korea10131:10-9
Germany ---2:12:01:1
New Zealand ---4:1-2:1
South Korea ---0:0-
China ---2:0
Spain 2:1 ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 215'HT45'
Sun 07.08.1210:00New Zealand4-1South Korea1-03-04-0
Sun 07.08.1212:30Netherlands5-0Spain1-04-04-0
Sun 07.08.1213:30Germany1-1China1-01-11-1
Mon 08.08.1213:30Germany2-1New Zealand0-11-12-1
Mon 08.08.1217:00Netherlands4-0South Korea1-02-03-0
Mon 08.08.1219:30China2-0Spain1-02-02-0
Wed 10.08.1210:00New Zealand2-1Spain0-01-01-0
1-0 2-0 Kelsey Smith 22' 51' 2-1 Carlota Petchame 60'
Wed 10.08.1212:30Germany2-0South Korea0-00-00-0
1-0 Hannah Kruger 55' 2-0 Lisa Altenburg 59'
Wed 10.08.1218:00Netherlands1-0China0-00-00-0
1-0 Kitty Van Male 59'
Thu 11.08.1217:00Spain2-1Germany2-02-12-1
1-0 Cristina Guinea 9' 2-0 Carola Salvatella 11' 2-1 Lisa Schutze 21'
Fri 12.08.1210:00South Korea0-0China0-00-00-0
Fri 12.08.1212:30Netherlands1-1New Zealand0-01-01-0
1-0 Maartje Paumen 28' 2-1 Kayla Whitelock 59'
Sat 13.08.1212:30Netherlands2-0Germany1-01-02-0
Xan de Ward 5' 2-0 Kitty van Male 44'
Sat 13.08.1217:00South Korea Spain
Sat 13.08.1220:30New Zealand China
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-
1. Great Britain1550012:4+8
2. United States1240114:5+9
3. Argentina620312:6+6
4. Australia62029:5+4
5. Japan10133:14-11
6. India10143:19-16
Great Britain---2:12:13:22:03:0
United States ---2:12:16:13:0
Australia ---1:0-6:1
Argentina ---4:05:0
Japan ---2:2
India ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
Sat 06.08.1217:00United States2-1Argentina0-00-01-0
Sat 06.08.1220:30Great Britain2-1Australia0-01-02-1
Sun 07.08.1211:00India2-2Japan0-10-22-2
Mon 08.08.1210:00United States2-1Australia0-01-02-1
Mon 08.08.1218:00Great Britain3-0India0-02-03-0
Mon 08.08.1220:30Argentina4-0Japan1-02-02-0
Wed 10.08.1211:00Australia6-1India2-02-05-0
Wed 10.08.1213:30Great Britain3-2Argentina0-02-03-2
Wed 10.08.1217:00United States6-1Japan2-03-04-0
Thu 11.08.1218:00Australia1-0Aregentina0-00-01-0
Thu 11.08.1219:30United States3-0India1-01-02-0
Thu 11.08.1220:30Great Britain2-0Japan1-01-01-0
Sat 13.08.1210:00Argentina5-0India1-05-05-0
Sat 13.08.1218:00Great Britain2-1United States0-00-00-1
0-1 Michelle Vittese 39' 1-1 Sophie Bray 53'PC 2-1 Alex Danson 56'
Sat 13.08.1219:30Australia Japan


BrazilHost - not qualified
Brazil will qualify if finishes no worse than 7th at America Women PG 2015 (Brazil did not qualify to the Games) or places higher than 40th in the FIH World Ranking 2014 - 47th.
via Continental tournaments
Great BritainEurope Women 20151st
won the quota as England
South KoreaAsia Women AG 20141st
AustraliaOceania Women 20151st
United StatesAmerica Women PG 20151st
South AfricaAfrica Women OQ 20151st
via From World League
NetherlandsWorld League Women 2015 Round 31st
ChinaWorld League Women 2015 Round 34th
GermanyWorld League Women 2015 Round 36th
New ZealandWorld League Women 2015 Round 37th
Qualified Reserves
ArgentinaWorld League Women 2015 Round 38th
IndiaWorld League Women 2015 Round 310th
JapanWorld League Women 2015 Round 312th
Expected reserve to qualify
SpainWorld League Women 2015 Round 311th
Brazil altough being host had to fulfill 1 of 2 conditions:
1. Finishing better than 8th at America Women PG 2015 (Not qualified to play).
2. To be placed higher than 40th in the FIH World Ranking (Currently 49th).
Spain was 11th in World League Women 2015 Round 3 but tie-break criteria when 2 teams were in equal position in one of 2 semi-finals was better World Ranking.
Japan was 10th and Spain 14th.
South Africa win of Africa Women OQ 2015 was not be enough to play in Olympic Games.
Their Olympic Comitee decided winnig African Qualification will not be enough. South Africa had to qualify through World League.
Spain as first reserve will be the 12th team.
Altough South Africa women team have a slim possibility to be aproved after qualifiying 14th in World League.
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