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Football World Cup 2018
Handball: World Women Handball Championship 2023
Chess: Euro Team Women 2023
Chess: Euro Team Men 2023
Rugby Union: World Cup 2023
Football: Ladies World Cup 2023
Volleyball: Europe Girls U17 2023
Football: Men World Championship 2022
Water Polo: Men World Championship 2022
Volleyball: Women World Nations League 2023
Handball: World Women Handball Championship 2021
Volleyball: Men Eurovolley 2021
Volleyball: Women Eurovolley 2021
Nordic Skiing: World 2021 Obesdorf, Germany
Alpine Skiing: World 2021 Cortina d'Ampezzoo, Italy
Biathlon: World Championship 2021 Pokljuka
Handball: World Men Handball Championship 2021
Handball: Women Eurohandball 2020
Tennis: Men US Open 2020
Tennis: Women US Open 2020
Rugby: Six Nations 2020
Handball: Men Eurohandball 2020
Handball: World Women 2019
Football: Europe 2020 Qualification
Volleyball: Men World Cup 2019
Volleyball: Men Eurovolley 2019
Basketball: Men World Cup 2019
Volleyball: Women Eurovolley 2019
Handball: Women PanAmerican Games 2019
Volleyball: Men Africa Championship 2019
Netball: World Cup 2019
Water Polo: Men World Championship 2019
Water Polo: Women World Championship 2019
Volleyball: Women Africa Championship 2019
Basketball: Women EuroBasket 2019
Volleyball: Men World Nations League 2019
Volleyball: Women World Nations League 2019
Football: Asia Cup 2019
Ice hockey: Men World Championship 2019
Handball: World Men 2019
Handball: Euro Women 2018
Field hockey: Men XIV World Cup 2018
Basketball: Women EuroBasket 2019 Qualification
Weightlifting: World Ashgabat (TKM) 2018
Tennis: Men Paris Masters 2018
Volleyball: Women World Championship 2018
Basketball: XVIII Women World Cup 2018
Volleyball: Men World Championship 2018
Basketball: Men World Cup 2019 European Qualification
Football: Europe 1st League of Nation 2018
Football: Africa CAN 2019 Qualification
Tennis: Men US Open 2018
Tennis: Women US Open 2018
18th Asia Games 2018 Jakarta
Field hockey: Women World Cup 2018
Water Polo: Men European Championship 2018
Water Polo: Women European Championship 2018
Tennis: Men Roland Garros 2018
Tennis: Women Roland Garros 2018
Volleyball: Men World Nations League 2018
Volleyball: Women World Nations League 2018
Tennis: Men Indian Wells 2018
Tennis: Women Indian Wells 2018
Athletics 17th World Indoor Championship 2018
Tennis: Men Sofia Open 2018
Rugby: Six Nations 2018
Handball: Men Europe Handball 2018
Handball: Women World Handball 2017
Volleyball: Men Africa Volleyball 2017
Volleyball: Women Africa Volleyball 2017
Volleyball: Women EuroVolley 2017
Volleyball: Women World U23 2017
Basketball: Men Eurobasket 2017
Volleyball: Men EuroVolley 2017
Basketball: Women Afrobasket 2017
Water Polo: Men World Championship 2017
Water Polo: Women World Championship 2017
Tennis: Wimbledon Men 2017
Tennis: Wimbledon Women 2017
Basketball: Women Eurobasket 2017
Ice hockey: Men World Championship 2017
Athletics: Europe Indoor Championship 2017
Tennis: Davis Cup 2017
Bandy: Men World Championship 2017
Football: Africa CAN 2017
Handball: World Men 2017
Skiing: Ski Jumping World Cup 2016-2017
Skiing: Cross Country World Cup 2016-2017
Skiing: Alpine World Cup 2016-2017
Handball: CAN Women 2016
Basketball: Euroleague 2016-2017
Futsal: Futsal World Cup 2016
Football: Europe World Cup 2018 Qualification
Football: Asia World Cup 2018 Qualification
Roller Hockey (Hoquei em Patins): 52ndEuropean Championship 2016
Football: Europe Champions Cup 2016-2017
Volleyball: Women World Grand Prix 2016
Athletics: Europe Championship 2016
Football: Euro 2016
Football: Copa America 2016 Centenario
Athletics: Africa Championship 2016
Handball: Panamerica 2016
Handball: Men World 2017 Europe Qualification
Handball: Women Europe 2016 Qualification
Volleyball: Men Olympic Qualification
Volleyball: Women Olympic Qualification
Ice Hockey: Men World Championships 2016
Futsal: Men Africa Cup of Nations
Ice Hockey: Women World Championships 2016
Volleyball: Women Europe Champions League 2015-2016
Tennis: Women Miami 2016
Tennis: Men Miami 2016
Rugby: Six Nations Championship 2016
Football: Europe Champions League 2015-2016
Handball: Women Euro 2016 Qualification
Football: Ladies Asia Olympic Qualification 2016
Handball: Women Europe Champions League 2015-2016
Volleyball: Women Europe Champions League 2015-2016
Basketball: Eurobasket Women 2017
Football: Europa League 2015-2016
Futsal: Men Euro 2016
Volleyball: Women Africa Olympic Qualification 2016
Football: Ladies Concacaf Olympic Qualification 2016
Football: Africa CHAN 2016
Bandy: World Championship 2016
Handball: Men XII Euro 2016
Water Polo: Men European Championships 2016
Tennis: Men Australian Open 2016
Tennis: Women Australian Open 2016
Skiing: World Cups 2015-2016|
Handball: Women Championship 2015
Football: Clubs index
Alpine Skiing: World Cup 2015-2016
Field Hockey: Women World League 2015
Field Hockey: Men World League 2015
Weightlifting: World Men and Women Championship 2015 Houston
Handball: Asia Men Olympic Qualification 2015
Volleyball: Men Europe Champions League 2015-2016
Football: Africa World Cup 2018 Qualification
Field Hockey: Africa Women Olympic Qualification 2015
Handball: World Women IHF Trophy 2015
Handball: World Men IHF Trophy 2015
Handball: Asia Women Olympic Qualification 2015
Volleyball: Eurovolley Men 2015
Rugby Union: World Cup 2015
Volleyball: Norceca Men 2015
Football: Euro 2016 Qualification
Volleyball: Eurovolley Women 2015
Basketball: Asia FIBA 2015
Basketball: Afrobasket Women 2015
Volleyball: Men World Cup 2015
Athletics: XI Africa Games 2015
Swimming: XI Africa Games 2015
Volleyball: Women XI Africa Games 2015
Basketball: America Men Championship 2015
Basketball: Asia Women Championship 2015
Athletics: Men High Jump World 2015
Athletics: Women High Jump World 2015
Field Hockey: Men Eurohockey 2015
Field Hockey: Women Eurohockey 2015
Basketball: Afrobasket 2015
Netball: World Cup 2015
Swimming: Women_1500m_Freestyle
Water Polo: Men World Championships 2015
Volleyball: Asia Men XVIIIth Asia Championship 2015
Pan American Games
Pan American Games 2015 index page
Football: Ladies World Cup 2015
Football: Copa America 2015
Football: Africa CAN 2017 Qualification
European Games
European Games 2015: Badminton Women Singles
Football World Cup 2018
Asia Games Incheon 2014
Swimming Africa 2012
Bandy WC 2010
Football Europe Qualifications Archive
Volley Exibition 1957
The aim of this site is to archive large statistic data from main sporting events.
Detailed data from an event shows the story of the competition.
Sochi Sochi 2014 Olympic GamesSochi
London London 2012 Olympic GamesLondon
Tokyo Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesTokyo
20th World Aquatics Championship Fukuoka 2023
Athletics 19th World Championship Eugene 2022
Swimming 19th World Championship Budapest 2022
Athletics 18th World Indoor Championship 2022
Football Euro 2020
Tennis Men Australia Open 2021
Tennis Women Australia Open 2021
Alpine Skiing World Cup 2020-2021
Tennis Roland Garros Men 2020
Tennis Roland Garros Women 2020
Tennis Men Masters 1000 Cincinnati 2020
Tennis Women WTA Premier 5 Cincinnati 2020
Wrestling Euro 2020
Tennis Men Australia Open 2020
Tennis Women Australia Open 2020
Alpine Skiing World Cup 2019-2020
Athletics 17th World Championship 2019
World Wrestling 2019
Tennis US_Open Men 2019
Tennis US_Open Women 2019
Swimming 18th World Championship
World Aquatics Diving 2019
Tennis Wimbledon Men 2019
Tennis Wimbledon Women 2019
Football Ladies World Cup 2019
Football Africa CAN 2019
Football Copa America 2019
Football Concacaf Gold Cupa 2019
Tennis Roland Garros Men 2019
Tennis Roland Garros Women 2019
Nordic Skiing World 2019 Seefeld, Austria
Alpine Skiing World 2019 Are, Sweden
Rhytmic Gymnastics World Championships 2018 Sofia
Athletics 24th European Championship
Swimming 34th European Championship

Winter Olympic Games Pyeongchang 2018


Athletics 16th World Championship
Swimming 17th World Championship
Nordic Skiing World 2017 Lahti
Alpine Skiing World 2017 Sankt Moritz
Skiing World Cups index
Tennis Men Australia Open 2017
Tennis Women Australia Open 2017
Athletics 23th European Championship
Athletics 16th World Indoor Championship
Women Handball XXII World 2015
Weightlifting: World Men and Women Championship 2015 Houston
16th World Aquatics Championships
Rugby Six Nations 2016
Football African Qualification 2015 - CAN 2015
Water Polo Men Euro 2014
Water Polo Women Euro 2014
Men Handball Champions League 2015/16
Men Volleyball Champions League 2014/15
Football World 2018 Qualification
Europe Africa
South America Concacaf
Asia Oceania


Football Moçambique 2024

Football Moçambique 2023
Football Clubs index and Current Tables
Rio_2016 XXXII Olympic Games
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Drujba 1984
Pan-American Games
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Updated: Bulgaria Football Level II 1948-1949
England Premier League 2021-2022

Evro 2019


II World Athletics Relay Championship Nassau 2017
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hockey NHL index.html
Water Polo Ladies World League Intercontinental Round 2015


Men Field Hockey World Cup 2014
Women Field Hockey World Cup 2014
Men Field Hockey World League 2014
Ladies 6th Africa Cup Hockey 2013
Men 9th Africa Cup Hockey 2013
FIFA I Futsal World Championship 1989
Baseball Intercontinental Cup 2010
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