Nordic Skiing World Championship 1941 Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy index - 3rd to 9th of February
This event was to be held in Norway. In 1940 Germany ocupied Norway nad Cortina d'Ampezzo was elected to Host. At the 1946 meeting in PAu, France the FIS declared this a non-event because of the limited number of competitors. Medals are not counted in the Overall FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.
Cross Country Men 18km
1. Alfred DahlqvistSWE Sweden1:05:25.0
2. Juho KurikkalaFIN Finland1:07:35.2
3. Lauri SilvennoinenFIN Finland1:08:13.0
Cross Country Men 50km
1. Juho KurikkalaFIN Finland3:36:35.0
2. Alfred DahlqvistSWE Sweden3:41:44.0
3. Elis WiklundSWE Sweden3:42:44.0
Cross Country Men 4x10km Relay
1.FIN Finland2:31:07,69
Martti Lauronen, Juho Kurikkala, Lauri Silvennoinen, Eino Olkinuora
2.SWE Sweden2:32:15,42
Carl Pahlin, Donald Johansson, Nils Östensson, Alfred Dahlqvist
3.ITA Italy2:33:50,21
Aristide Compagnoni, Severino Compagnoni, Alberto Jammaron, Giulio Gerardi
Military Patrol
1.SWE Sweden2:13:21
Wilhelm Hjukström, Leutnant -- Martin Matsbo, Hauptgefreiter -- Nils Östensson, UnteroffizierGösta Andersson --, Unteroffizier
2.GeR Germany2:20:17
Günther Meergans, Leutnant -- Heinrich Schaumann, Unteroffizier -- Josef Gstrein, Gefreiter -- Alfred Rößner, Jäger
3.ITA Italy2:23:55
Luigi Perenni, Lt. -- Achille Compagnoni, Unteroffizier -- Maurizio Celeste, Giovani Fantoni
Ski Jumping
1. Paavo ViertoFIN Finland221,50
2. Leo LaaksoFIN Finland220.50
3. Sven EriksonSWE Sweden218.30
Nordic Combined
1. Gustav BerauerGeR Germany431.8
2 .Pauli SalonenFIN Finland414.8
3. Josef GstreinGeR Germany406.2
1.FIN Finland3317
2.SWE Sweden1225
3.GeR Germany1 12
4.ITA Italy 11
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