Men Greco-Roman Wrestling under 85kg XXXI Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 2016 - Gold Medal Davit Chakvetadze (RUS)
Venue: Carioca Arena (Hall 3) at Olympic Training Center, Barra da Tijuca (West Zone of Rio de Janeiro).
Wrestler 1scoreWrestler 2
Davit ChakvetadzeRUS9-2Zhan BeleniukUKR


Javid HamzatauBLR4-1Nikolay BayryakovBUL
Denis KudlaGER3-3Viktor LőrinczHUN
Nikolay BayryakovBUL2-1Ahmed OthmanEGY
Viktor LőrinczHUN1-1Habibollah AkhlaghiIRI
Habibollah AkhlaghiIRI3-2Saman TahmasebiAZE

Semi-Finals (1/2).

Wrestler 1scoreWrestler 2
Zhan BeleniukUKR6-0Javid HamzatauBLR
Davit ChakvetadzeRUS7-1Viktor LőrinczHUN

Quarter-Finals (1/4).

Wrestler 1scoreWrestler 2
Zhan BeleniukUKR10-1Nikolay BayryakovBUL
Javid HamzatauBLR9-0Amer HrustanovićAUT
Viktor LőrinczHUN2-1Rustam AssakalovUZB
Davit ChakvetadzeRUS8-0Denis KudlaGER

Eight-Finals (1/8).

Wrestler 1scoreWrestler 2
Zhan BeleniukUKR9-0Ahmed OthmanEGY
Nikolay BayryakovBUL4-0Adem BoudjemlineALG
Amer HrustanovićAUT4-3Rami HietaniemiFIN
Javid HamzatauBLR4-0Peng FeiCHN
Rustam AssakalovUZB6-3Ben ProvisorUSA
Viktor LőrinczHUN9-0Ravinder KhatriIND
Davit ChakvetadzeRUS9F-2Habibollah AkhlaghiIRI
Denis KudlaGER1-1Robert KobliashviliGEO

Qualification - 10:00

Wrestler 1scoreWrestler 2
Viktor LőrinczHUN3-0Maksim ManukyanARM
Davit ChakvetadzeRUS3-0Saman TahmasebiAZE
Habibollah AkhlaghiIRI10-0Zakarias BergSWE
Denis KudlaGER2-0Janarbek KenjeevKGZ
Robert KobliashviliGEO5-0Alfonso LeyvaMEX
Final Rankingwl
1. Davit ChakvetadzeRUS40
2. Zhan BeleniukUKR31
3. Javid HamzatauBLR31
3. Denis KudlaGER21
5. Nikolay BayryakovBUL22
5. Viktor LőrinczHUN32
7. Habibollah AkhlaghiIRI12
8. Rustam AssakalovUZB11
9. Robert KobliashviliGEO11
10.Amer HrustanovićAUT11
11.Rami HietaniemiFIN01
12.Ben ProvisorUSA01
13.Saman TahmasebiAZE02
14.Ahmed OthmanEGY02
15.Janarbek KenjeevKGZ01
16.Maksim ManukyanARM01
17.Adem BoudjemlineALG01
17.Peng FeiCHN01
19.Alfonso LeyvaMEX01
20.Ravinder KhatriIND01
21.Zakarias BergSWE01
Qualifiyng Rules
Gold Medal: Winner of Final.
Silver Medal: Looser of Final.
Bronze Medal: Winners of Last Repechage Round.
5th place: Loosers of Last Repechage Round.
For lower places ranking is made by:
1. More wins.
2. More points won.
3. Less Points lost


Upper Half
Bottom Half
19 Quotas - allocated to the respective (not individual).
2015 World Championships - 6
Zhan BeleniukUKR
Rustam AssakalovUZB
Habibollah AkhlaghiIRI
Saman TahmasebiAZE
Rami HietaniemiFIN
Viktor LőrinczHUN
Pan American Qualification Tournament - 2
Jordan HolmUSA
Alfonso LeyvaMEX
Asian Qualification Tournament - 2+1
Peng FeiCHN
Janarbek KenjeevKGZ
Ravinder KhatriIND
African & Oceania Qualification Tournament - 2
Ahmed OthmanEGY
Adem BoudjemlineALG
European Qualification Tournament - 2
Aleksey MishinRUS
Nikolay BayryakovBUL
1st World Qualification Tournament - 3
Javid HamzatauBLR
Maksim ManukyanARM
Zakarias BergSWE
2nd World Qualification Tournament - 2
Denis KudlaGER
Robert KobliashviliGEO
Invitational / Host Nation - 1
Amer HrustanovićAUT
Total - 21
Kyrgyzstan's Janarbek Kenjeev originally earned a quota place in men's Greco-Roman 85kg at the Asian Qualification Tournament, but tested positive for doping, giving his nation's Olympic license to India. On 9 July 2016, United World Wrestling, following recent meldonium guidelines outlined by the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency, has announced the reinstatement of National Olympic Committee qualification spots for the 2016 Olympic Games based on the performances of the following athletes: Janarbek Kenjeev (Kyrgyzstan, GR 85 kg). National Olympic Committees previously granted Olympic qualification spots will not be impacted by this adjustment.
19 Quotas - allocated to the respective NOC (not individual).
6 from 2015 World Championships Las Vegas (USA) 07-15.09.2016
2 from Africa & Oceania 1-3.04.2016.
2 from Pan-America 8-10.04.2016.
2 from Asia 18-20.03.2016.
2 from Europe 15-17.04.2016
3 from 1st World Qualification Tournament 22-24.04.2016.
2 from 2nd World Qualification Tournament 06-08.05.2016.
Invitational / Host Nation
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index Rio de Janeiro 2016
index Wrestling Rio 2016 2016
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