Women Field Hockey World Cup 1994 Dublin (IRL) - 13-24.07 Winner Australia
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final24.07AUS Australia2-0ARG Argentina0-0
3-424.07USA United States2-1GER Germany
5-623.07KOR South Korea2-0NED Netherlands
7-823.07CHN China2-1ESP Spain1-1
9-1024.07ENG England1-0CAN Canada
11-1224.07IRL Ireland3-2RUS Russia
1/222.07AUS Australia2-0GER Germany1-0
1-0 Renita Farrell 10'
1/222.07ARG Argentina2-0USA United States0-0
1-0 Carina Massotta 47'PC; 2-0 Vanina Onetto 65'
5-822.07KOR South Korea4-1CHN China
5-822.07NED Netherlands2-0ESP Spain
9-1223.07ENG England1-1IRL Ireland
aET ; pen. 2-0
9-1223.07CAN Canada1-1RUS Russia
aET ; pen. 4-2
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. Australia1151117:5
2. Argentina105029:5
3. United States94127:6
4. Germany731310:8
5. South Korea941216:9
6. Netherlands84039:6
7. China73137:8
8. Spain51339:11
9. England62235:6
Groups Round
First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification Games.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Argentina84017:3
2. Australia731113:5
3. South Korea521210:8
4. Spain51318:7
5. Russia31133:9
6. Ireland20231:10
Argentina--- 1:01:01:03:0
Australia3:1---4:11:1 4:0
South Korea ---3:34:02:0
Spain ---3:11:1
Russia 2:1 ---0:0
Ireland ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
14.07ARG Argentina3-0IRL Ireland
14.07RUS Russia2-1AUS Australia
14.07KOR South Korea3-3ESP Spain
15.07KOR South Korea4-0RUS Russia
15.07ESP Spain1-1IRL Ireland
15.07AUS Australia3-1ARG Argentina
16.07ARG Argentina1-0RUS Russia
16.07AUS Australia1-1ESP Spain
17.07KOR South Korea2-0IRL Ireland
18.07ESP Spain3-1RUS Russia2-0
18.07ARG Argentina1-0KOR South Korea
18.07AUS Australia4-0IRL Ireland
19.07RUS Russia0-0IRL Ireland
19.07ARG Argentina1-0ESP Spain
20.07AUS Australia4-1KOR South Korea
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Germany73119:4
2. United States73115:3
3. Netherlands63027:4
4. China52124:3
5. England31133:5
6. Canada21041:10
Germany---1:12:1 3:02:0
United States ---2:11:01:0
Netherlands ---1:01:03:0
China2:1 ---0:02:0
England ---3:0
Canada 1:0 ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
13.07GER Germany2-0CAN Canada
14.07USA United States1-0ENG England0-0
14.07NED Netherlands1-0CHN China
15.07GER Germany1-1USA United States1-0
15.07NED Netherlands3-0CAN Canada
15.07CHN China0-0ENG England
17.07USA United States2-1NED Netherlands
17.07GER Germany3-0ENG England
17.07CHN China2-0CAN Canada
18.07CAN Canada1-0USA United States
19.07CHN China2-1GER Germany0-0
19.07NED Netherlands1-0ENG England
20.07USA United States1-0CHN China
20.07GER Germany2-1NED Netherlands2-1
20.07ENG England3-0CAN Canada
NetherlandsWomen 19901st
AustraliaWomen 19902nd
South KoreaWomen 19903rd
EnglandWomen 19904th
SpainWomen 19905th
ChinaWomen 19906th
GermanyWomen IC 19931st
ArgentinaWomen IC 19932nd
CanadaWomen IC 19933rd
RussiaWomen IC 19934th
United StatesWomen IC 19935th
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