Women Field Hockey XXXII Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo
12 teams will play in Tokyo Olympic Games Women 2020 - Host Japan, 4 Continental Champions and 7 from Olympic Qualifications Play-Offs.
12 Teamsfrom
$.JPN JapanHost
NED Netherlands1st Europe Women 2019
No teamAsia Women AG 2018
NZL New Zealand1st Oceania Women 2019
ARG Argentina1st America Women PG 2019
RSA South Africa1st Africa Women OQ 2019
AUS Australia
CHN China
ESP Spain
GBR Great Britain
IND India
GER Germany
IRL Ireland

Women 2020 Field Hockey Olympic Games Qualification

Australia, Germany and Netherlands.
Ireland, South Korea, India, Canada and Spain.
Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, China and United States as of World Ranking 29.06.2019.

Groups Round

First 4 from each Group will advance to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Group Ap_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.NED Netherlands00000:00
2.GER Germany00000:00
3.GBR Great Britain00000:00
4.IRL Ireland00000:00
5.IND India00000:00
6.RSA South Africa00000:00
NED Netherlands--------
GER Germany -------
GBR Great Britain ------
IRL Ireland -----
IND India ----
RSA South Africa ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sat 25.07.201-:00NED Netherlands GER Germany
Sat 25.07.201-:00NED Netherlands GBR Great Britain
Sat 25.07.201-:00NED Netherlands IRL Ireland
Sat 25.07.201-:00NED Netherlands IND India
Sat 25.07.201-:00NED Netherlands RSA South Africa
Sat 25.07.201-:00GER Germany GBR Great Britain
Sat 25.07.201-:00GER Germany IRL Ireland
Sat 25.07.201-:00GER Germany IND India
Sat 25.07.201-:00GER Germany RSA South Africa
Sat 25.07.201-:00GBR Great Britain IRL Ireland
Sat 25.07.201-:00GBR Great Britain IND India
Sat 25.07.201-:00GBR Great Britain RSA South Africa
Sat 25.07.201-:00IRL Ireland IND India
Sat 25.07.201-:00IRL Ireland RSA South Africa
Sat 25.07.201-:00IND India RSA South Africa
Group Bp_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.AUS Australia00000:00
2.ARG Argentina00000:00
3.NZL New Zealand00000:00
4.ESP Spain00000:00
5.JPN Japan00000:00
6.CHN China00000:00
AUS Australia--------
ARG Argentina -------
NZL New Zealand ------
ESP Spain -----
JPN Japan ----
CHN China ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sat 25.07.201-:00AUS Australia ARG Argentina
Sat 25.07.201-:00AUS Australia NZL New Zealand
Sat 25.07.201-:00AUS Australia ESP Spain
Sat 25.07.201-:00AUS Australia JPN Japan
Sat 25.07.201-:00AUS Australia CHN China
Sat 25.07.201-:00ARG Argentina NZL New Zealand
Sat 25.07.201-:00ARG Argentina ESP Spain
Sat 25.07.201-:00ARG Argentina JPN Japan
Sat 25.07.201-:00ARG Argentina CHN China
Sat 25.07.201-:00NZL New Zealand ESP Spain
Sat 25.07.201-:00NZL New Zealand JPN Japan
Sat 25.07.201-:00NZL New Zealand CHN China
Sat 25.07.201-:00ESP Spain JPN Japan
Sat 25.07.201-:00ESP Spain CHN China
Sat 25.07.201-:00JPN Japan CHN China
Men Tokyo 2020 Competition
Olympic indexWorld index
Trophy indexChallenge/index
Europe indexAsia index
America indexAfrica index
Oceania indexOther index
World League index
Commonwealth index
Field Hockey indexTodor66
Index Hockey Olympic Men
XXXII Men 2020 - _______
XXXI Men 2016 Argentina
XXX Men 2012 - Germany
XXIX Men 2008 - Germany
XXVIII Men 2004 - Australia
XXVII Men 2000 - Netherlands
XXVI Men 1996 - Netherlands
XXV Men 1992 - Germany
XXIV Men 1988 - Great Britain
XXIII Men 1984 - Pakistan
XXII Men 1980 - India
XXI Men 1976 - New Zealand
XX Men 1972 - West Germany
XIX Men 1968 - Pakistan
XVIII Men 1964 - India
XVII Men 1960 - Pakistan
XVI Men 1956 - India
XV Men 1952 - India
XIV Men 1948 - India
XI Men 1936 - India
X Men 1932 - India
IX Men 1928 - India
VII Men 1920 - Great Britain
IV Men 1908 - England

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