Women Netball World Championship 2011 American Qualification played 2010 Beasejour (SLC)
Round Robinpwdlgfga
1. Trinidad Tobago10500267:207
2. Barbados6302267:216
3. United States6302224:215
4. Saint Lucia6302231:238
5. St. Vincent Grenadin2104207:267
6. Canada0005196:249
Trinidad Tobago and Barbados qualified to World Championship World Women 2011.
Jamaica pre-qualified as 3rd from World Women 2007.
Trinidad Tobago----59:4949:3458:4553:4348:36
Barbados ----51:40 57:3360:31
United States ----45:4063:3942:36
Saint Lucia 53:50 ----46:4047:45
St. Vincent Grenadin ----52:48
Canada ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
23.0717:00Barbados57-33St. Vincent Grenadin10-1124-2140-25
23.0718:30Trinidad Tobago48-36Canada
23.0720:00United States45-40Saint Lucia
24.0716:00Trinidad Tobago53-43St. Vincent Grenadin12-1125-2140-33
24.0717:30Barbados51-40United States9-1321-2233-37
24.0719:00Saint Lucia47-45Canada
25.0716:00United States42-36Canada13-923-1430-27
25.0717:30Saint Lucia46-40St. Vincent Grenadin
25.0719:00Trinidad Tobago59-49Barbados16-1128-2343-39
26.0717:00St. Vincent Grenadin52-48Canada14-1226-2641-35
26.0718:30Trinidad Tobago49-34United States12-1123-1841-23
26.0720:00Saint Lucia53-50Barbados9-1125-2037-34
27.0716:30United States63-39St. Vincent Grenadin19-1731-2546-34
27.0719:30Trinidad Tobago58-45Saint Lucia14-1126-2342-30
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