Women Field Hockey World Cup 1983 Kuala Lumpur (MAS) - 10-23.04 Winner Netherlands
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final23.0416:00NED Netherlands4-2CAN Canada1-1
3-422.0416:00AUS Australia3-1FRG West Germany2-0
5-622.0421:00ENG England4-1USA United States1-1
aET, FT 1-1
7-822.0415:45NZL New Zealand4-0SCO Scotland3-0
9-1022.0419:30ARG Argentina3-2URS Soviet Union2-0
11-1221.0419:30IND India2-0WAL Wales2-0
1/220.0415:00NED Netherlands2-1FRG West Germany2-0
1/220.0416:30CAN Canada0-0AUS Australia0-0
aet, FT 0-0, pen. 9-6
5-819.0419:30USA United States2-1NZL New Zealand1-1
5-819.0421:00ENG England5-1SCO Scotland3-1
9-1219.0415:45URS Soviet Union3-0WAL Wales2-0
9-1219.0417:15ARG Argentina1-0IND India
Matches played at Tun Razak Stadium
Final rankingPwdlgfga1981
1. Netherlands1361013:52.
2. Canada832212:85.
3. Australia933113:74.
4. West Germany630410:101.
eliminated in Groups Round
5. England1042119:11
6. United States83229:8
7. New Zealand622310:8
8. Scotland51335:14
Teams to play in Women IC 1985.
9. Argentina83226:66.
10.Soviet Union52148:133.
First FIH true World Cup with all best teams. All teams from former IWFHA played.
This was First Level of World Cup. At the same moment was played the Second Level Women IC 1983 in Malaysia.
Teams were selected via FIH ranking.
First 8 teams earned berths to next World Cup Women 1986.

Groups Round.

First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification Games.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Netherlands94107:2
2. Australia622110:6
3. United States52126:3
4. Scotland51314:5
5. Wales30324:10
6. India10144:9
Australia ---1:11:15:13:2
United States ---3:01:11:0
Scotland ---1:12:0
Wales ---1:1
India ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
10.0415:45NED Netherlands2-1IND India
10.0419:30USA United States3-0SCO Scotland
10.0421:00AUS Australia1-1WAL Wales
11.0415:45USA United States1-1WAL Wales
11.0417:15NED Netherlands0-0SCO Scotland0-0
12.0419:30AUS Australia3-2IND India
13.0415:45WAL Wales1-1IND India
13.0417:15AUS Australia5-1SCO Scotland
13.0419:30NED Netherlands1-0USA United States
14.0417:15SCO Scotland1-1WAL Wales0-0
15.0419:30USA United States1-0IND India1-0
15.0421:00NED Netherlands1-0AUS Australia0-0
16.0417:15NED Netherlands3-1WAL Wales2-1
16.0415:45AUS Australia1-1USA United States1-0
16.0421:00SCO Scotland2-0IND India0-0
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Canada731110:4
2. West Germany63028:5
3. England622110:9
4. New Zealand41225:6
5. Argentina41222:4
6. Soviet Union31133:10
Canada---2:11:1 2:04:0
West Germany ---4:21:0 2:0
England ---3:21:13:1
New Zealand2:1 ---0:01:1
Argentina 1:0 ---
Soviet Union 1:0---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
10.0417:15ARG Argentina1-0FRG West Germany
11.0419:30CAN Canada1-1ENG England
11.0421:00NZL New Zealand1-1URS Soviet Union
12.0415:45FRG West Germany2-0URS Soviet Union
12.0417:15NZL New Zealand2-1CAN Canada
12.0421:00ENG England1-1ARG Argentina
14.0415:45ENG England3-2NZL New Zealand
14.0419:30CAN Canada2-1FRG West Germany1-0
14.0421:00URS Soviet Union1-0ARG Argentina1-0
15.0415:45CAN Canada2-0ARG Argentina0-0
15.0417:15FRG West Germany1-0NZL New Zealand1-0
16.0419:30ENG England3-1URS Soviet Union0-0
17.0419:30NZL New Zealand0-0ARG Argentina0-0
17.0417:15CAN Canada4-0URS Soviet Union
17.0415:45FRG West Germany4-2ENG England
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