Men Rings Gymnastics XXXI Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro (BRA) - Saturday 06.08, Monday 15.08
Venue: Arena Olimpica de Rio (ASBC Arena).
Final RankingTotalSODifficultyExecutionPenalties
1. Eleftherios PetrouniasGRE16.0002.6.8009.200
2. Arthur ZanettiBRA15.7668.6.8008.966
3. Denis AbliazinRUS15.7004.6.8008.900
4. Yang LiuCHN15.6005.6.9008.700
5. Igor RadivilovUKR15.4667.6.8008.666
6. Hao YouCHN15.4001.7.0008.400
7. Danny Pinheiro RodriguesFRA15.2336.6.9008.333
8. Dennis GoossensBEL14.9333.6.6008.333

Qualification - Saturday 6.08 - 98 Gymnasts - see Men Qualification

1. Liu YangCHN15.900Q
2. Eleftherios PetrouniasGRE15.833Q
3. You HaoCHN15.800Q
4. Denis AblyazinRUS15.633Q
5. Arthur ZanettiBRA15.533Q
6. Samir Aït SaïdFRA15.533Q
Injured - fell in Vault routine.
7. Dennis GoossensBEL15.366Q
8. Yuri van GelderNED15.333Q
Banned by NOC
9. Ihor RadivilovUKR15.308R1 Q
10.Danny Pinheiro RodriguesFRA15.266R2 Q
11.Oleg VerniaievUKR15.200R3 R1
12.Manrique LarduetCUB15.100R2
13.Alexander NaddourUSA15.000R3
Disqualification of: Yuri van Gelder (NED).
On August 8, 2016 (one week before the finals) he was dismissed from the Dutch team as a disciplinary measure, because against team rules he had not returned to the Olympic Village until early next morning after consuming alcohol off-premises.As a variation on his nickname "lord of the rings", the Dutch media immediately referred to Van Gelder as "lord of the drinks". A request of a preliminary injunction requiring that the National Olympic Committee would attempt to reinstate Van Gelder's position in the finals was rejected.
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