Women Volleyball XXIV NORCECA Championship 2015 Morelia, Mexico 27.09-02.10 - Winner United States
_Women Volleyball XXIV NORCECA Championship
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2PointsS1S2S3S4S5duratt.Stats Window
Final02.1021:00United States3-1Dominicana97-7925-1922-2525-1825-17 1:583,600_ USADOM
3-402.1018:23Puerto Rico3-1Canada98-8123-2525-1925-2025-17 1:493,000_ PURCAN
5-602.1016:06Cuba3-1Mexico93-7418-2525-1525-1525-19 1:381,975_ CUBMEX
7-802.1014:00Trinidad Tobago3-0Costa Rica77-6725-1926-2426-24 1:22500_ TRICRC

Semi-Finals (1/2)

Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2PointsS1S2S3S4S5duratt.Stats Window
1/201.1018:00Dominicana3-1Canada93-8818-2525-2025-2325-20 1:582,050_ DOMCAN
1/201.1020:36United States3-0Puerto Rico75-5525-2025-1825-17 1:232,500_ USAPUR
5-801.1014:00Mexico3-0Costa Rica75-4725-1625-1825-13 1:13250_ MEXCRC
5-801.1016:03Cuba3-0Trinidad Tobago75-4225-1425-1425-14 1:05980_ CUBTRI

Play-Offs (1/4)

Virtual pre-olympic qualification.
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2PointsS1S2S3S4S5duratt.Stats Window
1/430.0918:00Puerto Rico3-1Cuba100-7925-2025-1425-2725-18 1:542,100_ PURCUB
1/430.0920:36Canada3-2Mexico108-9022-2525-1525-1721-2515-81:552,500_ CANMEX
Final RankingwonlstptssfsapointsratioRK
1. United States4+1+002415:1402/2861.4061.
2. Dominicana2+1+10+1+01813:6425/3901.0902.
3. Puerto Rico1+2+11+0+11814:10535/4841.1055.
4. Canada1+0+20+2+11311:13508/4971.0226.
5. Cuba2+1+01+1+11712:9488/4511.0823.
6. Mexico22+1+11511:12468/4800.9754.
7. Trinidad Tobgo1453:12266/3670.7259.
8. Costa Rica0500:15240/3770.6378.
First 4: United States, Dominicana, Puerto Rico and Canada qualified to Olympic Qualification Women OQ 2016.
MVP: Nicole Fawcett (USA).
All Star Team
Outside Hitters: Andrea Rangel (MEX), Yonkaira Peña (DOM)
Middle Blockers: Lucille Charuk (CAN), Lynda Morales (PUR)
Setter: Niverka Marte (DOM)
Opposite: Heidy Rodríguez (CUB)
Best players
Scorer: Andrea Rangel (MEX)
Server: Evelyn Sibaja (CRC)
Libero: Brenda Castillo (DOM)
Digger: Brenda Castillo (DOM)
Receiver: Kayla Banwarth (USA)

Groups Round

Winners advanced to Semi-Finals (1/2). 2nd and 3rd to Play-Offs (1/4). 4th to Clasification.
Winners qualified to Olympic Qualificatin Women OQ 2016.
Teams distributed folowing serpentine system taking in acount NORCECA Ranking 01.01.2015.
Group AwlpsfsapointsratioRk.
1. United States30159:0230/1521.5131.
2. Canada1+0+1186:5231/2161.0696.
3. Cuba11+0+175:6179/1551.1553.
4. Costa Rica0300:9126/2550.5608.
United States----3:03:03:0
Canada ----3:23:0
Cuba ----3:0
Costa Rica ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2PointsS1S2S3S4S5duratt.Stats Window
27.0913:05United States3-0Costa Rica75-3925-1525-1125-13 1:15800_ USACRC
27.0918:13Canada3-2Cuba105-10425-2218-2522-2525-2015-122:022,500_ CANCUB
28.0914:00Cuba3-0Costa Rica75-5025-1425-1525-21 1:14250_ CUBCRC
28.0918:05United States3-0Canada75-5125-1525-1725-19 1:151,600_ USACAN
29.0914:00Canada3-0Costa Rica75-3725-1525-1225-10 1:09200_ CANCRC
29.0919:25United States3-0Cuba80-6225-1625-1830-28 1:252,000_ USACUB
Group BwlpsfsapointsratioRk.
1. Dominicana2+0+10139:2253/2051.2342.
2. Puerto Rico1+0+11+0+0108:5282/2491.1335.
3. Mexico11+0+175:6229/2320.9874.
4. Trinidad Tobgo0300:9147/2250.6539.
Puerto Rico ----3:23:0
Mexico ----3:0
Trinidad Tobago ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2PointsS1S2S3S4S5duratt.Stats Window
27.0915:00Dominicana3-2Puerto Rico103-10125-1925-1918-2520-2515-132:252,000_ DOMPUR
27.0921:53Mexico3-0Trinidad Tobago75-5125-1625-1225-23 1:212,800_ MEXTRI
28.0916:02Dominicana3-0Trinidad Tobago75-4725-1625-1425-17 1:18400_ DOMTRI
28.0920:03Puerto Rico3-2Mexico106-9725-2023-2525-1618-2515-112:142,650_ PURMEX
29.0916:00Puerto Rico3-0Trinidad Tobago75-4925-1425-1425-21 1:171,275_ PURTRI
29.0920:10Dominicana3-0Mexico75-5725-1625-1825-23 1:223,200_ DOMMEX


9 teams.
Best 6 Ranked teams qualified: United States, Dominicana, Cuba, Mexzico, Puerto Rico and Canada.
Central America - AFECAVOl: Central America Women 2014 - 1. Costa Rica.
Caribbe - CAZOVA: Women Caribbean 2014 - 1. Trinidad Tobago.
Eastern Caribbe - ECVA: Women East Caribbean 2014 Saint Lucia.
Best non playing team: Guatemala (7.), Nicaragua (10.), El Salvador (11.), Saint Lucia (12.).
The host may invite up to three more teams, the Vice Champion of each Zonal Association, but is not obliged to host more than 9 qualified teams.
In case of above qualified teams withdraws their particiation, the next team in NORCECA rankings is eligible to participate.
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