Women Volleyball Olympic Games 2004 Norceca qualification Santo Domingo (DOM) - 15-21.12 - Winner Cuba
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
3-421.12Canada3-0Puerto Rico75-5025-1525-2025-15
1/220.12Cuba3-1Puerto Rico95-7320-2525-1725-2025-11
United States pre-qualified to Olympics Women 2004 as 3rd from World Cup Women 2003
Cuba qualified to Olympics Women 2004
Dominicana was added to South America Women OQ 2004 to increase the teams up to 4.
Canada qualified to Olympics Women OQ 2004
Final rankingwlgfgaratio
1. Cuba6018:21.424
2. Dominicana4212:71.040
3. Canada3311:91.032
4. Puerto Rico154:150.834
5. Mexico040:120.666
Round Robinwlgfgaratio
1. Cuba4012:11.427
2. Dominicana319:41.125
3. Canada228:61.000
4. Puerto Rico133:90.899
5. Mexico040:120.666
Dominicana ---3:13:03:0
Canada ---3:03:0
Puerto Rico ---3:0
Mexico ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
15.12Dominicana3-0Mexico75-4125-1725-1625- 8
16.12Cuba3-0Puerto Rico75-5625-1825-1825-20
17.12Canada3-0Mexico77-5327-2525- 825-20
17.12Dominicana3-0Puerto Rico75-6325-2225-2125-20
18.12Puerto Rico3-0Mexico75-6025-1925-2025-21
19.12Canada3-0Puerto Rico78-6525-1725-2228-26
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