Women Sprint Track Cycling XXXI Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro (BRA) - Tuesday 16.08

Round One

Winners afvanced to Round Two. Loosers to Repechage.
Heat 1time
1. Becky JamesGBR||GBR11.367s
2. Olga IsmayilovaAZE||AZE+0.165
Heat 3time
1. Lee Wai SzeHKG||HKG11.355s
2. Virginie CueffFRA||FRA+0.089
Heat 5time
1. Zhong TianshiCHN||CHN11.310s
2. Miriam WelteGER||GER+0.499
Heat 7time
1. Natasha HansenNZL||NZL11.400s
2. Kate O'BrienCAN||CAN+0.183
Heat 9time
1. Simona KrupeckaitÄ—LTU||LTU11.308s
2. Anna MearesAUS||AUS+0.408
Heat 2time
1. Katy MarchantGBR||GBR11.499s
2. Monique SullivanCAN||CAN+0.150
Heat 4time
1. Elis LigtleeNED||NED11.425s
2. Gong JinjieCHN||CHN+0.104
Heat 6time
1. Kristina VogelGER||GER11.279s
2. Laurine van RiessenNED||NED+0.179
Heat 8time
1. Anastasia VoynovaRUS||RUS11.503s
2. Stephanie MortonAUS||AUS+0.097


Solo run to make the Eihgt-Finals (1/8) heats. First 18 advanced.
1. Becky JamesGBR10.721s
2. Katy MarchantGBR10.787s
3. Lee Wai SzeHKG10.800s
4. Elis LigtleeNED10.803s
5. Zhong TianshiCHN10.820s
6. Kristina VogelGER10.865s
7. Natasha HansenNZL10.871s
8. Stephanie MortonAUS10.875s
9. Anna MearesAUS10.947s
10.Simona KrupeckaitÄ—LTU10.978s
11.Anastasia VoynovaRUS10.985s
12.Kate O'BrienCAN11.020s
13.Laurine van RiessenNED11.023s
14.Miriam WelteGER11.038s
15.Gong JinjieCHN11.068s
16.Virginie CueffFRA11.099s
17.Monique SullivanCAN11.143s
18.Olga IsmayilovaAZE11.152s
19.Tania CalvoESP11.162s
20.Lisandra GuerraCUB11.171s
21.Fatehah MustapaMAS11.207s
22.Daria ShmelevaRUS11.230s
23.Olivia PodmoreNZL11.315s
24.Juliana GaviriaCOL11.505s
25.Sandie ClairFRA11.517s
26.Helena CasasESP11.707s
27.Ebtissam MohamedEGY11.920s

Qualification to Rio - 27 Quotas

Olympic track ranking 2014-2016 - 1 to 9
--.Hong Kong1
--.Great Britain1
--.Great Britain1
NOCs qualified for Team Sprint
--.Chinaup to 2
--.Russiaup to 2
--.Australiaup to 2
--.Germanyup to 2
--.Netherlandsup to 2
--.Spainup to 2
--.Franceup to 2
--.Canadaup to 2
--.New Zealandup to 2
Total - 27
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