Men Volleyball XII Asia Games 1998 Bangkok (THA) - 07-15.12 Winner China
Asia Games 1998 indexWomen AG 1998
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
Final15.12CHN China3-1KOR South Korea55-4215-715-1110-1515-9
3-415.12TPE Taiwan3-2JPN Japan64-556-1515-1213-1515-515-8
5-614.12THA Thailand3-0INA Indonesia47-3017-1615-615-8
7-814.12IND India3-0KAZ Kazakhstan45-1715-615-015-11
9-1014.12PAK Pakistan3-0QAT Qatar45-2615-1115-815-7
1/213.12KOR South Korea3-1JPN Japan58-3515-1113-1515-315-6
1/213.12CHN China3-0TPE Taiwan45-2615-1115-415-11
5-813.12THA Thailand3-1KAZ Kazakhstan54-279-1515-315-515-4
5-813.12INA Indonesia3-0IND India46-3115-1215-516-14
Final rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. China6018:2295/1851.595
2. South Korea5116:4280/1741.609
3. Taiwan4212:8258/2241.152
4. Japan3313:9262/2471.061
eliminated after Groups Round.
5. Thailand4212:8258/2131.211
6. Indonesia247:12207/2620.790
7. India339:9206/2021.020
8. Kazakhstan154:15169/2600.650
9. Pakistan143:12148/2090.708
DNS - Iran, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal

Groups Round.

First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification.
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. South Korea4012:02.143
2. Taiwan319:31.355
3. Thailand226:71.006
4. Indonesia134:90.712
5. Qatar040:120.511
-. Mongolia DNS
South Korea---3:03:03:03:0
Taiwan ---3:03:03:0
Thailand ---3:13:0
Indonesia ---3:0
Qatar ---
dateN:team 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
07.121.KOR South Korea3-0QAT Qatar45-1615-315-715-6
07.124.THA Thailand3-1INA Indonesia60-4614-1616-1415-815-8
08.121.INA Indonesia3-0QAT Qatar45-3415-1115-1315-10
08.124.TPE Taiwan3-0THA Thailand45-3015-715-1315-10
09.121.TPE Taiwan3-0QAT Qatar45-2215-615-815-8
09.122.KOR South Korea3-0INA Indonesia45-1315-115-715-5
11.121.TPE Taiwan3-0INA Indonesia45-2715-1015-1115-6
11.124.KOR South Korea3-0THA Thailand45-2215-815-1015-4
12.122.KOR South Korea3-0TPE Taiwan45-3315-1115-1315-9
12.124.THA Thailand3-0QAT Qatar45-2015-715-515-8
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. China4012:11.667
2. Japan3110:31.376
3. India226:60.935
4. Kazakhstan133:90.776
5. Pakistan040:120.563
-. Iran DNS
Japan ---3:03:03:0
India ---3:03:0
Kazakhstan ---3:0
Pakistan ---
dateN:team 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
07.122.CHN China3-0IND India45-2715-915-715-11
07.123.KAZ Kazakhstan3-0PAK Pakistan46-2615-915-316-14
08.122.CHN China3-0PAK Pakistan46-3215-915-916-14
08.123.JPN Japan3-0IND India45-1315-315-415-6
09.123.IND India3-0KAZ Kazakhstan45-2715-1115-715-9
09.124.CHN China3-1JPN Japan59-3615-314-1615-915-8
11.122.JPN Japan3-0PAK Pakistan46-2315-715-216-14
11.123.CHN China3-0KAZ Kazakhstan45-2215-1115-815-3
12.121.IND India3-0PAK Pakistan45-2215-415-715-11
12.123.JPN Japan3-0KAZ Kazakhstan45-3015-1315-715-10
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