Women Volleyball XXI Africa Championship 2023 - Yaounde, Cameroon - 16th to 24th August - Winner Kenya
First 3 will qualify to World Women 2025.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Thu 24.08.2318:00KEN Kenya3-0EGY Egypt75-5625-2225-2025-14
Play-Off 3-4 places
Thu 24.08.2314:00CMR Cameroon3-1RWA Rwanda96-7321-2525-1525-1425-19
Play-Off 5-6 places
Thu 24.08.2312:00ALG Algeria3-1NGR Nigeria98-7325-1825-1323-2525-17
Play-Off 7-8 places
Thu 24.08.2310:00MAR Morocco3-1UGA Uganda102-9726-2427-2524-2625-22

Semi-Finals (1/2).

Winners Egypt and Kenya qualified to World Women 2025.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Wed 23.08.2316:00EGY Egypt3-0RWA Rwanda75-3525-1425-1125-10
Wed 23.08.2318:00KEN Kenya3-1CMR Cameroon100-7025-2725-1425-1125-18
Classification 5-8
Wed 23.08.2312:00ALG Algeria3-0UGA Uganda75-6025-2025-2325-17
Wed 23.08.2314:00NGR Nigeria3-0MAR Morocco80-7226-2425-2129-27
Classification 9-10
Wed 23.08.2310:00MLI Mali3-0BUR Burkina Faso75-5825-1825-1825-22
Classification 11-12
Wed 23.08.2308:00BDI Burundi3-1LES Lesotho96-7325-1321-2525-1525-20

Quarter-Finals (1/4).

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Tue 22.08.2312:00EGY Egypt3-0UGA Uganda75-4425-1325-1825-11
Tue 22.08.2314:00RWA Rwanda3-2ALG Algeria104-10523-2515-2525-1825-2316-14
Tue 22.08.2317:00KEN Kenya3-0NGR Nigeria75-4225-1425-1725-11
Tue 22.08.2319:00CMR Cameroon3-0MAR Morocco75-5825-1725-2325-18
Classification 9-12
Tue 22.08.2311:00MLI Mali3-0LES Lesotho75-4825-1325-1625-19
Tue 22.08.2313:00BUR Burkina Faso3-0BDI Burundi25-5125-1625-1625-19
Final RankingwonlostptssetspointsmWR
1.KEN Kenya802424:2 12.00646/399 1.619822.
2.EGY Egypt712121:4 5.25602/378 1.593838.
3.CMR Cameroon621820:7 2.86622/495 1.257827.
4.RWA Rwanda4(1)4(1)1215:14 1.07593/569 1.042867.
5.ALG Algeria5(1)3(1)1517:12 1.42660/542 1.218846.
6.NGR Nigeria35(1)1012:15 0.80535/599 0.893856.
7.MAR Morocco4(1)4(1)1215:15 1.00667/626 1.065855.
8.UGA Uganda3(1)5810:17 0.59562/569 0.988871.
eliminated in Groups Round.
9.MLI Mali3499:12 0.75362/465 0.778763.
10.BUR Burkina Faso2566:15 0.40296/480 0.617779.
11.BDI Burundi1633:19 0.16317/473 0.670782.
12.LES Lesotho0701:21 0.05279/546 0.511783,
WR - World Ranking 24.08.2203
Other African Teams in World Ranking: 75.Senegal, 80.Tunisia
No african team was selected to play in Olympic Qualification Olympics Women OQ 2024.
So Kenya virtualy qualified to Olympics Women 2024 as best african team in Worold Ranking.

Groups Round.

Congo DR, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia and Zambia withdrew before the draw.
First 4 from each Pool advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).

Pool A

1.EGY Egypt501515:1 15.00396/224 1.7685
2.CMR Cameroon411213:3 4.33381/264 1.4435
3.ALG Algeria3(1)289:8 1.12382/305 1.2525
4.NGR Nigeria23(1)78:9 0.89340/354 0.9605
5.MLI Mali1433:12 0.25212/359 0.5915
6.BDI Burundi0500:15 0.00170/375 0.4535
EGY Egypt----3:13:03:03:03:0
CMR Cameroon ----3:03:03:03:0
ALG Algeria ----3:23:03:0
NGR Nigeria ----3:03:0
MLI Mali ----3:0
BDI Burundi ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Salle Mfandena
Wed 16.08.2310:00NGR Nigeria3-0MLI Mali75-5225-1825-1425-20
Wed 16.08.2313:00EGY Egypt3-0ALG Algeria75-5325-1825-1325-22
Salle Paposy
Wed 16.08.2317:00CMR Cameroon3-0BDI Burundi75-2225-225-825-12
Thu 17.08.2311:00EGY Egypt3-0MLI Mali75-2525-1025-925-6
Thu 17.08.2313:00ALG Algeria3-0BDI Burundi75-3025-625-1325-11
Thu 17.08.2318:00CMR Cameroon3-0NGR Nigeria75-4825-1725-1325-18
Fri 18.08.2312:00NGR Nigeria3-0BDI Burundi75-4025-1725-1425-9
Fri 18.08.2316:00ALG Algeria3-0MLI Mali75-2925-1025-725-12
Fri 18.08.2318:00EGY Egypt3-1CMR Cameroon96-7625-1625-1921-2525-16 &
Sat 19.08.2312:00MLI Mali3-0BDI Burundi75-5925-1925-2025-20
Sat 19.08.2313:00EGY Egypt3-0NGR Nigeria75-5125-1425-1725-20
Sat 19.08.2318:00CMR Cameroon3-0ALG Algeria80-6725-2130-2825-18
Sun 20.08.2313:00ALG Algeria3-2NGR Nigeria112-9125-1625-1823-2524-2615-6
Sun 20.08.2314:00EGY Egypt3-0BDI Burundi75-1925-225-425-13
Sun 20.08.2318:00CMR Cameroon3-0MLI Mali75-3125-925-1125-11

Pool B

1.KEN Kenya501515:1 15.00396/231 1.7145
2.RWA Rwanda32(1)1011:6 1.83381/293 1.3005
3.MAR Morocco3(1)2(1)912:8 1.50435/374 1.1635
4.UGA Uganda3(1)289:8 1.12361/317 1.1395
5.BUR Burkina Faso1433:12 0.25213/354 0.6025
6.LES Lesotho0500:15 0.00158/375 0.4215
KEN Kenya----3:03:13:03:03:0
RWA Rwanda ---- 3:03:03:0
MAR Morocco 3:2---- 3:03:0
UGA Uganda 3:2----3:03:0
BUR Burkina Faso ----3:0
LES Lesotho ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Salle Paposy
Wed 16.08.2308:00MAR Morocco3-0BUR Burkina Faso75-3625-1825-1125-7
Wed 16.08.2311:00KEN Kenya3-0RWA Rwanda75-5325-1625-2025-17
Salle Mfandena
Wed 16.08.2312:00UGA Uganda3-0LES Lesotho75-2525-1025-525-10
Thu 17.08.2312:00RWA Rwanda3-0LES Lesotho75-2225-425-1125-7
Thu 17.08.2314:00KEN Kenya3-0BUR Burkina Faso75-2925-1025-925-10
Thu 17.08.2316:00UGA Uganda3-2MAR Morocco108-9825-1626-2817-2525-1615-11
Fri 18.08.2311:00RWA Rwanda3-0BUR Burkina Faso75-2925-825-725-14
Fri 18.08.2312:00KEN Kenya3-0UGA Uganda75-4525-1425-1625-15
Fri 18.08.2314:00MAR Morocco3-0LES Lesotho75-3125-925-1125-11
Sat 19.08.2311:00BUR Burkina Faso3-0LES Lesotho75-5425-1725-1825-19
Sat 19.08.2314:00RWA Rwanda3-0UGA Uganda75-5825-2025-1725-21
Sat 19.08.2316:00KEN Kenya3-1MAR Morocco96-7825-1625-2322-2525-14
Sun 14.08.2311:00MAR Morocco3-2RWA Rwanda109-10325-1819-2522-2528-2615-9
Sun 14.08.2312:00UGA Uganda3-0BUR Burkina Faso75-4425-1425-1225-18
Sun 14.08.2316:00KEN Kenya3-0LES Lesotho75-2625-525-825-13
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