Women Synchronised 10m Platform Diving XXXI Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Tuesday 09.08 - Gold Medal: Ruolin Chen and Huixia Liu, China
1. Ruolin Chen, Huixia LiuCHN354.004.55.8055.8079.2075.8487.36
2. Jun Hoong Cheong, Pandelela Rinong PamgMAS344.345.52.8052.8076.5079.6882.56
3. Meaghan Benfeito, Roseline FilionCAN336.187.52.8052.8074.7075.2480.64
4. Kuk Hyang Kim, Mi Rae KimPRK322.446.49.8053.4081.0076.8061.44
5. Tonia Couch, Lois ToulsonGBR319.448.50.4050.4075.6079.6863.36
6. Paola Espinosa, Alejandra OrozcoMEX304.082.50.4049.2071.1061.3872.00
7. Amelia Cozad, Jessica ParrattoUSA301.021.48.6050.4065.7062.4073.92
8. Ingrid Oliveira, Giovanna PedrosoBRA280.983.44.4045.0074.8852.8063.90
Start Time: 16:00.
Temperature: 23 °C.
Humidity: 89%.
Wind 3.14m.s.
Conditions: Cloudy.

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World Championships FINA - First 3
--. China_
--. Canada_
--. North Korea_
Diving World Cup FINA - 4
--. Malaysia_
--. Great Britain_
--. United States_
--. Mexico_
Host nation
--. Brazil_
Total - 8
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