Men Volleyball Olympic Games 1980 Intercontinental Qualification Sofia (BUL) - 21-29th January - Winner Bulgaria
Played along with Women Volleyball Moskva 1980 Qualification.
Final Groupwlgfgapointsratio
1. Bulgaria309:2158/991.596
2. Romania216:3117/1061.104
3. United States124:6111/1250.888
4. South Korea031:987/1430.608
Romania ---3:03:0
United States ---3:0
South Korea ---
Bulgaria and Romania qualified to Olympic Men 1980, Czechoslovakia replaced China (boicotted the games).
Bulgaria lost the Final 1-3 against Soviet Union.
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
played in Sofia
transferred from Groups Round - Romania 3-1 South Korea and Bulgaria 3-1 United States.
Sat 26.01Bulgaria3-1South Korea53-4115-815-108-1515-8
Sat 26.01Romania3-0United States46-3415-1016-1415-10
Sun 27.01United States3-0South Korea45-2015-415- 915-7
Sun 27.01Bulgaria3-0Romania46-2615-916-1415-3
Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Bulgaria6018:3305/1601.906
2. Romania5115:5277/1981.399
3. United States4213:7257/2211.163
4. South Korea3310:12248/2710.915
eliminated in First Groups Round
5. East Germany227:7173/1760.983
6. Czechoslovakia228:9206/2120.972
7. Japan138:9186/2120.877
8. Canada134:10172/1970.873
9. Mexico042:12104/2120.491
Europe (5): Bulgaria (1.), Romania (2.), East Germany (5.), Czechoslovakia (6.), Hungary (10.). Europe had 3 quotas.
Norceca (3): United States (3.), Canada (8.) and Mexco (9.).
Asia (2): South Korea (4.), Japan (5.).
South America and Africa had 2 quotas each.
First Groups Round
First 2 to Final Group. Scores are transferred.
Group Awlgfgapointsratio
1. Bulgaria4012:22.215
2. United States3110:41.148
3. East Germany227:7173/1760.983
4. Canada134:10172/1970.873
5. Mexico042:12104/2120.491
United States ---3:03:03:1
East Germany ---3:13:0
Canada ---3:1
Mexico ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
played in Sofia
Sun 20.01Canada3-1Mexico66-5015-618-2018-1615-8
Sun 20.01Bulgaria3-1United States59-3215-314-1615-1115-2
transferred to Final Group
Mon 21.01United States3-0East Germany45-3515-1315-1315-9
Mon 21.01Bulgaria3-0Mexico45- 815-115-415-3
Tue 22.01East Germany3-0Mexico45-1615-615-215-8
Tue 22.01Bulgaria3-0Canada45-1715-415-215-11
Wed 23.01United States3-1Mexico56-3015-715-411-1515-4
Wed 23.01East Germany3-1Canada57-5816-148-1517-1516-14
Thu 24.01United States3-0Canada45-3115-1115-1015-10
Thu 24.01Bulgaria3-1East Germany57-3612-1515-815-1015-3
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. Romania4012:21.737
2. South Korea319:61.081
3. Czechoslovakia228:9206/2120.972
4. Japan138:9186/2120.877
5. Hungary041:12124/1930.642
South Korea187/1731.081
South Korea ---3:13:23:0
Czechoslovakia ---3:23:1
Japan ---3:0
Hungary ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Pernik
Sun 20.01Romania3-0Hungary45-2615-815-1115-7
Sun 20.01Czechoslovakia3-2Japan69-5913-1515-1311-1515-1015-6
Mon 21.01South Korea3-0Hungary45-3315-815-1315-12
Mon 21.01Romania3-1Czechoslovakia58-3015-215-713-1515-6
Tue 22.01South Korea3-1Czechoslovakia50-495-1515-1015-1115-13
Tue 22.01Romania3-1Japan57-3615-415-812-1515-9
Wed 23.01Czechoslovakia3-1Hungary58-4515-1015-1013-1515-10
Wed 23.01South Korea3-2Japan66-4615-015-1313-158-1515-3
Thu 24.01Japan3-0Hungary45-2015-915-515-6
Thu 24.01Romania3-0South Korea45-2615-815-1115-7
transferred to Final Group
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